Meditate with Ana Bianca and Nippun’s Artwork

Guided Meditation Video with Lecture about the Spirit and Inspired Painting by Toronto artist

Enjoy the video recording of the online meditation session offered by one of our young instructors. Firstly, you will meditate with Ana Bianca who is guiding the class step by step, very easy to follow. So, let us know if you’ve enjoyed it! Secondly, there is a video excerpt from Shri Mataji’s :Lecture about the Spirit.

Thirdly, there was a very special guest, a young Toronto artist that loves to meditate with our group. So, Nippun’s artwork was represented by one of his recent paintings and the inspiration behind it. was shared by its author. All participants were able to feel the positive vibes! Make sure you also check it out and let us know what did you feel about it.

Highlights of the video:: it starts with the guided meditation and attention on several energy centrers; 48’20”: Talk about the Spirit” ; 57’40” Nippun is presenting his painting and receives feedback during the online interactive session (few comments are posted below)


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