Letter from You: Sonia’s Sahaja Yoga Meditation (Healing) Experience

Letter from Sonia: Sahajayoga Experience @ Burlington Class

April 10 2013

Sonia in group photo with Yogis at Sahaj Easter in Burlington

I am still fairly new to Sahajayoga, as I started coming at the end of January, but I can honestly say that this has already been a life altering experience for me.

Since following the path that lead me here I have had so many wonderful experiences, but the one I had last night was so beautiful and powerful.

Before arriving I was not feeling well, I have been suffering with horrible pain in my neck and shoulder for 5 days. I almost drove straight home from work, but felt compelled to go to class, as I have missed it so much when I was unable to attend in the past.

In the beginning the meditation went as normal, we began with the bandhan, and then did our affirmations. As we began to raise the Kundalini I felt goose bumps all over body rising with my hand. I had experienced this for the first time last week, but this was more intense, and felt much deeper, as though the goose bumps were in my very soul.

I began to notice that the space between my thoughts was widening, and soon there were no thoughts for me to forgive. At this time I became aware of Ioana’s voice reading the words of Sri Mataji. It was during this time that I began to feel a sensation of lightness. The cool breeze became all encompassing, as though it were lifting me up. Then suddenly there was a surge of energy, and I felt joy like I cannot explain, tears filled my eyes and I just remember feeling present. There were no thoughts; the words of Sri Mataji were there, although I am not sure if I was consciously listening. It was only after the words stopped and we began to come out of meditation and I became aware of my body that I realized I did not feel the sharp pain in my shoulder, nor the pain in my neck. Slowly the pain in the shoulder returned, but it has not been as intense as it was prior to my experience, and the pain in my neck has not returned at all a full day later.

After this experience we raised our hands above Sahasrara and I felt such a cold breeze and pressure pushing up onto my palm. As I felt the feeling of joy returned to me, I felt the joy of all the people present in the collective, and I felt more at peace than I can remember feeling in my life.

A day later and I am still feeling wonderful. I do not feel stress today, and I have been challenged with the same things that cause me frustration and stress on other days, but today I am in the present still and able to say “I am my own master”. When I am my own master no one and nothing has the power to change how I choose to feel. I choose to feel the joy and love I experienced last night, and I choose to have that live with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you Sri Mataji for helping me to find my own self-realization, I am on the path that I have been seeking my whole life, and I am excited to continue the journey.


Shri Mataji - Sahaj Easter Seminar
Photo from Halton-Niagara Sahaj Easter Seminar in Burlington in March 2013 – we had meditators coming from Burlington, Oakville, Milton-Mississauga and St Catharines-Niagara Falls sahaja yoga meditation classes; in another article we’ll share more photos and video surprises; we all had enjoyed immensely that evening when we shared experiences, we were singing and making gifts for Ontario yogis 🙂


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  1. Boris Hanreich

    Truly beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!
    “I choose to feel the joy!”
    very enchanting.

  2. anaic

    Dear Sonia,
    What you describe is the Sahaja Yoga Mediation: this joy, this feeling of unity with other, this wish to be connected to the best part of our personality; perhaps we do not feel like that at every meditation, because we still identify with our problems, that are in fact mere illusions. This weight on the shoulder and neck is the materialisation of an old desire to be cut from the collectivity, that we have got before being Realised. And when we desire to be more than a small personality, this Kundalini rises and cleanses it: welcome to this universal fraternity!

  3. Shashidhar

    Amazing! It was like a refresher (and refreshing) course on Sahaja Yoga…

    I wish Sonia many more such wonderful experiences.

  4. Pushpa

    Dear Sonia,

    I am glad you had this experience just a few months into the practice of Sahaja Yoga. It was at least 5 months before I felt cool Breeze any where for me. I had similar problem along with Lower Back problems. Sri Mathaji works on you very slowly and we have to understand that. The joy we feel when unencumbered by all the things that we surround ourself has no bounds. Keep on connecting yourself to the Devine and Enjoy yourself by being in the Present as often as possible.
    Love, Pushpa

  5. anaic

    Last weekend, we had a Sahaja stand in a fair on “Indian culture” in the suburb of Paris. We were located in the middle of shops which send clothes, meditations methods and so on… How great were the vibrations! We were giving Realization in a very small place with a lot of noise, some (not very good) singers singing at the top of their voices. May be the worse circumstances, so/but it worked very well!
    2 ladies came, the mother and the daughter, wishing to have the experience; after Realisation I asked them what they felt, and they said that their heads were boiling! I had told them about the sympathic and the parasympathic system before Realization so I said that their channels were too loaded and that we just had to put them down. We did it twice. Then we rised the Kundalini along the parasympathetic channel.
    They got astonished, they said “it’s gone”. They did not feel any pressure any more. We forget sometimes that these little miracles are not part of the normal daily life. We are so lucky with Sahaja Yoga Meditation.. in France too 🙂

  6. Anjali

    Dear Sonia,
    Congratulations for recognizing this great spiritual movement of Sahaja Yoga and the pure divinity of Shri Mataji and what She has given to us. Your testimonial is truly inspiring and encouraging us to reach our depth that contains the bliss and peace that we long for. Shri Mataji has said that we all can get there. I guess we just have to allow our selves to reach this depth that is within us and allow ourselves to be in the present moment.

  7. Kruti Gandhi

    I was speaking to one of our clients this morning and mentioned to her about Sahaja Yoga. She is having neck pain for few months now, I shared Sonia’s testimony with her. She got really interested in trying out this meditation. Who knows you might see a new face in the class next Wednesday.

  8. paula

    I have watched you grow peacefully and powerfully through the classes…so beautiful what you have expressed in your letter that is fully loaded with vibrations! You mentioned in one of our smaller groups how you read about Shri Mataji’s life and just wept because it was so beautiful. It is a very natural and Sahaj thing to start giving back somehow to the classes and last class you “gave back” a bunch of photocopied songs in a beautiful flowered folder for all to enjoy! So glad you shared your journey with us. Your letter will be read by hundreds and maybe thousands of seekers who are looking for a safe place to begin their inner quest. All the beauty and transformation that comes from Sahaja Yoga meditation is simply stated here in these testimonials and through Shri Mataji’s timeless, truthful and permeating words. A truth you can feel and verify and that gives unending joy.

  9. Jayanthi

    Most of the time miracles happen to me when I least expected and humbled down. It would be ideal to keep our mind and heart open to receive, the divine knows every thing, it’s not what we want at a physical level but what the divine wants for our evolution so our trust is greatly needed to make that connection. The last Easter Puja brought so much joy in me, usually I need to close my eyes to calm myself to get into meditative stage but Shri. Mataji’s puja was so beautiful and I felt her presence every where so I kept my eyes wide open to make sure not to miss any part of that flow of energy, I guess that day Shri. Mataji wanted me to experience another level of energy where I could be part of physical yet with total divine powers. At the end of Puja I remember Ioana gave me the microphone to thank Shri. Mataji, I was so overwhelmed with everything, my eyes were filled with joy and even to this day don’t remember a word I said, on our way back with Anjali and Indu I mentioned it to both of them Anjali said it was good auntie you covered all of us but again didn’t say what I said so it has been a mystery for me ever since, I guess it’s one way of telling me that you didn’t use your brain to articulate that note so there is no need to keep it in your memory and I love it all.

  10. Ayesha Nadeem

    So Beautifully said, everything we feel in sahaj yoga meditation is complete joy and bliss, I always wish for this spiritual being ,however finally i got the ultimate peace within by sahaj yoga,As Sonia said how her inner joy and blessings come,its all true. Feeling cool vibrations,thanks for sharing.

  11. Karen

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and journey with Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga….I hope you will share your story that you presented last class(Oct 2)in Burlington class that opened up our hearts to truly believe in ourselves and to make our ‘World’ a better place….keep on feeling the vibrations.

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