A Dad`s Story about his Cool Kids

Enjoy A Dad`s Story about his Cool Kids that love to Meditate “the Sahaj Way”!

Free Meditation Classes in Halton for Children and Parents – A Dad`s Feedback

This testimonial from a Dad about his Cool Kids that Love to Meditate was received on Monday, April 16, 2012.  It came as an email from Trevor who started sahaja yoga meditation at our Burlington class just a couple of months earlier 🙂

Hello Ioana…  thank you all again for your wonderful efforts to put together the kids classes!

A little story for you:
I wasn’t sure how my daughter reacted, she was a bit shy and didn’t say much about it afterwards…  but that night as we were tucking the kids in for sleep, my son was complaining a bit about a belly-ache.  Immediately my daughter came to his room and excitedly suggested we do the ‘uppy uppy’ song and bandhans (sp?)   – he loved this and they both sat up and did them together with great joy.  Then my daughter returned to her room and went to sleep, and as I was saying goodnight to my son, he said it helped, but he needed 2 more ‘uppy uppy’ songs and then it would be all better!  I asked if he wanted me to do it with him and he said no he wanted me to close the door, he would do it himself and go to sleep.  So I closed the door and we sweetly heard him singing the song twice and then he went to sleep.
Was so beautiful…  then this morning my daughter started singing it again all on her own, and asked for a chart next to her bed so she could remember the chakras.
My wife enjoyed it too for her first Sahaja experience…  we managed a date last night and talked about it and found it was she teaching me a few things that I still had to understand about it!
So thank you again – it really is admirable how much work you sahaja yogis do for people from your own time.  We look forward to continuing.

More Photos with Cool Kids from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network

On Sunday, April 15, we gathered together at Rajani`s home: 12 children (from 2yrs old up to 17) arrived with their parents for our `Cool Kids – All Ages` meditation classes – this 1st session was coordinated by Rajani and Ana-Bianca with help from Divya, Raluca and everyone else :-). Simon (5yrs old) and his mom had joined 1st time sahaja yoga meditation, same with Trevor`s wife and their children (4 and 7). The most hospitable house in Oakville (Indu`s & Rajani`s) had embraced us with love`s warmth and pure vibrations. Maybe in 2 weeks we`ll do it again (but with a New Agenda :-))! For now, let the photos continue saying our story of playful and innocent sahaj togetherness in Halton region.

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  1. Chandra

    Now I do not have that nagging fear ‘what future lies for Sahaja Yoga?” It will be there eternally.
    Thanks, all moms, dads and grand moms.


  2. rajeev

    thanks Dear

  3. Elsie

    how lovely to see these happy children enjoying Sahaja Yoga I wish I could bring my 2 grandchildren. I know they would enjoy being part of the group and learning something that would enhance their lives

  4. Shivangi

    So cute 🙂

    2 more ‘uppy uppy’ songs and then it would be all better!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Erwan

    That is an amazing story! All the beauty of Sahaja Yoga through sweet children.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Rajesh


  7. madhur

    Very nice to get children involved.Can you please post the uppy song to us.thank you

    1. Ioana

      The uppy song I don’t have it as my child is .. a teenager 🙂 Bur one can find it somewhere on internet, maybe on http://www.freemeditation.ca on children classes, I am not sure; we play a CD that our yogis have for their children. Thank you for writing! Check our Next Cool Kids event that we have on Mother’s Day .. really beautiful, and read the feedback: http://www.free-meditation.ca/archives/13497

  8. Kruti

    Oh I miss these cool kids meditations so much. I know my kids came home with so much joy after each session. They end up learning so much from the older ones. I guess once these quarantine times are over, we will resume these ones as well.

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