Yogis are Honoring the Valiant Right Heart on Remembrance Day

Sahaja Yoga Meditation group of volunteers – heart and center – among the dynamic Canada Day Celebration in 2006 (Burlington, Halton, ON, Canada)

Guided Meditation with focus on Canada and Heart Chakra (Workshop)

We dedicate 2 programs (1 in Burlington and 1 in Oakville) to Remembrance Day. It is always important to make both universal and spiritual connections when collectively people have their attention on a certain topic — especially when it’s an important one

Shri Mataji’s View on Patriotism

– Leading the Drop to Loving this Universe:

“People say:

‘This is my house, this is my land, these are my children and finally this is my country.’

All this my-ness should get lost and only after that you can become ‘big personality’.

In all the countries you have your brothers and sisters. “

A Sahaja Yogini from Burlington (Halton region) had the honor to represent Canada and to bear the Canadian flag in Delhi, India during Shri Mataji’s 80th anniversary Celebration **
** the largest international Sahaja yoga meditation seminar at that time **

“This doesn’t mean that you should leave your love for your country.”

You must be patriot, and this patriotism will make you to LOVE this Universe.

If you don’t have a Drop, how you can become an Ocean?!

So first of all, you have to check that you have a devotion for your own country.

If you are doing something against the interest of your country, then you are not patriot. ”

(Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – was a youth leader for India’s Independence, then manifested as a Mondial spiritual leader )

Music Vande Mataram Video & Sahaj “Did You Know” Pearls about Shri Mataji’s “Sahasrara -Solution”

Canadian flag at the entry of a Burlington school ** in our neighborhood 🙂

Join us for these special events that will be celebrated with a “Going Deeper” dive into finding within ourselves the subtle seeds (energy centers) of inner peace, self confidence, generosity and universal brotherhood and sisterhood. It seems that some special stories will be shared as well. Let’s remember that there was sacrifice and valor at the base of our present life ‘s freedom. We Meditate and Give our thanks!

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    Such wonderful photos and beautiful words from Shri Mataji. I see Shri Ganesha in hr red clouds where the Canada flag is (at thenentrace of School pic). I look forward to those special events.

  2. paula

    Honouring the heros of our past, igniting the hero in all of us, and strengthening the part of us that wants to heal and find collective peace world-wide and together.

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