Community Events in Burlington

Canada Day – Strawberry Festival @ Joseph Brant Museum, 2009

We had almost like a GTA seminar here in Burlington. So many friends came from everywhere and we had lots of fun, time to catch up with each other lives and meet beautiful people interested in Meditation.

Health & Wellness Show – March 28,2009

First indoor event for this year when we’ve participated with a booth that had interested hundreds of people. Many that enjoyed our free workshops offered on the spot had invited us to offer classes for their social groups. Enjoy the photos!

Strawberry Social ~ by the Lake @ Joseph Brant Museum, July 1st 2008

We were enjoying this lovely and vibrant outdoors community event in Burlington while also sharing the techniques of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and simple techniques of balancing with everyone (many!!) interested.

Annual Health & Wellness Burlington Show 2008

Hosted by Burlington Seniors’ Centre, on March 28, 2008 – a major occasion to provide helpful Kundalini energy based workshops to Seniors in our community.

Canada Day – Strawberry Festival @ Joseph Brant Museum 2007

Beautiful event on July 1st, 2007 – hosted by Joseph Brant Museum in Burlington. Enjoy the photo album done at Sahaja Yoga meditation booth.

Top Dogs & Trails of  Tales @ Joseph Brant Museum, June 3, 2007

It was a dog day afternoon held at Joseph Brant Museum and Sahaja Yoga meditation had a booth right under the central tree and we had many visitors (pets included!)

Brant Day Festival @ La Salle Park, Aug 6, 2007

Wonderful event that was celebrating the rich heritage of Burlington at the annual ‘Joseph Brant Day’ held at the beautiful La Salle Park.

Applefest Fall Fair Sept, 2007

We had enjoyed participating to this outdoor event – the last community event in 2007 organized by Ireland House at Oakridge Farm on Sunday, September 27. Photos are not available.

Brant Day Festival @ La Salle Park, Aug 6, 2007

Beautiful outdoor event where we’ve met many wonderful people with whom we’ve shared basic techniques of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Enjoy the photo album!

“Family Fun Day” Street Event (Sept 9, 2006)

Participant & Sponsor for “Family Fun Day” in Burlington – Street Event (Sept 9, 2006) – initiated by a team from Relay for Life

Chapters Program May 2006

Sahaja Yoga Burlington had offered an “Introduction to Spontaneous Meditation” @ Chapters and the experiences that were shared by participants were quite outstanding. Some of them had joined our local classes later on based on their initial positive experience..

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