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Kathleen – I had questions about life and wanting knowledge

My name is Kathleen.  I've been practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation for 8 years now. 

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Kavita – I was lost and now I’m found

.. I was sad .. then, as a Mother finds her stray child, Shri Mataji found me.... Photo taken in

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Rania – A Complete Transformation (in Arabic too)

Rania with Sahaja Yogis from Halton Sahaja Yoga Class in 2011 My experience with Sahaja Yoga me

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Inge – I was searching for Something Perfect that would Change the World

photo shared by yogis after the meditation during a sahaja yoga international seminar In my you

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Antonia – My Journey to Living in the Present

For the first time in my life I wasn’t self-conscious. I wasn’t concerned about the future. I

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Rebecca – My Breakthrough

Photo from Burlington, Halton, Ontario, Canada (photo by Yogini) ; rivers of green vibrations fl

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