How was Remembrance Day honored in Burlington ?

We are Sahaja Yogis, Canadians and Citizens of the World.

Therefore we celebrated this special day in our own way.

Our “Remembrance Day” event was blessed with a strong participation!

Even though the night was cold and snowing non-sop, both new seekers and the “regulars” challenged the slippery roads and arrived eager to “dive in”!

We started the evening with watching a video in which Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation – uplifted us to the message of Self-realization leading to the qualities necessary in human beings for enjoying a beautiful and peaceful World.

Shri Mataji:

“You must be patriot, and this patriotism will make you to LOVE this Universe.

If you don’t have a Drop, how you can become an Ocean?!

So first of all, you have to check that you have a devotion for your own country.”

We were ready to start sharing and listening to stories of Valor and Sacrifice. One by one, there were many accounts of how young men volunteered at a young age (some were only 15!) to serve their country. Amazing stories of how women were as fearless and endured incredible hardships: walking 35 km one way, only to bring bread to their husbands that were in the hide; these women were returning back home to their children and day to day responsibilities; they could face death if caught up.

A “pass it on” meditation followed, taking us to a blissful surrender and overall forgiveness in thoughtless awareness. Personally, I enjoyed so much the divine flute music, the classical Indian music as well Vande Mataram and other vibrant yet peaceful melodies played by Shivangna on bamboo flute.

Shivangna is a truly humble special guest at our Halton classes, as well a wise young teacher — this time she guided everyone into rising the Kundalini energy and building he Rainbow energy protection: the Bandhan.

Many more felt more relaxed and truly at peace * minds and heart * after the one-on-one chakra workshop was offered by the present Sahaja Yogis to each and everyone. Energized yet in a meditate state, we were in the perfect inner place to get to know each other and have our attentjon on various qualities that would make an ideal Canadian ** as Shri Rama – the hero that incarnates the ideal human being and country leader; the one that we talk about when describing the Right Heart chakra. It was really a great exercise and it brought much joy as Everyone learned about various chakras and the qualities they gift to us.

By the end we were ready to learn the Sahaj “Prayer in action and surrender” so we offered bandhans to many provinces of Canada, Canada,, the world, the forests of Australia, Chile, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, India, , Romania, Gaza Strip and Lebanon, Middle East, USA, Mexico, oceans, Indigenous Peoples, even Halton region and so many more!!!!! Thank You Everyone for making this community event such a “Proud to be Canadian & Proud to be a Sahaja Yogifull 2 hours “moment”.

Join us this Friday at Oakville Sahaja Yoga meditation class for our 2nd “Remembrance Day “Event that Yogis from Halton felt inspired to facilitate and offer to their beloved Halton community.

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  1. Kristine

    What a moving and lovely experience the 2nd “Remembrance Day Event” must have been. Sending love to all participants and thanks for their bandhans for the world! Beautiful!

  2. paula

    It was a heartfelt class, full of personal connections with the heroes who felt the call to stand on guard for us. These are brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, and they treated all of us, like a family unit.

    They did not know us, yet they felt a sense of duty, a sense of right heart valiancy which is a chakra known in the body to represent a sense of responsibility towards our community at large.

    At the same time, watching the enlightening presentation, sharing a “pass it on” guided meditation by many established and qualified Yogis was very healing.

    We broke into many groups where we collectively contributed a voice for the qualities described that would involve making citizens more aware of these super powers we can invoke through the power of Sahaja Yoga.

    In groups of 5 we did mini presentations at the front of the class, giving each person a chance to speak about the qualities of the right heart.

    The vibrations were cool and beautiful. The flute playing by Shivangna soothed our visshuddhi chakras so nicely, so we were able to speak our truth with courage.

    Thank you for this collective effort to everyone which was spontaneous in all the sharing of heros. It was powerful, it was deep, and it was healing to feel the energy present in the room which gently balanced our subtle system.

    I have a deep respect for those that choose to honour our heroes, for those that collectively and actively share the positive teachings that Shri Mataji has granted humanity. There is so much love and brother sisterhood, it is an ideal environment and model for society.

    Looking forward to friday class. Each class is like a bouquet that spreads its fragrance, its vibrations, through meditation, words, actions and deeds. Thank you to all the brave people who shared their stories, you are a big part, and parcel, of the whole.

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