Online DAILY Meditations & Yoga Classes (SEPTEMBER 28 – OCTOBER 4 Schedule for Mornings & Evenings)

We launched the Online Series on March 21, 2020 to honor the birthday of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation — — we take it as a good omen as it is an amazingly auspicious day: Persian/ Sufi New Year (Nawroz) as well the Spring Equinox. Join our Sahaja Yoga Meditation ONLINE Network!

Due to Corona virus our weekly Sahaja Yoga classes offered in Halton, Niagara and Simcoe areas are put on hold for now – community centers / activities are closed until July.

SYMN team of volunteer instructors mobilized themselves to come with the following alternative: we are offering online classes: 3 per week, with different timings for more flexibility but all are EST (TORONTO timezone) – as well “going deeper” online meetings.

Even more, our regular and keen participants (from Everywhere) have the opportunity of joining our Going Deeper Sessions. See below:

**Find out How to Join the ONLINE Classes and Going Deeper sessions here.

3 Weekly Evening SYMN ONLINE Meditation Yoga CLASSES OPEN to EVERYONE

Tue, Sep 22 @ 7:00 PM Class Theme: “Meditate Online with Shivangna – Chakra Workshop”

Wed, Sep 23 @ 8:30 PM Class Theme: “Session with Yogi Knights

Fri, Sep 25 @ 7:00 PM Class Theme Meditate + Discover William Blake’s Self Realization

2 Days (Morning + Evening) SYMN ONLINE Meditation Yoga GOING DEEPER SESSIONS Available

Thu, Oct 1 @ 6:30 AM
Thu, Oct 1 @ 8:30 PM

Common THURSDAY Sessions theme: “Realized Souls

Sat, Oct 3 @ 7:30 AM
Sat, Oct 3 @ 5:00 PM

Common SATURDAY Sessions theme: ” Maintenance Treatments – Going Deeper

Daily ONLINESYMN YOGIS Collective Meditation, Introspection & Prayers for the World

Note: during the extra day of a long weekend there is NO ONLINE CLASS and NO GOING DEEPER SESSION

Mon, Sep 28 @ 6:30 AM Yogis ONLINE Meditation & Collectivity “
Mon, Sep 28 @ 8:30 PM ” Yogis ONLINE Meditation & Clearing “

Tue, Sep 29 @ 6:30 AM “ Yogis ONLINE Meditation & BHAKTI

Wed, Sep 30 @ 6:30 AM “ Yogis ONLINE Meditation & BHAKTI

Fri, Oct 2 @ 6:30 AM “Yogis ONLINE Meditation – Togetherness”

Sun, Oct 4 @ 7:30 AM Yogis ONLINE Meditation & Collectivity

Sun, Oct 4 @ 5:00 PM Yogis ONLINE – Shri Durga Mata BHAKTI”

If you have missed the Invite sent via email / what’s-up and you are part of our regional SYMN family & friends group please send an email to

** check the 3 article compilations shared below (the 1st one is about the feedback from our “test group”, the 2nd is about How & Why to Meditate in the morning, and the 3rd article is about How & Why to Meditate in the evening too, how is that different than the morning ones … check them out .. more to discover and learn + videos to enjoy... Be part of “this” and drop a comment too about your experience.

#1 Check the Feedback received during the TEST WEEK for “Going ONLINE” (MARCH 15 – 22)

#2 Morning Meditation with A Murmur of Starlings & Sea Rose: Contemplate & Listen!

#3 How to Meditate in the Evening? Evening Meditation Exercise & Experience with Planet Earth

“After this comes the Evening Meditation. It is for the Surrender. Then comes the question that how you are surrendered.. means what have you done for Sahaja Yoga. ‘What have I done today for Sahaj Yoga ?!’ By body, mind and intellect…” “There is one blind singer who is very famous. He is very
Read the article!

Today, March 21st – Nawroz & 1st Day of Spring – Let’s Awaken our Innocence & Listen to Shri Mataji’s Message!

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  1. Jolanta

    Very strong vibrations during the evening guided meditation tonight, on top of my head, and both hands…I could feel the soothing / healing power of my Kundalini energy clearing my chakras /channels.

  2. Caroline

    I have been enjoying the free meditation classes, and with previous meditation practice, would like to be invited to the “Going Deeper” sessions. Could you please let me know?
    Thanks, Caroline

  3. Kruti Gandhi

    These online meditations are teaching me how to be more intuitive and listen to my heart and vibrations more. I am really enjoying them and looking forward to a next one each time!

  4. Online Going Deeper

    *Feedback on the Chat – Easter Friday class *
    From Jolanta to Everyone: 08:11 PM
    beautiful meditation… Namaste
    From Jen to Everyone: 08:13 PM
    .. I SO enjoyed everyone’s sharing the lord’s prayer. Overcome with coolness!
    From helen to Everyone: 08:13 PM
    Was wonderful , awakening of being awake!
    From Philip to Everyone: 08:18 PM
    Shalom Shanti Peace…may peace with us all
    From Sigal to Everyone: 08:19 PM
    Shabat Shalom
    From Philip to Everyone: 08:19 PM
    From Jen to Everyone: 08:20 PM
    so be it
    From Philip to Everyone: 08:20 PM
    Hashem Amin
    From Jen to Everyone: 08:21 PM
    Sending Love to ALL ???

  5. Online Going Deeper

    * Feedback on chat from Tue Class *

    From Rajinee to Everyone: 08:05 PM
    meditation was beautiful, lots of vibrations

    From Galaxy A20 to Everyone: 08:07 PM
    tonights meditation was very powerful!
    thank you Iona

    From Mary to Everyone: 08:08 PM
    Thank you!
    From Rajinee to Everyone: 08:08 PM
    can I please get the going deeper link
    From suzytrupcevic to Everyone: 08:09 PM
    Thank you ,
    From Galaxy A20 to Everyone: 08:09 PM
    can you please share the link to this video
    From seema to Everyone: 08:10 PM
    Thank you
    From helen to Everyone: 08:10 PM
    Thanks very much
    From Cathy, Barrie to Me: (Privately) 08:11 PM
    Music was so vibrational, does she have a cd?
    From adina to Everyone: 08:11 PM
    What is the name of the song that you played?
    It was very beautiful
    From Oresta’s iPad to Everyone: 08:12 PM
    beautiful meditation thoughtless lots of cool energy
    From suzytrupcevic to Everyone: 08:13 PM
    Tonight was great thanks

    From Galaxy A20 to Everyone: 08:13 PM
    you nailed tonights blockage.i had a terrible know it the back of my neck
    From adina to Everyone: 08:13 PM
    Thank you, Ioana!
    From Galaxy A20 to Everyone: 08:14 PM
    thank you for the relief..
    From PRADEEP to Everyone: 08:15 PM
    Thank You
    From Nathalie to Everyone: 08:15 PM

  6. Jolanta

    Thank you for the wonderful meditation tonight. Hearing Anna Bianca’s and Ioana’s voices helped me experience the yoga.
    Jai Sri Mataji

  7. Anjali

    Every meditation deserves some sharing on this site -I have been attending almost all of them (except for the 7 PM ones) and each one brings a deep state of self-awareness and enables us to feel each other as well. This morning, one of the many soothing things we did is we gave thanks to our liver and asked for the healing of our liver. We said affirmations to have enlightened attention (liver is the seat of attention). With our attention, we can expand our awareness to the entire world and meditate on the world problems and share this solution of pure meditation with the seekers of truth. I hope you’re able to find us 🙂

  8. isabelle

    It so good that we have these online classes at different times so that we all can join.

  9. Anjali

    In this morning’s meditation we watched a very beautiful Shri Mataji’s talk on Mother Earth. How women have the forbearing, sustaining, nourishing qualities of Mother Earth in them as well. Women are differently composed compared to Men. And how women can transform the way of things using their sweetness and kindness- even small gestors to make someone comfortable by giving a cushion, giving water to someone who may not have asked (all this btw, I experience with my sahaja sisters- I thought of you all during this part of the talk). I will surely listen to and meditate on this talk again-there are so much more deeper messages on the feminine qualities that are being suppressed by women themselves in order to compete with men.
    Thank you all for getting together this morning and thank you Ioana for giving so much of yourself to us. Even though it is through ether it is helping us to develop discretion, become subtler and giving us a chance to get prepared to face any challenges coming our or the collective’s way

    I seriously feel these online sessions are such precious opportunities to grow, share and strengthen our powers 🙂

  10. Anjali

    Hmm…This week we were able to enjoy the cooling bamboo flute music by Shivangna entering like sweetness into our being and this morning we enjoyed a beautiful light, cool breeze meditation led by Ana-Bianca. The week was dedicated to Mother earth and we realize in these deep meditations that earth day is everyday. We connect with Her everyday and become aware of all her healing and sustenance- how fortunate we are to be the offsprings of the most loving beautiful Mother. Jai Shri Adi Bhoomi Devi!

  11. Annie Charlebois

    I have been doing Sahaja meditation for many years however only had my realization a little over a year ago going to the Barrie Sahaja meditation thanks to Cathy and Peter and other yogis from Burlington for the great guidance! Even without my realization I kept going to meditation because I slept so well after, my anxieties, worries melted away. I now can reach that state by myself and actually is my new worry free me !
    So much so that my colleagues & peers at work have asked what I’ve done to get this this level of calmness even in light of the recent events. I always reply “ oh! I’m doing Sahaja guided meditation, here check it out” and give them the web site. The online format has been such a great help to me as I developed a better routine to practice daily.
    I am hoping the online format will keep going even after the world returns to normal.
    . Much love to all.

  12. Helen

    I hope the online sessions will continue as well. The sessions and being collevtive in this framework is vital. Being part of and open to the ether element is profound, so nurturing and supportive.
    Much love and gratitude

  13. Kruti Gandhi

    The morning meditation today was so deep and profound that I found all my worries and sadness just dissolve into the higher consciousness. I could feel the cool breeze in the right hand, by the end, after listening to the raga, felt the coolness even in my left hand. As my day is pretty busy with work, helping kids with homework, cooking, etc., these meditations are really helping me release the stress and relax my self for the rest of the day! A big thank you to this amazing team.

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