Recorded guided meditation videos, Chakra workshops, Sahaja yoga sessions

On this page we are sharing a List of Videos. They represent a bouquet of useful tools for wellness, as they provide recorded guided meditations videos. with step by step instructions. In many cases full sahaja yoga online sessions were recorded. With this initiative, Group Meditation sessions are easily available. Other benefits? Firstly, by following our videos you may experience a genuine “collective feeling“. Secondly, these meditation videos provide such a diversity of choices because each session is unique! Thirdly, there are multiple instructors and ways to guide you into the medtiative state. As a result you will never get bored! Most importantly, you can meditate anytime and anywhere, taking advantage of your privacy while never feeling isolated!

Videos may include Introductions to the energy centers found on the yoga chakra map. Something to keep in mind: together, these recorded sahaja yoga meditation sessions bring an amazing collection of meditation music. Both in audio and in video format. From eastern devotional music such as bhajans and qawalli, to Western classical music like opera and lieds. Energy Workshops, as well talks of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi are included. Ultimately, what is offered very lovingly to you is a Collection of stress relief methods that are both effective and pleasant You might also learn mantras and ancient prayers. Do not miss the recorded feedback, experiences of inner transformation as well the lively exchange between the participants that are provided by the end of every recorded session.

In case you missed one of the online group meditations or events, you can watch the VIDEOS from our Youtube Playlist with more than 27 recorded online sahajaj yoga classes. The list keeps growing!

#1 (CLICK!) Kartikeya’s Video Presentation on Vishuddhi Chakra (Sahaj Guru Game)

#2 Guided Meditation VIDEO with Ioana and Shivangna – Mother Earth

April 21, 2020 – Meditation for Mother Earth

#3 – (Recorded session) Meditate with Ana Bianca and Nippun’s Artwork

#4 – Earth Day Meditation – Going Deeper – Self Realization & The Spirit & AGNYA 3rd Eye Chakra

#5Video Guided Meditation on the Three Energy Channels

#6 – (Recorded Guided Meditation with Mantras and Subtle Knowledge) The Spirit and Lord Shiva – Simple Mantra & WHAT is the SPIRIT Video

#7– (recorded meditation session) Sahasrara Chakra Opening Day on May 5th & Inner Growth Experiences 

#8 – (Recorded Guided Meditation for the World) – Crown Chakra Class with Abi and Mantras on Guitar with Shivangna & Collective Singing

#9Sahasrara & The HeartAuras explained by Shri Mataji

#10 – The Joy of Collectivity in the Ether on Victoria Day 2020 “Weekend” – Meditation with Abi & Shri Mataji’s Toronto Inspiring Talk & Feel Niagara Falls “now


#11 Sahar’s Miracle Healing Story & HEART Chakra Online Meditation CLASS

# 12 – (recorded meditation session) Enjoy the “BHAKTI Experience” with Zephyr’s Music and Attention on Issues

# 13 – Experience Pure Attention in Meditation with 2 Talks of Wisdom

# 14 – Guided Meditation for Enlightened Water Element & Generosity within – Music for Nabhi

# 15 – Session on Guru Principle in the VOID area – Meditation, Music, Clips

# 16 – Kundalini Meditation & Knowledge & Representations

# 17 – Heart Chakra – Ave Maria and Jagadamba Mother

# 18 – Throat Chakra (Left Aspect) – Connections and Realizations

# 19 – Special Heart Chakra – Navaratri Session #1 with Powerful Meditation on Canadian Nature, Argala Stotra Hymn, Bhajans and Live Impressions

# 20 – Navaratri Session 2 – ” Children of the Goddess” with Devi Kavach (“Protection of the Devi” Hymn recited in English by Tim Bruce) and “Singing Bandhan” and more 🙂

# 21 – 2nd (Swadhisthana) Chakra & Fire Element – “Pass it on” Meditation with Reflections

# 22 – (Recorded Guided Meditation and Workshop on plexuses, Spiritual Talk and Live Feedback)

# 23 – Best Year of My Life? 2020 New Year Meditation & Surprising Reflections

#24 To be continued ..

Hope you enjoy the Spiritual Honey of Sahaja Yoga Meditation..