(video-testimonial) Samantha from Youth Class: “What Sahaja Yoga Meditation did for me” +++

(video #1 ) Get to Know Sam: “How Family should be ..” :

(video #2) Samantha’s Yogi Friends WATCH Declarations on STAGE

The first 6 in Youth Program - ThanksGiving

(video #3)  Sam’s GREAT VIBES in MUSIC-SLIDESHOW (!)

subtle system-colours

The 1st interview was realized by Shulin from Burlington class at Halton Christmas Party as part of a youth meditation class project. Let us know if you’ve enjoyed it and what you want to say to Samantha and to her young yogi friends you’ve met in the 4 (not to be missed!)  video-articles above.

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  1. Colleen

    Amazing, very well said and explained. Thank you Sam.

  2. Shashidhar

    Samantha’s experiences comes under ‘a giant leap for mankind’ category 🙂 May her transformation bring her more joy in the years to come!

  3. Doina Mira - Romania

    Samantha’s confession woke up in my heart pure joy and great satisfaction! Indeed this interview can awaken the pure desire in other people to achieve Samantha’s transformation! It can attract them to achieve Self Realization! Thank you Samantha and Shulin!

  4. cheryl

    Thanks Sam! Inspiring and palpable truth emanating from you. A joy to experience, thanks for sharing.

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