One Million Dollars Joy – for Free in Canadian Malls!

We still get that rush of a pleasant surprise when we discover life in the enclosed, man-made spaces – when we see a beautiful flower or even gardens that truly happen to flourish there. Sahaja Yoga is a system of Nature says its founder, Shri Mataji.

And for those that experience the meditation with Sahaja Yoga system, this realization comes naturally:  this type of meditation really brings a natural communication, a  natural feeling of well-being – anywhere it is practised.  Sahaja Yoga expresses itself as a system that carries the (power of) Nature, the Life with it, anywhere.

One may discover  that  a  “Not even for one million dollars Joy” can be experienced, out of the blue, in the most ordinary places – some that seem to be meditation-proof: noisy, busy, hectic and materialistic. For instance in a Mall. Enjoy the Video that captured a very spontaneous (and most recent)  “live testimonial” about Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Gor, dear friend from Whitby had sent the following recommendation and explanation:

Check out this new you tube video – there was a mall realization this past weekend in Toronto and Maxim from Toronto taped a really great testimonial experience from someone who just got their realization (their Kundalini energy awakened).
The spontaneous reaction of the seeker starts at about 3:10 minutes into the video and is wonderful to see.

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  1. Louise

    LOVEly! I could feel her joy!

    1. patricia

      I could really feel what she had experienced
      when she told her story.

  2. geri

    Wow, Simple and honest. I like the part where she says: “I came for fun, I don’t trust anybody only myself… and I feel like happy…”.

    1. adrian

      A curious statement to make about “trusting”…

      “I don’t trust anybody only myself”

      Would anyone not trust a child that says… “I love you”???

      It is truly a gift to be able to trust, not only oneself, but also others… how do we know who to trust, when to trust and what to trust. It is… I suspect more about “believing”… and that happens when we have gone within…

  3. Dorothy

    I felt the joy as the lady was speaking, I also felt cool breeze on my palms. What a great treat.

  4. Gulnaz

    I just couldn’t stop my tears so simply she spoke! so innocently and full of humbleness! so true it was! If I were at her place I would say the same… Oh my God! May all the seakers get what they have right to get!

  5. Françoise

    i got the video mute ,but my kundalini got it all,and was dancing fresh on the top of the head during all her testimony !…

  6. Shashidhar

    What kind of a ‘work’ is this where the giver and the receiver are filled with bliss? Surely this can happen only in the realm of the Divine!

    The tears (of joy) is a result of something so incredible happening in such a troubled world.

    May many more be blessed with this kind of giving and receiving…

  7. Liz

    I read the comments first to see what people were saying about the video. One of the comments stated that it brought tears to her eyes. It made me curious. Why would this bring tears?
    I watched the video and can tell you that not only did it bring tears and goosebumps!!
    It made me laugh out loud!! What an anwesome seeker!!!

  8. neeta rai

    Such tremendous vibrations! I pray that many more such genuine seekers are showered with such blessings of our Holy Mother.

  9. Draupadi

    Großartig! JA, das ist Es, das ist Sahaja Yoga, unser größter Schatz, unser größtes Talent, unsere größte Freude, unsere Bestimmung, unsere Rettung, unser Ziel…
    Danke Ioanna!

  10. Elsie

    A wonderful honest testimonial. I can see something positive about a concrete structure built for the transfer of money only. Nothing spiritual here. the young lady was so totally focused. She found her experience made her happy. As she said “it was worth a million dollars” That epitomizes what Sahaja Yoga is all about. Watching this lady speak filled me with joy.

  11. Greta More

    Wow! The new seeker made me so happy just listening to her recounting her experience of Kundalini awakening. Definitely Sahaja Yoga should be broadcast everywhere so everyone can get the bliss she spoke of.

  12. Ashok Bisht

    Even my tears could not find place in my eyes and came out…. This made me feel great joy..

    Thanks for sharing it with us ….

  13. Pranita Rottmann

    ……An unexplicable joy that spontaneously dawns upon us is through giving Realisation.This video makes one feel the same bliss.No words..only …Bliss…

    May Divine blesses us with many such opportunities!!!

  14. Murali

    This is beautiful. Let there be joy and happiness all around.

  15. Suparna

    It’s truly rejuvenating and beautiful!! I felt I got my realization all over again!!

  16. pallavi

    AMAZING..when i watch this video i feel PARAMCHAITANYA..

  17. Rupesh

    This can only happen in Sahja yoga.
    Tears of joy. Thanks Mother.

  18. Tillie Rosewall

    Lol, this is one of my favorite blogs. Keep up the good work 😉

  19. Debbie

    How beautiful is Sahaj Yoga – we can find so much peace and happiness.
    Lots of love always.

  20. Susie

    So beautiful. This will be lovely to show to other people who are just ready to dip a toe in and try Sahaja Yoga. Thank you.

  21. dave p.

    I held this until 18 April & watched it today!
    My critical mind was shelved by this lady’s experience; it resonated strongly in me, I felt her joy !

    Everything, every experience I have had with Sahaja Yoga,is confirmation of Shri Mataji’s
    Truths !

  22. Shilpa Malhotra

    Her words filled my eyes with tears. What a great selfless love of our Divine Mother! and great people who are working tirelessly for seekers. May Mothers love and bliss spread out everywhere to make this world a joyful place of living. Beautiful title one Million Dollar joy!!

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