(VIDEO) Sonia’s Testimonial: From Bali to Burlington Class – A Life Transforming Experience with Root Chakra & Lord Ganesha Connections

Sonia:  My Connection to Root Chakra & Shri Ganesha

Socrates: “An honest man is always a child”

Shri Ganesha - statue created by Brigitte Saugstad, yogini artist from Austria - Shri Ganesha has also nearby the little mouse .. his vehicle .. both are now in Poland in a yogi's home
“First and foremost thing that is to be understood, that innocence should be
respected, looked after, nourished and protected. That’s why I’m very particular
about the children.” (Sept 19, 1993, Cabella, Italy)
 “This innocence also gives you a power of self-understanding. You know where you stand. A person who is innocent knows very well that he is standing on the pedestal of virtues. He should not give in to all kinds of nonsensical things which are very popular, may be fashionable, may be accepted. For what? For what are we going to sacrifice our innocence? What is our gain? ” (Sept 19, 1993, Cabella, Italy)
” You all have to come up very well now.  Now you better worship your Self. You have to worship all your Gods (the divine principles residing in our chakras) within you. First is the God .. of humility, of innocence, of simplicity. Worship that.
Unless and until you can worship that (Lord Ganesha), you cannot go further, you will not be protected.” (1982-10-17)
 ( above are excerpts from Shri Mataji’s lectures on Shri Ganesha and Innocence)

VIDEOSonia’s Emotional Sahaj Guru “Bali” Experience

Photo with Nature from Bali


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  1. Kruti

    Simply amazing. The vibrations were so cool. Thank you Sonia for sharing your personal experiences and also the poem, which was so deep.

  2. Vivek

    The statue of Shri Ganesha is really beautiful, with His Kundalini shown in His Nabhi chakra. A Realized Soul must have made this statue!

    1. Ioana

      Your guess is right: the ceramic ensemble was created by a sahaj yogini artist from Vienna, Brigitte Saugstadt. Check her wonderful creations at this website: http://brigittesaugstad.com/

  3. Anjali

    Dear Sonia,
    it was such a treat listening to your experiences and connection with Shri Ganesha and the desire for innocence to be awakened – sometimes we know innately what our sprit longs for but only a few can really listen to that little voice and trust to go with it.
    thank you for opening up and sharing. I’m so glad we have you as part of our sahaj family.
    Hope your leg/ankle is better and that you’re not in so much pain. We miss you.
    love, Anjali

  4. Shulin


  5. Kartikeya

    Shri Mataji’s importance on the basic principle of life which is innocence and to worship that within you is so amazing. Sonia’s guru game video shows that Shri Ganesha always had her in his attention and protected her in Bali.

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