Angels in Oakville captured on VIDEO & PHOTOS!

Photo-Album with the Free Community Event “Music and Spirituality” sponsored by Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Oakville’s Organic Market Farm in Centennial Plaza on September 18, 2010

Feel the LOVE that surrounded Yoann in Oakville that day when he brought the Gospels of Love to Oakville

For Everyone that got the chance to participate to this event, please post your impressions as Comments to this article – Yoann loves our website and wants to stay close to his  new fans along his tour in Canada, so please go ahead and write with an open heart ..  to Yoann’s open heart 🙂

Next Day, September 21 – Yoann had an Amazing concert in Burlington -CLICK to NOT MISS THE VIDEOS :-)!! then come back to write your Impressions on this Article/Event

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  1. ann

    I feel very blessed to have met Yoann and attended 2 events both Burlington and Brampton where he took all of our Chakras and so sweetly bathed them in the most amasing vibrations. He has so beautiful and so powerful a voice, he so wonderfully brings us on a experience with his voice and humility to a pure connection with Mother Earth. I so believe this is a once in a lifetime chance we get to have and enjoy Yoann, his voice and pure connection with the divine.

    Love Ann

  2. Cyro

    Dear Yoann, I firstly saw you singing in this last Shri Krishna’s and Shri Ganesha’s week in Cabella 2010, and I was amazed listening for the first time to sahaj gospel music. Thank you very much for bringing gospel to Sahaja Yoga!
    Jay Shri Madhuria!

  3. Marian Teodor

    Impresionat! Fara prea multa tehnica, dar din inima. Un adevarat instrument.

  4. paula erskine

    Incredible, positive, a goodness and joy you can feel from Yoann’s music is not to be missed!I was surprised to discover that I absolutely love gospel and soul, songs I have heard my entire life, but have not enjoyed on such a deep level as I do now. His voice is like honey and happiness. Yoann’s mission? Spread beautiful music and deep down joy in everyone. Catch a concert performance before he goes back to the lucky country of France! His talent is unlike anyone I have ever heard before. You feel every note vibrating inside and healing your insides.I would love to know where he is playing next so I can email my friends to experience this wonderful free concert series in Canada. I have friends in all cities that would appreciate his talent!

  5. shilpa sood

    I couldn’t see the first video.
    Its says”User has removed the video”
    plz upload the video again

    1. Ioana

      Dear Shilpa, I did not remove it; the video was removed from youtube without any warning 🙁 .. so that’s the reason you can’t see it any longer. I have no idea what is the reason, quite sad .. and weird.. That was a great interview and video indeed .. But we have so many other videos with Yoann and soon a very good interview will be posted on our website; it will be different as each one is unique in its own way and this time I will kindly ask the video’s owner to let me know from the very beginning if he is “serious” about it .. 🙂 .. to avoid such “surprises” in the future when innocent articles built up around a public video are getting in such trouble 🙂

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