Ayesha’s Amazing experience at Burlington class on Valentine’s Day!

A Letter from You

Dearest Ioana
I was actually stunned and silent from the day of February 13th Wednesday at Burlington class, when we all were in meditation and  Shri Mataji -in A Rain of vibrations- old photo from public program in India -1980I suddenly went into the state what Shri Mataji called Nirvichara or thoughtless awareness and I felt some rain pouring out from my head at Sahasrara chakra level and the rain become kind of triangular and i saw and hear something and it was not a rain it was silver rain the sound of silver is coming somewhere from the point of my head and when i looked upward i saw ShriMataji  just on the top point of this triangular silver rain and she was in white kind of sari, I wish i can take a picture of this amazing thing happening and didn’t want to come out of this what i say state or experience, my words or vocabulary become so less when i have to write or tell something what i feel. However i never felt like this before and it was happening right at the night of Wednesday February 13th at the precious moment of Sahaj Burlington class. I was stunned and speechless and then something happened: my phone from Brussels was ringing and you called me in front to share with everyone about how i am growing in Sahaj and I was so excited and overwhelmed and couldn’t share this experience right away. On our way back home i told my fellow yogi friends about that and I was thinking from that day to share with you but i wanted to enjoy it by myself first :-). Now a pure desire rises from my heart to pray for all of us that:
“Please Shri Mataji shower this rain of blessings on all of us and give us energy to share and spread this universal blessing with the whole world”.
 Thanks and all my love for everyone
Note: That class on February 13 was dedicated to “Sahaj Valentine’s Day”, we had 2 university students (Ana Bianca and Rishi) as  our ‘special guest teachers for the day’  that had to answer questions from the audience; we shared testimonials on spiritual growth from all classes present to the event; even tried some singing (!) – check the photo album – of course we also paid our respect to Shri Mataji. Enjoy below useful tips on LOVE from Yogis *.

Valentine’s Day PHOTO-ALBUM

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  1. leeladhar

    Simply wonderful…

    Thanks to SHARE!


  2. anaic

    Thank you Ayesha for sharing such a beautiful experience; it shows how innocent and deep your heart is; the “triangle rain” is may be the symbol of the Kundalini,”silver” may be the color of your pure mind. Hope you will bath many years in this inner joy.

  3. Joanne Moore

    Thank you Ayesha for sharing your wonderful experience. The vibrations are now so incredible as we enter a new era of universal vibratory awareness and the experience of Mother’s Love.

  4. Ashwani sehgal

    Thanks Ayesha ji for sharing this beautiful experience. I am sure you want to go back to that Blissfull state of mind again & forget about the whole world.Any way I have something similar kind of experience on 18th Feb,before Maha Samadhi day.I believe Shri Mata Ji Blessed each one of us on that day to show Her Divine Love,Her Mamta & Karuna for us. As you have mentioned that words are not enough to describe,so was my state in the morning. Ashwani

  5. Priti

    Thank-you Aeysha for sharing such a blessed experience. Being a Muslim yogini your surrender, devotion, dedication and specially your pure innocent love for our Holy Mother is tremendous. I wish we all can experience the pure joy of our Mothers Love (the silver rain). Thanks Ioana

  6. girish gupta

    thanks for sharing amazing experience

  7. Uwe

    The experience Ayesha describes recalls one of Patrick’s which is depicted in his book:

    … Only a pure, hollow being remains, a clear crystal vessel through which the Holy Spirit flows in utter silence, rising steadily through its exact centre. I look down at my hand and it has become completely transparent, as if made of glass, and is full of light. Something uncoils in my head, a last blessed release, and suddenly, shockingly, Shri Mataji jumps into me. This is how I experience it. It is astounding, as if she has ‘downloaded’ herself from somewhere above me.
    There is a flash of incredulity as I feel her entering my being, and a long, astonishing moment in which I become Shri Mataji; utterly pure, suffused with bliss and full of light and power. Suddenly I know everything and all of my chakras go into action like some kind of divine weaponry, releasing vibrations with tremendous force. A last vestige of ego reacts; I feel alarmed at the power and magnitude of it all, at what effect such intense energies might have on those around me, and I ‘jump’ back out of the experience, sitting stunned at my desk, trying to comprehend what has happened.
    Slowly the experience deepens again, but in a gentler way. I see that all of the chakras become one in the Sahasrara as my ego dissolves, and I experience this as Shri Mataji entering my being. For a moment, I realise, the process of self-realisation is complete and has manifested fully. …

    Excerpt from “expecting to fly” by Patrick Sheridan, authorhouse, 2011.

  8. Greg Moeliker

    Dearest Ayesha, What a wonderful experience you have had. May you have many more and are able help others achieve a similar state.

  9. shiva

    Reading the experiences itself is a kind of divine joy !!!

  10. Paula

    Ayesha your experience felt like heaven and absolute truth. Truly beautiful for you to share such a profound experience. The deeper we go, the more we have access to the “unlimited” realm which is pure bliss and is not limited to our ego and superego.

  11. Malti

    Dear Sister Ayesha,

    As I was reading your experience, I too was drenched in cool vibrations, as I belive your experience was so great. Thank you for sharing your experience without any reservations. Dear sister, it is great to see your growth, devotion and surrender with such simplicity and without any complications.

    May our Mother continue to bless you and your family with her love.


  12. jagdish

    “Please Shri Mataji shower this rain of blessings on all of us and give us energy to share and spread this universal blessing with the whole world”.

  13. Ajay Nargas

    Amazing experiences of Ayesha. Very inspiring .She is chosen and she exhibits her Ganesha principal in her while expressing . She is definitely chosen Yogi by Mataji

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