Face to Face with Carl Gustav Jung about Self-Realization with Kundalini as Tape recoder

carl-jungCarl Gustav Jung:

“The universal principle is even into the smallest particle, which therefore, correspond to the whole”.

It is a bit sad or even weird, but not many people know about Jung and the crucial role he played. Nowadays everyone (and from everywhere!) knows more about Paris Hilton rather than about those people that really changed the history or influenced it in ways that actually affect everyone (and from everywhere).

In Sahaja Yoga there is a consensus about the magnitude of Jung’s position that he achieved both on personal level – here we talk about his spirituality – as well as a scientist and even like a modern prophet/visionary.

This article is only an invitation to discover Jung by yourself .. as well to reveal that in essence Jung was already walking on the Sahaj Path and this is again a statement that hopefully you’ll agree with by the end of this blog entry.

Let’s listen to Jung’s sahaj words:

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.”

and to the clues coming from the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation, about Kundalini as the Source for Dreams:

Kundalini as tape recorder

The dreams come to you from the Kundalini itself, in a way. So what happens, the Kundalini is not connected on the central path, but it is the record, is all our past, all our record is in there, like a tape recorder has a tape, it is there. And what happens .. when you go very deep into Sushupti, that’s the stage they call it, very deep into you, then the symbolism comes through that down below and passes through that blue line [Ida nadi /the left channel of the past and emotional side] into your brain and that’s how you start seeing the dreams. But when you are passing through that you see, you pass through all your subconscious area, so the dreams get distorted, they get a funny symbolism. Sometimes you don’t understand what’s happening, it becomes a sort of a mixed up expression and on that to depend may not be so much good. Instead of that we must get the reality. The reality is that you become collectively conscious and you develop this vibratory awareness by which you can feel the All Pervading Power.

Shri Mataji, Talk to the C.J.Jung Society, New York, September 1983

No doubt that Jung was a Realized Soul – he was connected to his Kundalini energy and had full access to that “tape recorder”‘s wealth of knowledge that was pouring directly from the Source and was filtered through his awareness; hence his life was nourished by this spontaneous (sahaj!) connection and luckily for us, because he was a brilliant scientist, the humanity benefited from the inspiration that guided his scientific work .

Jung himself was mentioning:

“Follow that will and that way which experience confirms to be your own.”

Enjoy the following video, “Face to Face” (Interview with Jung 1959)  where Jung talks about his experience of recognizing the self at 11 years of age.

Face to Face – Interview with Carl Gustav Jung

Oh, and the passion, the courage , the determination intertwined with an unusual intuition that he trusted and followed with such a lucid mind .. and most of everything the sincerity that he brought into the world of research and science exploration represented a successful recipe in capturing the truth on the most ilusive field: the human psyche.

What is specific to a Self Realized personality – this can be noticed at others like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Einstein, Mozart, Newton – is: the natural interest for life in its all aspects; also the ability to trace connections and to listen well to that inner voice of Intuition; and ultimately the genuine talent in realizing the integration between so far fetched fields of knowledge and creativity that in their times was almost prohibited by the human mind.

For those that enjoy sahaja yoga practise, Jung is so easy to be understood and recognized as a fellow seeker that had achieved actually a high level of yoga in his awareness. What is amazing is that he had no external guide nor people that would share his inner world of feelings and vision. He was alone and he felt alone and acknowledged it. Despite all odds he continued to walk firmly on his lonely path and did complete his Personal Legend.

He was bringing Agnya chakra’s world as well the Deities (as Archetyps), Subconscious and Supra conscious in the attention of the scientific world and he was one of the first to openly contest Freud (quite courageous at that time as Freud was revered both by scientists and ordinary people!) .. So many things to say about Jung..

Definitely the best is to know about Jung’s inner world ..from Jung himself and he wrote many books with shocking sincerity and openness (again similar to another great soul: Mahatma Gandhi); yes, we forgot to say that the Introspection is another “forte” in these truly enlightened souls.

One very interesting article that is a sort of “all-in-one” about Jung you can find here:


Definitely Jung is a living proof that Kundalini is the most powerful energy that one can have as both guide and ally and it does lead – when carefully listen and trustfully followed – to one’s wholeness.
For those of us that have loved reading his books and also listening to him and getting the real feeling of “knowing” Jung , there is this lasting joy that he is an accessible spiritual friend that is no more lonely.

** Let’s hear if you’d like to be part of this project (or simply to participate) : there is a strong intention to provide a Special Event dedicated to Jung sometime this year, either at Burlington or at the Oakville Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes where we can dive deeper in this fascinating subject.
** Shri Mataji was actually invited to talk to the Jungian Society in New York in 1983 and through her gnostic knowledge we may learn interesting “off record” facts about Jung’s life , his spiritual awakening and connection and we can share some of these jewels during this special event.

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  1. Atma Sakshat

    Our mother kundalini always takes care of us. Sometimes she guides us through vibrations, other times it can be through meditation and introspection. And yet, she is so gentle and loving, she can even reach us in our dreams where we are our most innocent.

    It was November 2008, and my meditations were really deep. I’m fully aware that I am the spirit, but this ego was searching for something more. It is the love that we have that propels us to grow and find new ways to share that love. For sure, I was a bit unclear on how to do it. Then one night I had a dream.

    I dreamt i was playing a big flute, but i was blowing into it and nothing was coming out. I really had a strong desire to hear its music, and was becoming heart broken when i didnt hear any music even though i was trying so hard. Then i heard a voice tell me “try a smaller one”

    So I went and got a flute about half the size of the other one. as soon as i touched it to my lips music started flowing out of is so beautifully. even beautiful colors of the rainbow were gushing out the end of it and filling the atmosphere. and playing it was so effortless compared to the larger one.

    For me,the message of the dream is that the love we share with one another should always be our “own”, and come from our hearts.

    Dont be afraid to “Become your own spirit” regardless of what environment you live/work/play in.

    Our mother kundalini is the one that will work everything out.

    1. Monica

      Oh thank you for sharing this beautiful story 🙂

    2. Rosalie Nickerson

      Such a wise story
      Thank you

  2. adrian kraayeveld

    Interesting that I should come by this response at a time when I needed to make a correction in my own path of experience… This has to do with our “intuition at work”… our “kundalini” at work to show us “love”.
    I was playing scrabble with my mom… we each picked a letter to see who would start first. My mom picked a “D”, and I an “G”… I asked my mom what word came to mind from these two letters… she came up with some long word… I told her I saw the word “GOD”.
    We then chose our letters to begin our game… from my letters I saw immediately the possibility for the word “Given”, which I made on my turn. The next word I made was the “Gift”…

    I said to my mom… “it is NOT a coincidence that the first three words I saw were… “GOD GIVEN GIFT”… This was my “intuition at work”… our Kundalini.


  3. Chandra Sekhar

    Yes Ioana, I am interested to explore and learn more about this great soul.

  4. Hitesh

    I hear the “Red Book” of Jung’s greatest works is out. Has anyone read it?

  5. ann

    Yes dearest Ioana I so love to experience more sahaja connection and Jung as for me I fell in love so to speak with his beautiful soul and amasing innosence long ago.

    Love Ann

  6. adrian

    “On dreams and Archetypes”… there is another wonderful author who is herself a Jungian psychologist. Her name is Clarissa Estes… She has written a book called “Women Who Run With the Wolves”… I would highly recommend this enlightening read.

    1. Stefan

      Carefull. Clarissa Estes has views which are not compatible with sahaja yoga. Just use your deeper insight, or your vibrational awareness.

  7. Shashidhar

    The interviewer asks Jung whether he believes in God. The gist of Jung’s reply is ‘I know’ and that there is no question of ‘believing… What a blessed soul!

    Jung’s experience (at a young age) of ‘consciousness’ is similar to that of Tagore (‘Lectures and Readings of Tagore’). This is actualization and these great souls had the wisdom to value it.

    This article has provoked me to learn more about Jung.

    As always, thank you!

  8. Patrick

    would love to hear more about Jung

    thank you

  9. adrian

    A message for Paula

    The company our Daughter dances for is “Dancemakers”… the event begins on the 6th and goes to the 17th… at the Dancemakers Studio at the Distillary.


  10. Antoinette Wells

    Great Iona! that you posted a whole blog on my favourite psychologist. I am cherishing that he is also a realised soul. Hid depth and the vastness of his knowledge is such that he is a rare on from whom I can draw from when I work with patients who suffered traumas. Thank you and best wishes.

  11. paula

    My philosophy class at York University had us studying Jung 24 years ago. I remember thinking of the examples given to prove that there actually was a collective consciousness pushing humanity as a whole, forward. I thought this was a very cool thing, the proof that there was something else we were all connected to…as Shri Mataji has said “the divine mains.” As of 4 years ago, I continue my education and making the connections through the wisdom of vibrations and expanding my awareness journeying through philosophy, art, science, poetry, and travelling. Each experience enriches my awareness and I am reminded to enjoy each moment in the present.

  12. Colleen Burgess

    I remember watching this video a couple of years ago. My favourite part is when the interviewer asks him if he believes in God now and he had a hard time answering it, but then he says “I know, I don’t need to believe, I know”. I find that very profound. Thank you for this reminder!! I am looking forward to reading the “all-in-one” article when I have more time. Thank you.

  13. Helen

    So interesting to be reading this and very invigorating.
    Thank you for sharing – – it is very profound.

  14. Antoinette Wells

    Thank you for putting Jung in the ‘front page!’ He is a giant Visionary! Very much inspired me in my work as a psychodynamic therapist for 20 years, amongst it my work with Addicts: He gave the 12 Steps Program to the world, which helped saving countless of lives!

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