Patriotism from Drop to Ocean on India’s National Day celebrated Today, January 26 – Music Vande Mataram Video & Sahaj “Did You Know” INFO Pearls about Shri Mataji, Chakras, Lord Jesus, War’s Role and Hitler

Did you feel the Cool Vibrant Vibrations from this Video ?! Today, on January 26 it is celebrated India’s National Day and something that always moves me immensely –not only emotionally but spiritually, with Kundalini rising high within me – is  the “Vande Mataram”  song you’ve heard in the video. More personal feedback on the video/poem/song will be shared later on. “Vande Mataram” had triggered this article that I hope you’ll find it interesting, helpful, inspiring. The intention is to offer a sahaj experience-meditation on Patriotism and what it Really means, with profound though interesting and diverse information. Let’s see if you can resist to this “sahaj reading” marathon 🙂

Shri Mataji as Indian & Christian – Did  you know?!

The founder of sahaja yoga meditation –  Shri Mataji – was born in India in a Christian family (one of the first Christian families in India and one that took to Christianity exclusively for one heartfelt reasons). In the same time the family tree  from Shri Mataji’s father is of royal descendant, one that has deep Hindu roots and kings in a lineage of thousand of years dynasty: the Shalivahan dynasty that initiated a solar based calendar known as “Shalivahana calendar”, as well that had documented the passage of Jesus Christ through India .. very interesting, isn’t it so?! Below there are excerpts from a book that I love, containing stories about Shri Mataji and a bit of her family history info:  “The family belonged to Royalty, to the warrior caste of the Chittorgarh where Padmini did the Johar (she burnt herself  with thirty two thousand ladies who wanted to save their chastity from the lust and greed of a Muslim king Adil Shah Khilji). therefore they were strongly nationalistic and patriotic towards their nation… They (Shri Mataji’s parents) had lot of respect for all religions and they had all the knowledge about all religions and never forced their children to accept any religion, including Christianity in which they were born. They both had scholarly habits and were very well read.  As such they were perfect people and without any stigma or stain on their characters.  Shri Mataji chose to be born in this family because of such pure, perfect parents.” (excerpt from “My Memoir” by H. P. Salve, chapter 9)

The Sahaj Definition of Patriotism with Sankrit Roots

Let’s meditate on the explanation of patriotism  – given by Shri Mataji  –  provided by Rabi, dear friend and sahaja yogi from India in his recollection of the sahaj celebration of Diwali Festival with Shri Mataji, in India, 2007:

” Shri Mataji  explained the enigmatic senses behind the two Sanskrit words frequently used  in Indian vocabulary to express patriotism:

One is ‘Swaraj’- ‘Swa’- means ‘own self ’ and ‘Raj’ – means ‘kingdom’ and the Second word is -‘Swatantra’, – Swa- means -own self’ Tantra – means ‘the machinery’. Therefore the meaning to these words should always be self driven. Whenever we speak of ‘Swatantra’ it invariably should be understood that it is the tantra-of the Self. One should first know his ‘own self’ in order to understand this deep rooted meaning of ‘belonging to a nation’.” Explaining ‘Swaraj’, she emphasized that we must understand and be proud to be privilege citizen by our inner owning-ness of the land where we belong. ”  Rabi Gosh

The Advice of Lord Jesus on Building one’s Nest & Start from a Drop to hold the Ocean

“Shri Jesus Christ has already said that those people who build the house should look at the birds. The birds, when they build their nest, they do it very lovingly. By all the ways He tried to tell that we should leave our ‘my-ness (like in) :  ‘This is my house, this is my land, these are my children and finally this is my country.’All this my-ness should get lost and only after that you can become big personality. In all the countries you have your brothers and sisters. This doesn’t mean that you should leave your love for your country. You must be patriot. And this patriotism will make you to love this universe. If you don’t have a drop, how you can become an ocean?! So first of all, you have to check that you have a devotion for your own country. If you are doing something against the interest of your country, then you are not patriot. It was not necessary for Shri Jesus to go back to His country. He has said that the people who are staying in His country desire nothing but all lower things. But Shalivashan (the ancestor of Shri Mataji  and King in India that met Jesus Christ) asked Him that He should return and teach them Nirmal Tattwa (the pure divine religion/principles). He went to teach them Nirmal Tattwa and they crucified Him. That was the country of foolish people. They didn’t want to learn anything, but as He wanted to teach them, He went there. Kshama, Forgiveness (in Sanskrit) is the mantra of Agnya chakra (the subtle energy centre known as the third eye or the forehead chakra). If you hate somebody or if you have a violent feeling about somebody, your Agnya chakra can’t be alright. Anything you have to do, do it with love. . because I took the birth in this religion (Christian) and I have seen all the internal things of this religion.” Shri Mataji

Patriotism or Manipulative Ego? Remember Hitler

“The people who thought they had every right to occupy all the territories of the world under their own country’s name believed that this was their duty to their country. To fly the flag of their country became a symbol of sacrifice for patriotic endeavors. Hitler also gave the very deep color of patriotism to his devilish work. It is surprising how he was born specially in Germany where he could get such a decadent society to work with and to influence the young people who were open to his tactics. All ego-oriented people develop their I.Q. very fast. They know how to work out their plans by dominating others; how to justify their’ behavior and how to propagate their own ego-oriented thoughts to the multitudes. Thus their I.Q. develops tremendously and cheats their intelligence. As one starts cheating oneself by self-justification the person glows with great radiance due to the burning heat of his own ego.” (excerpt from chapter 4 of “Meta Modern Era” by Shri Mataji -> the book can be purchased on Amazon)

About Hindu with Bible Story example

“Same is the situation of Hindu religion. In Hindu religion, there are different real gurus, for example Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya, the Nath Panth. There are different incarnations and different Swayambhus. They have different religious books. But in Christian religion, they have only Bible. They can be fundamentalists. Muslims and Jews can be fundamentalists. All these are interrelated. This is written in the Books. But this is not the case of Hinduism. When one is worshipping Mahalakshmi (deity, known in the yoga system as the subtle energy of the central channel of evolution), the other is worshipping Renuka Devi (deity). So each family is different. They believe in incarnations and books.

Hindu people respect all the religions. I have seen that the capacity to respect other religions is much more in Hindu peoples. Once we were in one restaurant and there was one Bible kept on table. The bible fell down and we have one Hindu man with us. Immediately he picked up the bible, did Namaskar and kept on the table again. To respect all is the religion of the Hindu.”

War’s Benefits?! Very Interesting

“But this war  (War II)  has taught us a lesson. It has made us more collective, it has made us understand each other, otherwise how do you come out of the ignorance that we are this nationalism, so called patriotism, all these separating forces divisive things?! So clearly we are all human beings and we should be treated as human beings. If you see the history after every war there has been a speedy movement towards knowledge of oneness of the world, it is something like you have in a spacecraft, that a container is built in, one into another and the whole thing comes into a speed some velocity and then the lower container bursts or explodes. When it explodes it gives a higher speed to the rest of it and so the acceleration of the velocity takes place and that’s how one can go into the space.. In the same manner all these horrible things that have happened are explosions which beings you towards knowledge that there’s something wrong with us, we are living with something unreal. Now the problems, today’s problems as they are, like ecology problem, aids, drugs, all these modern problems and poverty, if you see it like a witness you will see these are quite shocking, these are very shocking things and all and these shocking things should really shock our mind, should really shock our mind:’ why we have these problems?!’ But if you understand the human dignity then you have to understand that as a human being we have to take a very positive wise step to stop all the nonsense we have been doing.. May God bless you all. ” (excerpt from Shri Mataji’s Lecture on Paramchaitanya Force, in Germany, Taufkhirhen, 1989-07-19)

Meditation, Yoga and Patriotism?! Find Ultimate Answer & Truth within The Crown Chakra’s Petals .. but we have first to reach there and open it

“They tried everything they thought was good for a particular community, a particular area, a particular country. They talked about it and lots of books came out of it, but instead of all these books creating people of religious, spiritual and a united nature, (instead) created people who were all against each other. Absurd, it’s an absurd thing, but it happened. So all these books that were written, all this knowledge that was given was all misused by human beings, just to get their own power, I should say. So, it was all a power-oriented, also money-oriented game going on. When we see the outcome of all these religions, we feel it’s all empty. They talk of love, they talk of compassion, but it all is for a purpose. It is all a political game sometimes, because they still feel that they should have power, not the spiritual power, but the worldly power, so that they can dominate the whole world. So, this domination started working so much in the human mind that we had lots of wars, killings, all kinds of things.

And when it subsided, I felt that now maybe, opening Sahasrara might help people to see the Truth.” Shri Mataji

Sahasrara -the 7th subtle energy centre known as The Crown chakra

At the level of Sahasrara, you know the Truth. So all kinds of illusions, all kinds of misunderstandings, all kinds of self-imposed ignorance, they all have to disappear, because what you know is the Truth. The Truth is not sharp, it’s not harsh, it is not something which is difficult to assimilate. People thought Truth must be something that would be just very damaging or could be very harsh, could create problems between human beings. It should not have, it should not have, it was not meant to be, but whenever they talked of Truth, the people used it for a wrong purpose. It’s something special about human beings that they start using things for a wrong attitude, for a wrong message and try to use it for their own purpose. It’s such a common thing with human beings that they want to have power over other men. I have seen in my own country when people wanted to have separate nations. Those people who wanted to have separate nations actually did it not to achieve anything great, but just because they can become those people who wanted, few of them, they’ll become something great in their own country. So they never wanted to be in a country where they may not rise to that height. So then they separated those countries and by separating, I have seen, all these countries are suffering, suffering very much; there is no growth, they have financial problems all kinds of problems are there and also the main country is suffering because they have now developed enmity and all this is working out against the main country. So, to have a separatist idea itself is against Sahaj. Say for example a flower growing on the tree looks very nice; it develops there, matures there and it produces seeds also. But supposing you cut the flower and take it away, then what happens? The tree loses the flower, no doubt, but mostly it is the loss of the flower. Now, this they did it all of them and when they did it, you see, what’s the result? People who tried to have their own country, their own domain, they were killed, murdered, abused and some of them are in jail. So the attitude even outside Sahaja Yoga has shown that it doesn’t help. So we must learn to be One. If after Sahaja Yoga, after your realization (the awakening of Kundalini energy), if you do not understand this message that we all have to be one, one single unit, one single body, if we cannot be, if you are identified with other things, then it’s no way you have grown, you have not matured.

But now you have your Sahasrara (chakra) opened..  in the open Sahasrara, Divine is pouring its grace all the time. With that perception, with that, we should say… the nourishing of your Sahasrara, what happens is something really great, one thing happens is that you get detached from yourself, you can see yourself, you can see your past, you can understand yourself, that you have been doing so many wrong things and misunderstanding people. This sometimes takes you too far away from yourself, but once this light comes and the Sahasrara is nourished, in that light you see clearly what wrong you have been doing to yourself. Then, as a person, you can see your faults, but also you see the faults of your society where you live. I have seen immediately after people they get their realization they start telling me: “Mother, I was a Christian, but, see, this is Christianity.” Somebody will say: ‘Mother, I was very patriotic, but I see now what patriotism is.’ Like everybody starts seeing his own background, his own style in which he has lived and just gets out of it and once you are out of it, it’s no more identified with you and it’s such a spontaneous happening.  Meditation is for you to go deep down into yourself, to achieve all that your Sahasrara wants to be, to achieve that height of detachment, of understanding; it’s only through meditation. So, what happens in meditation is that your awareness crosses over Agnya, goes above and is now stationed in the Sahasrara in thoughtless awareness. Then the reality of Sahasrara, the beauty of Sahasrara starts pouring in your own character, in your own temperament. “ (excerpt from a lecture on Sahasrara energy centre, offered by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation)

As promised, about the Video we’ve watched earlier… It contains images from India and the beautiful poem by Rabindranath Tagore (realized soul and poet of genius) on the Music of “Vande Mataram”  which literally means: “I bow to thee, Mother” – this is a poem /  hymn in Sanskrit mixed with Bengali, addressed to the goddess Durga, identified as the national personification of India. It came to be considered the “National Song of India” and it played a part in the Indian independence movement, first sung in a political context by Rabindranath Tagore at the 1896 session of the Indian National Congress (wikipedia source). A while ago I did receive the link to the video from my friend Armaity (India) and it touched me deeply, because I had the revelation that it has the answer to what patriotism as a notion is all about, transcending the “Indian connection”. Though “in there” we encounter snapshots of India’s both troubled and aspirational soul, somehow this video is sending out such a universal message and profound call to everyone’s humanity. Surprisingly, our patriotic chord is specifically the one that resonates profoundly to these vibrations, triggering our heart to embrace the sahaj nuance and quality of universality. Many a times one can feel a wave of ‘patriotism’ in our hearts when another country’s ‘day’ is celebrated or we sense a profound and pure emotion of pride and joy when another person that we love and respect is highly appreciated and honored. This is what we call “sahaj”! Who doesn’t feel immensely moved by the patriotic declarations of Martin Luther King, or who did not feel “belonging there” when the presidential elections came to USA and Barack Obama became the new president?! Who is not moved to the core by experiencing directly the pain as well the aspirations of those patriotic people in the movie Gandhi?! Actually, after starting practicing sahaja yoga meditation one  can feel and enjoy “more” and from “everywhere”,  simply because Sahaja Yoga makes us Universal beings – Whole and One with everything. For instance, ever since I’ve heard “Vande Mataram” for the very first time, without knowing anything about its meaning or significance, just listening to it as a “song”, my Kundalini energy  swiftly  “recognized” it.  It took me by surprise:  my entire being was filled with such waves of elevated emotions,  my heart was like “responding” to the song and Kundalini was taking me far into new areas within the realm of Sahasrara chakra. Anything else?! It’s plainly expressed as a ” T shirt declaration” with Gandhi .. captured by Axinia .. in India .. and again, that is “sahaj”.

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  1. armaity

    Dear Ioana, many thanks for this inter-related compilation on the auspicious occasion of India’s 61st Republic Day today.
    May the vision of our great poet Rabindranath Tagore who has also prophesized about the coming of ‘The Mother’ in one of his songs “Hey moro chitto” be fulfilled soon as our teeming population marches ahead to take their rightful place in the world to spread the message of love and brotherhood to all nations of the world. May the country awake with the inner awakening of its people ! Amen!!

  2. rabi ghosh

    With modernization we are gradually losing our grip on the instinct with which our elder generation used to see every Independence day or Republic Day and rejoice its struggle,victory and glory. Yet the great works of great people cannot go unsung. It still lingers when sung. Needless to say ,it is through like these compilations that makes us so fresh as to be reminded that something great had happened in past…. and we must accept it and respect it, so long we feel our belongingness to our own contry….. and to the nation which has blessed us with this birth in this life.

    Thank you Ioana, your articualted article has been able to acheive and churn that essence with which we feel quite patrotic today . Even if we never knew it, never experienced it, never saw it, never sacrificed anything. We only enjoyed the fruits.

  3. Debbie

    Great articles with so much pure knowledge. Mother’s care for mankind by imparting Sahaja Yoga knowledge to us and opening Sahasrara to show us that which is the truth is an invaluable gift.

    Lots of love always.

    1. adrian

      “where the mind is without fear”… Debbie…you spoke so wonderfully on Wednesday evening… so clear, so simply, so honestly, so easily…

  4. paula

    It’s in the ether! Alot of these subjects were coming up as we were talking on the phone yesterday, and then I opened up this link to the website…thank you for putting the pieces together from an enlightened perspective…definately an “A-HA” moment. The video is profound.

  5. Kruti

    Simply amazing…thank you so much for posting this one.

  6. saroj

    simply elevating experience by going thru your simple and sahaj complilation.keep posting and thanks

  7. ann

    “proud to be privilege citizen by our inner owning-ness of the land where we belong. “ This so resonates in deep connection as I have always had a owning-ness a oneness with the land I was born on in England, a deep love, a deep stirring, a deep drawing me back . I was gifted to be born near Stonehenge where a spiritual connection from ancient man reflects a deep message of our pure connection to divine oneness.

    Love Ann

  8. anaic

    Thank you for this video,I had been looking for such a sweet Vande Mataram since a long time !

  9. Rajendra Tosawar

    Nice description of SELFLESSNESS.Whatever one does selflessly for anyone that´s completely different thing which is actually a good deed as being HER instrument.wonderful and meaningful message from HER.Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Antoinette Wells

    Well chosen topic! Especiallaly at a time of conflict between nations: Israel and Palestine; it is good to revisit the Idea of real Patriotism. Thank you Iona for yet again presenting such a good compilation.

    with love

  11. Elsie Kuly

    An amazing store of knowledge to be studied Much to be learned from this. The video wrapped up world events so clearly and concisely. ” where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way” How appropriate for our world today. The video was a wonderful meditation where the music entered my heart – yes, I felt strong vibrations and played it several times. It left me filled with peace. I will continue to read and absorb more. thanks Ioana

  12. Elsie Kuly

    A great deal of important information contained here. The following, i’m quoting Shri Mataji, leapt out at me. At the level of the Sahasrara you know the Truth. So all kinds of misunderstandings, all kinds of self-imposed ignorance have to disappear. The Truth is not harsh,not damaging to anyone. it has been misunderstood by human beings.

    I always learn something so beneficial to me when I read.

  13. Chandra

    I am going through this second time or so.

    Alas! how much we forget and slip back to old grooves!

    If only we listen to the divine HER and brush off all our ego and superego …… we will be in Heaven.

    I salute you for bringing this up to our attention again and again.

  14. Colleen

    Great video and article. We all need to have peace within before there can be peace on earth. Getting our self-realization and meditating regularly is the best way to get there. After self-realization you become a better version of you, the goodness within you starts to shine!!! The more you *feel* it and *know* the Truth the more you want to share with others and help them find The Truth. 🙂 Thank you for this.

    When I got to the part of the article about the song in the video I thought, I want to hear the song without the video, and at that moment I started to hear music in my head phones, I scrolled up and found the video was playing. Hmmm. JSM

  15. Anjali

    Just read this article in meditation with mom and sister and we truly felt cool vibrations and were easily transported into deep state. Thank you for this gem. All our love.

  16. Kartikeya

    Beautiful article thanks for sharing!

  17. Helen

    ASm so enjoying reading these!!
    Thank you very much!

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