Ana Bianca: When Young People Meditate at United Nations for Peace … (photos, story)

Told by Ana BiancaAmbassador for Peace on behalf of Sahaja Yoga Canada (IMUN, 2013, Washington DC)

Ana Bianca - IMUN  - UNESCO for PEACE  - Summer Camp, Washington DC, 2013
Ana Bianca – IMUN – UNESCO for PEACE – Summer Camp, Washington DC, 2013 (receiving the ambasador diploma from the president, by the end of the camp)

– the photo album with many great photos is by the end of the story

The UNESCO IMUN camp was the perfect place to bring the attention of the young participants and organizers on meditation and its correlation with inner peace and how that affects world (outer) peace.
There were 8 Sahaja yogi representatives from countries such as Canada, France, Italy, Japan, U.S.A, and Belgium. Our goal was to conduct meditations, workshops, and as well be a fully immersed participant of the camp that had so many other activities and focuses.
On the first day, we had a collective meditation with all the students, and the majority of the staff which included about 80 people. They received an introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation and the significance and importance of their self realization. The meditation, organization and workshop was solely led by yuvas (young yogis-meditators).
The next few collective meditations were not mandatory but we were still happy with the numbers, where about 50 teens and young adults still came on their own at 8 o’clock in the morning. We decided to do more of an intimate meditation, where we meditated in 4 groups were 1 or sometimes 2 yuvas led the meditation and answered any questions. This way it was easier for people to open up in a small group where they get more attention. We also had collective workshop in these groups to make sure it was interactive and there was no gap between the yogi and the students and that their feelings and questions were heard and answered.

Every morning at 6 AM before breakfast, the yuvas would have a collective meditation, and at 6:30 after dinner we would have another collective meditation where we would invite any of the students to join us. We would have a meditation in a big circle outside under the trees.

Meditation at Washington DC near the Capitol

The amount of seekers and the interest in meditation was so much more that we expected, and truly gave us purpose in being at the camp as sahaja yogis. Almost all the students felt something in their hands and around their body, and those who didn’t at the beginning did by the end of the camp, with a little personal attention.

The very last meditation was a mandatory one where we did a “detox” workshop where we had 50 students doing a footsoak, while the rest did a left side clearing with salt. It was nice to have so many of them let out some energy that they had been storing the whole camp.


The other nice thing is that meditation and its benefits was in the collective subconscious of all the participants of the camp. It was always brought up at various point of discussion, and the staff was so open and encouraging of their students to practice meditation as much as they could.

There were also students who didn’t know english well, but it was nice to see how the language barrier was not a barrier for vibration and spiritual understanding.

Ana Bianca at NASA - from UNESCO CENTRE FOR PEACE - IMUN camp

We have a few testimonials that show what some of the students felt after the meditation, make sure you don’t miss the video posted below.

At the very end of the camp, we had a multicultural performance night. Most of the yuvas took part in an Irish dance, but on our own, we performed a dance on Vande Mataram. We also performed a play that showed the creation of the world with Shri Shiva, Shri Adishakti, and Shri Ganesha ( deities/governors of chakras – the energy centres within – also known as archetypes in Jungian psychology). 

We explained all this by narrating a story while the actors did various Bharatanatyam dance moves to show the visual representation. (video with the dance performances will be posted soon)


At the end, we all sang Jerusalem to represent England, the heart chakra of Mother Earth as well to represent the pure desire of the left Moon subtle channel for complete spiritual awakening and self realization – for individuals as well for the entire human race.

Representing CanadaAn Honour

Ana Bianca - Canada - Sahaja Yoga meditation

Most of all the invitation came as a surprise from the Canadian national council for sahaja yoga meditation as they based the decision all on vibrations. I did not even know that my name was submitted because my family did not participate in the survey. So it came as a real blessing to feel the love from my yogi family. Secondly, I had to submit several essays and complete other forms until the final acceptance received from IMUN camp – onwards I represented Canada in all activities and discussions.

Photo Album from IMUN Camp, USA, 2013  – with conclusion


Ana Bianca’s conclusion: As a representative of sahaja yoga meditation and as a young university student I was very happy to meet so many young people from all over the world that were genuinely very interested in meditation and spiritually inclined. I am starting my second year at Western University, London, Ontario, in Health Science on a very cheerful note, knowing that humanity is in good hands with such young generations. 🙂

Ana Bianca - ready for the new uni year


Other Testimonials from Young Meditators


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  1. ioana a.

    you are really wonderfull sahaja yogyies. an example for all of us…

    We really thank to SHRI MATAJI for having you among us.


    a lot of love, ioana a.

  2. Rabi Ghosh

    Simply bliss full. All our love and wishes from Sahaja collective – India to Abi.We look forward to hear more miracles from Abi. We are proud of you dear.

  3. Pranava

    This is gr8 start.

    Go ahead and realize the world!

    All the best!

  4. SubbiReddyK

    Sky is the limit for spreading Sahaja Yoga. Good luck

  5. jayanthi

    Great job Abi we are really proud of you.

  6. Jon

    Dear Abi, this is such a great thing. To have you representing Canada in such an important way makes me very, very proud! Thank you!


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  8. Sorin T

    With such a powerful desire of bringing the Light of the Spirit into the young generation awareness, Sahaja Yoga will become the lifestyle of our planet, soon. 🙂

    May the Force be with you.

  9. A.K. Jha

    Really great work. All the best.

  10. paula

    Wow! The great thing that happens after you have been meditating for just a little bit is that you start to feel this waterfall of cool vibrations inside from anything that appeals to the spirit within. Well the video is fully loaded with vibrations, and at first I thought, do I have 7 minutes to spare before bedtime now? And now that I have seen it, I didn’t want it to end! Because the video of youths in Washington, meditating at a UNESCO conference was extremely inspiring! It was like a checked off my nightly meditation just watching that video. I am so moved by the participation of Abi and so many Sahaja Yoga youth volunteers speaking the language of youth. The potential for human evolution and solutions for peace are well within our reach. All we need is the desire and to take action by spreading this happiness formula to everyone. Abi you are beaming as are all the participants…who experienced a tangible inner peace that can not only transform each individual, but can transform all nations within their reach.
    I loved the music used, would love to know the artist, and of course, Martin Luther King being sampled into the music is so powerfully beautiful too.

  11. Elsie Kuly

    I knew Ana Bianca (Abi) as a young girl and watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. What an honour for Burlington for Ana Bianca to be chosen to represent Canada in Washington. In my opinion she was the obvious choice. I saw her so involved in the Burlington Sahaja Yoga group helping her mom, Ioana. She grew into a beautiful intelligent young woman, not only physically but from within. The vibrations were strong from the photos and her smile was heart-warming

    She stated that she was cheerful going into her 2nd year at Western in London because she felt humanity would be served well by the young people she had
    met. How inspiring!

    Thanks Ana Bianca

  12. divya

    Beautiful, such an inspiration to all of us!!! Keep Going!!!

  13. Karen

    Simply wonderful…Abi you are definately a inspiration to all. The vibrations felt from the video and pictures were amazing continue spreading the word of meditation and Shri Mataji…best wishes!

  14. Peter

    You were doing so many good things there Ana-Bianca. Thank you for representing Canada 🙂

  15. Anjali

    Dear Abi,
    you were meant to be there and after knowing you for so many years as a yuva who is genuinely concerned about the world, I’m very happy that your name got selected – you were the perfect representative for Canada – We have many more such yuvas as you and I hope they too get such a chance to get involved and contribute at some point in life.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and enlightening us on what happened there through this article. It feels very good to learn about all the good work that our yuvas from the world are doing with UNESCO. I hope this initiative doesn’t stop or get lost and that we continue to deepen our relationship with such great organizations and achieve what we all long for deep down inside – peace and harmony.

  16. Doris

    Es grandioso cuando se unen los JUVAS para un proposito tan gratificante, la difusiòn de Sahaja Yoga para la paz y el amor de corazon

  17. Avdhut

    This is just where Shri Mataji wanted our yuvas to go ! But how did it all happen yuvas from so many different countries. Hope for the future. Best wishes.

  18. Andrew Jones

    What a beautiful experience mothers love is being expressed everywhere

    Love andtrew Jones

  19. Antoinette Wells

    Nice joyous pictures of people with beautiful expressions of depth and serenity. We so need THIS in our troubled world!

  20. Holly


    Your growth through this journey at your age is such an inspiration for so many.
    Thank you so much for all you do and leading from the front!

  21. anaic

    Here we are, the langage of joy is speaking the truth !
    Nothing more than the langage of vibrations!

  22. Helen

    Dear Abi,
    This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing
    these wonderful and heart-opening experiences. You are helping to make a huge positive difference in the world.
    Many Blessings, Helen

  23. Chandra

    I knew for a long time you are the selected one by Divine HER.

  24. Kasthurie

    Only looked at this article today.
    Ana Bianca you are an amazing young lady (Yuva). Thank you for all that you’ve done. May you continue to make a difference in this world.

  25. Colleen

    What a great article. I just read it, a little bit late. 🙂 Thank you Abi for representing Sahaja Yoga for Canada. Wonderful story and pictures.

  26. Jolanta


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