Rajinee – My journey from Being Afraid of the “G” Word to Finding God as per Confucius

Until my mid-thirties, I was so afraid of the “G” word.  I would avoid places, people or anything associated with that word.  You may be wondering what that word is, it is GOD.  Surely, I don’t consider myself anti-God or close-minded, but something about that word made me want to run away from it.  Can you blame me?  So many atrocities have taken place in the name of God, killing, conquering, segregating, and silencing those who didn’t fit into the box that the status quo defined as God worthy.

For thousands of years, God has been used as a political, social and economic means to suppress the masses.  In His name, so many are profiting from, dying, or being kept in line.  No wonder I didn’t want to be associated with such a God, a man-made God, a God created from the egotistical mind of mankind.

Still, there was a longing within me that wanted to connect to something, to something that I felt severed from.  This feeling of belonging to something greater than myself I have had all my life, even as a child I felt the loss of being connected to something greater. I had no words for it. As time went by, a new concept entered my vocab, “Universal Energy.”   I felt comfortable using that word. It didn’t belong to any organized religion, it didn’t require any blind faith, and the thing that attracted me most to it is that it could be felt or used by anyone.  It felt good to have a word that I could use, to describe the connectivity I felt to something.  I still refused to use the “G” word, it would take a long journey of finding myself before I could find God.

One day, randomly searching up meditation on my computer, I came across, Sahaja Yoga meditation, and as they say, the rest is history.  By practicing this type of meditation, a force was awakened within me that completely transformed me.  This was not an overnight process or a quick fix type of meditation, it’s a lifelong journey and in my fifth year on this journey, this is what my truth is so far.

God is not an entity that belongs to a specific group, God resides within me, within you, and within all of us.  This was my “aha” moment. We all seek God from the outside, either through a third-party, going to a place of worship, or following all kinds of rituals, when the truth is God can be found within you.  Once I came to this realization, I knew that my body and mind is a sacred place, and this is how the transformation began.  When I realized that my body houses God, my entire Being became aware of what enters it. Nothing is consumed that is harmful, thoughts are always filled with compassion, my eyes only divert to beauty, my ears only hear the truth, and my tongue that utters His name, will not be used to spread hatred.

On my ongoing journey to finding myself, I have found God, and I am proud to say His name because when I speak of Him, I am speaking of my True-Self, I am a part of Him and He’s a part of me.

photo by Paula from Burlington sahaja yoga meditation class

Awakening that force within me and not being afraid to call it GOD, has been the greatest treasure in my life.  This innate energy resides in our sacrum bone and is known as the Kundalini, it is a gentle feminine energy that resides in all human beings in a dormant state.  The awakening of this energy is called self-realization.  When this flow of energy circulates within you, it cleanses one, and one start experiencing an inborn sense of righteousness, an internal moral code of conduct starts manifesting itself within one.  Meditating daily has allowed me over time to create an inbuilt religion within me, a religion in which I don’t need a third party to communicate with God, but where I am in direct contact with the Divine.  The Prophet Mohammed has prophesized that at the time of Judgement our hands shall speak, this is a tangible experience with Sahaja Yoga meditation.  When you get your self-realization, you develop a new sense of awareness, known as vibrational awareness, in which your hands either emit a cool, warm or hot breeze and with this new awareness you become conscious of the absolute truth, and integrated with the collective consciousness.

Confucius describes my journey beautifully, “What the superior man seeks is in himself, what the small man seeks is in others.

Rajinee lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; she contacted us a few months back when we launched our “SYMN – Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network ONLINE sessions”; after joining one of our Online Classes her feedback was that “vibrations were amazing” and expressed her desire to join also our going deeper online sessions; the rest is history – using her words 🙂

Feedback Letter from Rajinee about “How Sahaja Works things out to De-condition, Better One-Self and Meditate in the Morning” with Online SYMN

Dear Ioana –
We are truly grateful for the morning online meditations sessions.  I just wanted to share how Sahaja yoga has worked things out so miraculously out for us. I have been working on getting over my conditioning of not being able to wake up early and meditate.  I started setting my alarm to wake up before sunrise and found it very difficult to get up every morning, it felt like a chore.  A few days into trying this, the Halton/Niagara meditation website just popped up while I was doing an internet search for something completely other than meditation:),  as if Mataji was sending me the support I need to better myself 🙂
Since I have joined your morning sessions getting up early is so easy, I actually look forward to getting up at 4:30 am (Saskatchewan time) to meditate with your collective, and I can feel all the benefits of early meditation that Mataji spoke of so many times.  
I also apologize for not participating in the morning session chats, it’s because it’s so early here and if my little guy hears my voice he will get up full of his amazing energy and be ready to wake up everyone in our home:)
Once again thank you for spreading Mataji’s love and compassion.

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  1. Anjali

    Dear Rajinee, all of what you said resonated so much with me. Although I was never afraid of the word God but I felt very sad about people being killed and conditioned in the name of God. Someone mentioned on the phone yesterday that we are so lucky to be in times where we got our self realization and to know the source, Shri Mataji so closely through our connection. I heard you one time expressing your joy on one of the online meditations and felt like you are my sister, part of our beautiful sahaja family and I wanted to know more about you..and here it is this article of your journey…thank you for sharing with us. Hope to hear more from and about you. Amazing you join us so early at 4 30 am.
    A very happy mother s day my dear sister. I started my morning reading your testimony while I am still in bed. Beautiful way to start this special day for sure..

  2. Kruti

    What a beautiful testimony, it touched my heart. So many amazing seekers we are in this world, and we are surely becoming connected. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Rajinee

      Dear Anjali, thank you so much for your sweet reply:) It made me tear up, it’s amazing how we, Shri Mataji’s children can feel so connected to each other. As I was reading your response my heart also recognized you as my sister, and I felt so connected to the whole.

    2. Rajinee

      Dear Kruti,
      Thank you! I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey with all of you.

  3. Jane

    The picture is so cute and sweet. It just opens the heart. Lovely testimony. The final quote is perfect to ponder on. Just lovely. Thank you.

  4. Parthiv

    Just surrender completely to the Lotus Feet and attain the witness state
    No fear or doubt will ever come near you
    Everything will be taken care by Divine blessings and Nirmal love

  5. Jolanta

    Dear Rajinee,
    Thank you for sharing your journey which so eloquently summarizes some of the main reasons why I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga. Of course there are differences in the details of our life journeys but reading your paragraphs was a great reminder of what drew me to Shri Mataji’s teachings in the first place.

  6. Niti

    What a beautiful testimony so much encouraging .I totally agreed with you
    Before coming to sahajyoga the word God is very confusing for me also and i found that how much people hate to each other on the name of religion thanks to Shri mataji who clear our misconception and conditionings about religion and brought us on peace.

  7. Paula

    I feel your depth so much! I can really relate profoundly to your experience and journey. I only sought emotional balance because I was also not sure exactly what I was seeking. But I knew that sometimes life had so many amazing coincidences, that how could we not understand that there is something higher, somewhat taking care of us? It was the low points that made me introspective about how to build myself back up.
    From the achievement of emotional balance, my gratitude and perserverance through this yogic journey continues to amaze me. I love to see others transform as it proves to me that this can evolve anyone for the better. It starts with an ignition point.

  8. Aldo

    Dear Rajinee, your testimony is so beautiful and inspiring, I felt your story as if it was my own. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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