Meditate on Why Human Beings have to become a Bee

Let’s Meditate on this Theme: “Why Human Beings have to become a Bee”

Photo by Ioana P. of a Goldenrod flower during a seminar with Halton Sahaja Yogis in the Royal Botanical Gardens (2021)

This Article will provide you with the “Know How” shared in Wise Quotes and Video Clips enhanced with Beautiful Flowers and Symbols

The Theme is “Why Human Beings have to become a Bee”! Let’s dive into it!

The positivity is going to win over through the system of Sahaja Yoga, which I have discovered. Actually, I have not discovered it; it was there but I did not know about it, how it works. The blossom time is there, so many flowers and the bees have to just hover around to transform them into fruits.

The whole thing is going to be planned and worked out by the Supreme. And I am sure of this; that this age of struggle and confusion will end. But please do not sit on the fence. You have to get your Self-Realization. Do not sit on the fence, [then] You are doing the greatest offence not only to yourself but also to society, to the entire evolutionary method. The Blossom Time has come .. Because I know that I can give en-masse Realization to you all, and the source of that Divine can be brought to your own beautiful being. 

So the symbols that are not abstract are also suggestive of the abstract – like the flowers are suggestive of the honey. But you have to be the bee; no use talking about the flowers or the honey. In the modern age, the discovery was complete because I was bent upon it. First time in my all lives, I have felt the need and I have worked it out… I found out this method of Sahaja Yoga, where the Kundalini (energy) rises in the centre and breaks your Sahasrara (crown chakra). And I went to many people ..  “

March 24, 1973 Lecture at Cowasji Jehangir Hall in Bombay, India Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – The founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Who is a Bee? The GURU!

Let’s enjoy some sahaj knowledge in this article; we already learn at our classes that sahaja yoga meditation is a System of Nature.  Recently I’ve been to a Pow-Wow in Halton, just before Thanksgiving  and there were stories and explanations coming from a respected First Nations chief. What really I had felt so inspiring and sahaj was him mentioning that in his Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) tradition, the children were not taught the lessons of life with many words; nor with books. Their parents will take them into Nature, outside the village and ask them to watch what animals will do for hours all together. Then they’ll discuss the observations and draw conclusions that will stay with those children forever.  All the details one child will watch, pay attention to, meditate on and understand.; the very core of it. Realize and actualize it. Realize the plan of God with that particular corner of life; its relations; its (inter) dependencies. So children will easily apply the knowledge gained this way along their own path of life. I loved the excerpts below because with simple words and examples Shri Mataji is taking us on a stroll into the Garden of Chakras and we’re learning about the rulers  (deities/divine energies) that empower these flower-lotus like energy centres. Below we’ll also compare the Natural Beauty with the Artificial Beauty – both beautiful. But it takes a Bee to stick with the one that is Real, find its Nectar and further share it.

‘So today I have tried to explain to you the different stages of Guru-Pada = the state of guru.

And one should understand that whatever we are today, we are extremely blessed and fortunate. That in this short time, you started from a scratch in the mud, and you have become the lotuses. The lotus will invite many insects.. by its honey, nectar, and will convert them into lotuses. When they get the nectar, they become themselves the lotuses.

white-lotus-and-bee- Photo by Alvin- used with his permission

The whole filthy, dirty pond is covered with lotus flowers, and one lotus who is the Guru grows higher, and then it is given to the Goddess on which (lotus) She resides.

She resides in the heart on the platform, beautiful platform that this lotus has created. But to bear Her on your heart, you have to have a heart. There are so many qualities of a Guru, which I have told you. All the best qualities, the twelve qualities of all the signs, should be completely manifested in a guru. And the owner of of those qualities is Shri Shiva (the divine principle representing the Spirit in our heart / Left heart Chakra). So that is how the essence of Shiva-out of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha (Shiva), the Mahesha’s qualities should shine through you.

The Vishnu’s quality of Dharma, first you have to make an effort to be dharmic, to be balanced. Then you ascend.

Then you become one with the Virata (Cosmical Being). And then you can give Dharma (the built-in religion/righteousness/moral conduct) to others. So one has to know that stage by stage it happens to you and you do not became a hypocrite. But you become Real. And reality is shown by its own ‘being’.

That is how you become. So understand the reality within yourself, face it, solve it. But mostly I have seen when I tell anybody (about this, they’ll answer): “No, Mother I am not like that, no Mother, I didn’t say like that, that is not true”.

Some such people could try to sit at the front or sort of try to show off. But that is not important.

What is important is how much you know yourself, it is Self-Realization. Once you develop that, then you know others in a real way, and not artificially, and then the enjoyment is complete.

Like a bee will never go to an artificial flower.

hand-made-lotus1 - Photograph by Alvin with his permission

‘But human beings have to become (like) a Bee. The Guru does not need to say that he is the Guru.’

Today I bless you. I have completed the twelve years of Guru, and you should really assume the Shiva powers within yourself. .. My body, my mind, my heart, everything, has spared no efforts to completely indulge into this cleansing, into this making, into this becoming of you all. I request you now that, please do not waste my efforts. Look at yourself, help yourself and try to rise higher and higher, become your Self. When you become your Self, then you become the Guru. And once you become the Guru, you become Brahmadeva, Mahesha (Shri Shiva) and Vishnu. So first you are made in the pattern of Ganesha, then Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. But very much depends on your readiness, to do it and most of all on your honesty and sincerity. I hope Shri Ganesha will give you the Wisdom to understand, the Shakti (the Goddess) will give you Shakti (Power) to work hard, and Shiva will give you Joy .. so that you will proceed in your establishment.

May God bless you all.”

(excerpt from 1984 Talk in England – Shri Mataji )

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article! Many thanks again to Alvin for his amazing photographs.

Bee in a Sunflower (video)

Bee in a Goldenrod flower (video)


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  1. armaity

    Wonderful excerpts compilation with beautiful images !! Yes, I always believed that unless and until you “become” your ideal, it is better to keep quiet, introspect, fight your enemies within. I could never compromise and pay lip service compliments for getting cheap popularity or just to please someone when you feel otherwise. And it is such a deep heartfelt and experienced happiness when you know you have become an ideal and you feel from your heart for others !! I suppose that is real Gurupada we have to all aim to achieve and grow deeper and deeper into it.

  2. rabi

    Dear Ioana,

    I really love the concept. A complete bliss where you get closer to lotuses and enjoy the fragrance without much discremination. Objective is so focused and clearity that whatever you do is to collect the nectar so that everyone of us could enjoy the sweetness and the bliss.

    A beautiful commentary with amazing and revealing images that takes you to the lotuses to encounter the ocean of honey- the nectar (bliss of life) and make us feel its taste by ‘being with the bees’.

    Such a delicate expression with such simplicity to attain and become Master with in by becoming that. Wonderful

  3. Raj

    Thank you Shree Mataji for giving us the instrument to identify and correct ourselves in the most honourable way we can and for giving us these fountains of truth that soaks our being with Your Divine Love and desire to reach the ultimate state of being one with the Divine!
    Thank You Shree Mataji for bestowing upon us the greatest wealth we could ever hope to receive-our Self Realisation!

  4. Edword

    from now on I’ll be paying specially close attention to the birds and squirrels in our back yard (and to the activities in my chakras! 😉

  5. ene garva

    Mother words- so simple ,so loving.

  6. Greta More

    “…a stroll into the Garden of Charkras and learning about the rulers – the deities/divine energies…” beautifully put and beautifully illustrated.

  7. adrian

    My comment is in reference to the following quote about Iroquois children… “The children were not taught the lessons of life”…

    These children learn easily when they are surrounded by nature… they seem to know, in fact they do know without knowing that they do… that is why it is so easy for them to understand when they are outdoors and connected with nature. They have an understanding that has not yet been lost, the reason I believe this to be so… is that they have not yet forgotten, they are pure. Everything that we need to know is already in place when we arrive… as parents, the Iroquois understand this, so all they need to do is to allow their children to experience nature… That is the only teaching that is required… one could say that is very Sahaj.

    As parents we could learn much from our own children just by creating opportunities for experiencing… and then to engage them in conversation if they want to express and ask.

  8. ashok kumar misra

    yet another impressive compilation!

    true, we should understand ourself, help our selves and work hard.

  9. Grisel Pérez

    The text ist realy beutiful and great, at the moment i have a problem with my mother because she thinks somethings abouth me ..her works hurt me and hurt my soul too. But this works gave me a Hope.
    thank you

    1. adrian

      you too are beautiful and great… that is all you need to remember… desist from thinking you have to defend yourself or that you need to meet someone else’s expectations. There is no love in expectation and there is no expectation in love.

      “Just be”… “like the lotus”.

  10. Col.(Retd.)Sasanka Shekhar Swain


    Dear family,
    Being a part of the Sahaj family, is beautiful.It gives a wealth of support, news of our ‘roots’.
    And, the best part of it is that we are in the ‘collective’ consciousness, becoming a part of the Virata…
    Thanks to our Mother,our Guru,Shri Mataji.
    -Shekhar &

  11. jose

    Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

  12. Xbox 360 Fan

    Cheers for the great page – I loved reading it! I always love reading your blog. 🙂

  13. harry eldridge

    I love this connection with the bee. What a sacred creature!

  14. ornella

    Astonishing beautiful picture!
    The lotus is the guru and human being as to be like the bee, that suck the nectar (the essence of truth) of the flower and transforms the nectar in to honey that means human being has to transforms them-self and became a giving personality sweet like a honey. Any insect can take the nectar but only the bee transform it into honey. So the artificial flower is the hypocrisy on which do not allowed to become real lotus real flower real gurus.

  15. Rajendra Tosawar

    Honey is by product of bee and easy to digest for consumer without any side effect.In the same way Shri Mataji (GURU) has made for us very simple and direct.

  16. Latoyia Honig

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Appreciate it!

  17. Information

    I just like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check once more here regularly. I’m fairly sure I’ll be told a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  18. Karen

    That saying ‘Stop to smell the roses’ this beautiful composition reminds me of those exact words. Thank you Shree Mataji for showing us that life can be blissful we just have to become aware of our inner peace.

  19. Jolanta

    I was not fortunate enough to meet Shri Mataji in person. I am very grateful for discovering the information about Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga (in this crazy world)…and this website.

  20. Jolanta

    The cultural genocide that the governments (not only Canadian) committed against the First Nations was only exposed recently.
    Shri Mataji came to this world so all people who learn about Sahaja Yoga have this opportunity to clear themselves through Kundalini awakening, introspection, and regular meditation.
    Jai Shri Mataji!

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