(VIDEO) Ayesha’s Heavenly Experience with VISHUDDHI chakra (Sahaj Guru Game – Muslim Spiritual Connection)

VIDEO: Ayesha’s VISHUDDHI Chakra ExperienceSahaj Guru Game

Watch the video that is sharing Ayesha’s heavenly Experience with VISHUDDHI chakra. Our photo below was made in Goderich, known as the prettiest town in Canada, positioned near the Huron lake.. One can enjoy few of Ayesha’s sahaj family members from Halton (Nari- with the camera, Gladys, Perviz, Peter, Jayanthi and Ioana, as well a recently “adopted” family member: Rania  in pink –  sahaja yogini visiting from Dubai, who has a Muslim background as Ayesha does). We’ve spent a heavenly Saturday  together with more yogis than this photo shows.  Our cheerful team visited Brussels in order to offer a meditation class for that lovely community. Afterwards, we went to Goderich where the Celtic festival was in full swing. We’ll write on that memorable visit some other time.

The video shows the first presentation offered by a member of the “Vishuddhi chakra” team that participated in the 2012 Sahaj Guru Game. This sahaj project implemented  in Halton and Niagara regions revealed that “collectivity” is one of the main qualities of the throat energy centre (Vishuddhi chrakra). Please, join our collectivity by contributing with your comments. Thank you~

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First Expedition to Brussels, Goderich and Lake Huron – How was it?!

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  1. anaic

    This testimony of the lady is so deep and so fresh. She explains very clearly the way we progress when we start Sahaja Yoga : we discover first our ego, then our conditionnings. Little by little, we start becoming free from them and we feel a tremendous joy inside.
    We can also see that a connexion with Mother has got nothing to do with time and place. It is just a question of pure quest.
    Thank you for this beautiful video

  2. paula

    During my presentation of the mooladhara chakra, I noticed that the day I started doing the mantras for mooladhara that I felt such a coolness from behind my eyes, it made my eyes go wider with wonder and amazement.

    Then when Ela and I lead the same mantras for the Milton class, Ayesha announced that she felt a divine coolness behind her eyes, the mantras were working, clearing our eyes, our attention! We were so happy because I knew exactly what she was experiencing.

    Ayesha your heart is wide open, and you are bubbling with joy and sincerity. We are all unique and divine. The same teachings are shaping our life journeys in amazing ways, from seemingly little bouts of joy, to a neverending stream of blissful experiences. Meditation is not just about the 20 minutes of mental silence. It is the power within that wakes up, permeates your being and expands your heart. It is where everything around becomes joyful and you feel so connected to your divine self, the creator, and all of nature. Everything has meaning and greatness.

  3. Raji

    Those who comes in Sahaja Yoga with true desire of
    seeking god, will find out by themselves in their
    research kind of interest.

    It is interesting even though it is provided
    free of charge, It is the quality of people
    who can sustain and go ahead with recognizing ego
    and breaking all those past conditioning with the spiritual depth in their heart.

  4. Katalin

    Very nice story, I enjoyed it a lot. I was told long time back, in England if Shri Mataji hugs you in your dream it means She is making you become more collective…..maybe Ayesha would like to know that….

  5. adrian

    What beautiful words you speak Ayesha.

  6. Debbie

    We are so happy that you share in this positive journey and you have found that which was missing. I feel your joy and happiness – thanks for sharing.

    Lots of love always.

  7. armaity

    I just saw Ayesha’s video and was totally bowled over. It was spirit talking to spirit, so refreshing, so joyful, so spontaneous !

  8. Chandra Sekhar

    I just saw Ayesha’s video (February 1st., 2012).

  9. veera

    thanks very much for sharing your experiences
    we can really feel how sahajayoga brings joy in to your life. some people might having doubts about sahaja yoga is, whether it belongs to any particular religion? ayesha your lovely and joyful video gives them an answer
    may wish mother blessings will be always with you

  10. chandra

    Ayesha, I watched your talk of 2011 again today (2nd May 2018).

    I repeat, Ayesha, if you are reading this now, as I felt in 2011, ‘You are the chosen one’, You are in Ma’s loving attention.

  11. krao

    Its very inspiring to hear Ayesha’s story. Currently working on my Right Vishuddhi as part of sahaja guru game and I too encountered similar conditioning as Ayesha. Wonderful to hear her honest experience and the success she got in her journey.

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