Come to “Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” with Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University – FREE Event on Jan 26

Note: We are happy to announce that the event is sponsored by our non-profit organization, sahaja yoga meditation (click: a highly popular practice in this region), with the best intention of providing, within the Halton community, the most up to date and reliable knowledge related to wellness & meditation.

Let’s introduce our special guest, Dr. Mishra: professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences for McMaster University, as well a Senior Fellowship Honoree with the Ontario mental health Foundation.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation had invited Professor Dr. Mishra for a public lecture with a presentation of the most recent scientific medical research on meditation, as well to share from his own personal experience with the daily practice of sahaja yoga meditation.

The event will include the following:

  • collective meditation experience on live instrumental music; for this spiritual and relaxing moment we have invited our yogi friend Ahilan and his magic Tabla to create the vibrational environment for a spontaneous connection through meditation
  • Q & A session – questions and answers – with Dr. Mishra
  • individual energy workshop on chakras (the subtle energy centres) for everyone interested to try the benefits

Definitely, such an event is Not to be missed!

Halton sahaja yoga meditation seminar at Crawford lake – summer 2010

Feel free to bring or send your friends that would be interested in joining us for this special evening where science, music, spirituality and meditation come together to enlighten and sooth all in One:  mind, body and soul.

When: Wednesday, January 26
Where: Brant Hills Community Centre, Mountainside Room
Time: 7pm- 9pm
Location: 2255 Brant Str, L7R 3Z6,
Burlington (between Upper Middle and Dundas)

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  1. Shashidhar

    I strongly recommend these events – the benefits are beyond the imagination of current ‘scientific’ knowledge. You will experience what it really means to be free of all restrictive shackles – within and without.

    All you need by way of ‘qualifications’ is a positive and open attitude.

  2. Malcolm

    This sounds very interesting. Please let us all know how the event went. Good luck.

  3. rabi ghosh

    I think if I am not wrong in my guess then reference of Dr. Misra and his works has been documented in several earlier Sahaja publications, who probabaly helped establish the fact that Shri Mataji once revealed in Her holy lecture that carbon symbolise the Shri Ganesha element and can be proved through its atomic configuration and valency bonding structure also. Later, Prof. Misra’s research helped in proving the fact and established in science in demonstrating the phenomenon visually in three dimensional atomic structure of the ‘carbon bonding’ – that it really existed as a fact. This has reference in Prof. UC Rai’s Medical enlightened book revealing the Swastika, cross and the the Omkar from different angles.

    Its really great to have his lecture session.

  4. Ronald

    The event sounds great! If I would live in America i would definetely like to come

  5. Elsie

    How fortunate for our Yoga group to have Dr. Mishra with his knowledge and experience giving a lecture on the health benefits of meditation.

    It would be so appreciated if highlights from this lecture would be written so that those of us who were unable to attend would get the latest information.

  6. Rucheka

    Would have loved to attend this seminar if only it was in Brussles!
    Would be grateful if I could get the highlights to present to a group of teachers in an international English speaking School where we are currently doing programmes for the parents.

  7. adrian

    A wonderful evening with Dr. Mishra…
    It was so interesting that he first spoke about the importance of belief… and then to marry that with the clinical outcomes of his medical work.

    I feel the surface is only being scratched… both for the importance of simple and profound belief, and the less so and yet important findings of science.

    I sense that science will find the answers they are looking for in the Power of Belief.

  8. Helen

    The evening was relaxing and informative at the same time. No effort at all was needed to connect with the richness of what was shared.

    The beginning introduction about SY and the personal experience, so openly related, was a joy to listen to and the music filled my heart with the beat of Mother Earth.

    Genuine love flowed and the humour was so nourishing.

    Thank you all for the gift that evening. Thank you all for making it a wonderful reality.

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