How to Meditate in the Evening? Evening Meditation Exercise & Experience with Planet Earth’s Images from Space & Advise of Surrender & Devotion to Reach the Depth & the Ascent in Yoga

“After this comes the Evening Meditation.

It is for the Surrender. Then comes the question that how you are surrendered.. means what have you done for Sahaja Yoga. ‘What have I done today for Sahaj Yoga ?!’ By body, mind and intellect…”

“There is one blind singer who is very famous. He is very intelligent but I don’t know whether he is literate or not. I don’t know how he could read so much with his blind eyes. He met me only three or four times. Such a beautiful poetry started flowing through him, he just went to his Depth. How could such poetries flow from his heart? Such kind of things which are not even written in the thousand names of Devi were flowing. That too, exact. How could he describe it? So, his depth was already there as you all have,

But he dived into it. “

“He achieved it. He reached there.Every one has this wealth. Now, each one of you can achieve that depth. Therefore, the Evening Meditation should be towards Outside.

“It means, what have I done for others? What have I done for Mother (it’s about the motherly Kundalini energy)? All these thoughts should come to you. When you will think like this then you must understand how much they love me? How much love did they give me? Have I given the same love to them? How much they are sincere towards me? How much they are sincere to me? Have I been same sincere to them? When you will think like this then the joy will start flowing within you by feeling that you loved so much. Instead of wasting your time by getting angry, reacting, arguing and watching the faults of others, you must see that how much they loved you. In our sahaja yoga the love is very pure. There should be no impurity in this love, the love which is impure is not the love of sahaj. It should be completely without expectations. Whom have I given such love? When you will think like this that I love so much’ then you will be filled with joy. You won’t enjoy at all if keep on saying or thinking that ‘I hate them’ or ‘he is like this or that’,’ he is bad’ etc.

You enjoy only when you think that: the Revolution of Love around you.”

Very beautiful feeling comes within you at that time and this beautiful feeling is like a Inspiration. It is very difficult to describe it but you can see its glimpse on your face. On your whole body you can see glimpse of it. In your married life you can see it. You can also see it in the atmosphere and society around you. Therefore, it is important for every one to meditate both the times. One or two days you did not eat, no problem. You did not relax properly, no problem. But, Sahaja Yogis must meditate. It is because only in meditation you will achieve it.”

“So, if we say that Morning meditation is of Inner Knowledge

then Evening Meditation is of Devotion and Surrender.”

“Like this when you will keep on establishing yourself then you will understand your importance. How much you are important in the history. This all great work which is happening in Sahaj Yoga will be done through you all. Don’t compare yourself with others. Those people who are very famous, rich and living in big houses are not going to work it out. Coward people are also not going to work it out. But, you have to become like that. People used to go to Himalayas and one out of thousands used to get his self realization and others used to remain useless. They went through great penance. You all don’t have to go to penance. Neither you have to go Himalayas… You can reach that state very easily. It is not at all difficult, it is not impossible. Only we have to give little time to ourselves.”

“Whole time we spend on stupid things, but little time we should give to ourselves too. Every Day we must Meditate in the Morning and Evening. If you could not then you should not think that: ‘Oh! I did a very big mistake.’ It is not like that if you could not meditate. This all what I am saying to you is not like an order but it is the matter of your wisdom. It is because I come to know immediately that who is meditating every day and who all are not, immediately! Because if you wash a cloth every day, it will remain clean, how could it catch the dust? And those who don’t meditate, I can see their dirt immediately. Many people get several impurities even by not meditating two or four days. So, this is like taking bath. “ “Even if you don’t take bath it doesn’t matter but you must meditate. For your own peace, for your own joy, for your own happiness, for your own benevolence and for the benevolence of whole World, you have to meditate. If we love ourselves then we should know our importance and that how much dignified we are and what kind of work do we get from others.

I hope that after listening this lecture of mine, you all will think over it and take it within.”

“It should not be that I have said so, ‘Shri Mataji has said it’. Then they imply my speech on others and think that it is said for them and never think that it is said for Self.

So everyone must think that it is said for him/her and not for anyone else and

How I should ascend ?! …

How I have to Grow and Mature in Sahaja Yoga?!’

May God bless you all !”

(All the phrases above represent an excerpt from Shri Mataji’s lecture on the Importance of Meditation, on 27/11/91 in Delhi, India; this article was first inspired by the beautiful images with Planet Earth sent to us by Jayanthi, a dear friend from Oakville meditation class – the images were captured by the astronauts and posted with such sahaj hearts and understanding.. check the source here: ; I’ve felt that we can all enjoy the state of meditation while watching, reading, absorbing, reflecting on the Text and Images shared within this article; also images from other dear friends, Omar from Toronto and Axinia from Vienna were ‘invited’ to contribute to our on-line Meditation, so we remain in a Friends and Sahaj Family environment)

Kids (5 years & 7 years) Leading a Morning Meditation with Singing Mantras

A VIDEO Morning Meditation with Starlings Flying & Extraordinary Sea Rose on Divine Music

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  1. Pramod Singh

    Very beautiful, I was looking for the sayings of Sri Mataji about Morning and Evening meditation..!


  2. abhay

    it mtivated me for meditation as m nt doing evening meditation but was thinking to do it eve also so this really helped . i.e by motivating me more

  3. Debbie

    Meditation is something that has to come naturally to all of us – it cannot be done mechanically. We must have this deep feeling and desire. Once we are there, the benefits are endless.

    Lots of love always.

    1. adrian

      It always does when we…”let go”… and then we feel… “light”… because we are enveloped in our own LIGHT.

      Just BE.

      1. adrian

        Just Be… Courageous.

  4. Rucheka

    Got me back on track after skipping three days of evening meditation but more importantly reminded me of my own worth in such a beautiful way.

  5. Lilli

    I move this way and that, I list.

    I am one who is struggling with this, perhaps my conditioning, my intellect. No, much worse, my suspicions ..

    But that which I know, I know. And the people that I have met with and spoken with and eaten with are a tremendous testimony of something which surely at core is a good thing.

    And so from a desert I am trying to crank myself into gear. I have found this article very helpful. I believe I will try my best to do this meditation morning and evening. And then. And only then. Can I find out if it is what others tell me it is.

    So, I thank the sender and I thank the Source.


  6. Clare

    Who has done the beautiful artwork you have used please, and what is its source.

  7. Anja

    Thank you so much for reminder 🙂 Really I was needed this “kick” for the morning meditation! I always in hurry to get to work or take bath ! But now I will just have maditation first 🙂

    Thanks it was really helpful and a wonderful way of support 🙂

  8. Peter

    Just what I needed today – a reminder to keep my heart filled with love. Thank you for the constant inspiration Ioana.

  9. paula

    I was watching a talk recorded about 20 years ago in February of 2012. I started thinking, I better shut the alarm of my cell phone so it doesn’t disturb anyone listening to the talk, but it was across the gymnasium. The moment I stood up, thinking I was being discreet, back of the room, no one will notice, Shri Mataji appearing larger than life on the screen, stopped her talk and exclaimed “sit down”…”you need to sit down and listen to what I am saying right now”…I was startled, and then I sat back down and laughed quietly with Abi…so above when Shri Mataji says…

    “It should not be that I have said so, ‘Shri Mataji has said it’. Then they imply my speech on others and think that it is said for them and never think that it is said for Self.

    So everyone must think that it is said for him/her and not for anyone else and

    How I should ascend ?!”…

    At that moment, I felt that although the talk was recorded many years ago, that it exactly spoke to me. I was not in the present, I was distracted, I was not absorbing an important talk…the message was exactly for me! I am reminded to “look in the mirror” and see what kind of yoga student I am, and walk the path, not just talk the path…and sit down and meditate. Thank you for re-sending this article, I don’t know how I have missed it!

  10. Colleen

    Thank you so much Ioana for posting this. I have been meditating regularly in the evenings since finding Sahaja Yoga, I have been regularly meditating in the mornings for almost two months now, and I have found a HUGE shift in myself since starting the morning meditations. I think this quote “Morning meditation is of Inner Knowledge, Then Evening Meditation is of Devotion and Surrender” is the reason why!!! I seem to have had a lot more *insights* within myself since starting the morning meditations. Thank you.

  11. Jayanthi

    It’s so beautifully explained every aspect of Sahaj Yoga, while writing this I can feel that my Sahasrara is wide open and the vibrations are so strong. The pictures and the essence go so well to understand and go beyond physical aspect of our being, let’s try one step at a time, I believe that we can achieve everything when we go beyond Physical dimension.

  12. shey

    morning and evening meditation is mine best
    practical friend and the best path for all yogis

  13. Jolanta

    Beautiful(ly illustrated) article! Thank you

  14. Jolanta

    I am very grateful for the on-line evening meditation during this “social distancing” time. It is amazing that such deep connection in ether can be created and sustained through the practice of Sahaja Yoga.

  15. Helen

    So grateful for these reminders to meditate ad where to keep the attention. So vital and important, Thank you

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