(VIDEOS/PHOTOS) “Bridging Science and Spirituality” Public Program on May 24

Hommage to Shri Mataji - founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (backdrop painting realized by artist sahaja yogini Brenda - Burlington
Homage to Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (backdrop painting realized by artist sahaja yogini Brenda – Burlington)

WELCOME To OUR Event’s Recollection TOUR 

Bridging Science and Spirituality-s

Yes we have children that practice sahaja yoga meditation and they learn also how to balance their energy centers, as well how to provide chakra workshops to each other. See/click in the photo below.

Katia and Demi - Children balancing energy centers and transmitting Kundalini energy vibrations

FYI: all decorations for this event were created by artists -yogis from this region. Creativity blossoms under the nourishing spell of this practice of wellness: sahaja yoga meditation. Enjoy below great photos and videos from this event, realized by sahaja yogis from Burlington class: Shulin (17 years old!), Amanda and Norma (70 years old!).

Intro to SY- Ioana

Realization with Shri Mataji-1

Overview of the set-up-decoration and Sam-s meditation by the end

We meditated thoroughly along the course of this event with 3 short meditations: the Self-Realization type (conducted through video by the founder of sahaja yoga meditation- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi), reinforced by Peter and Ioana and by the end of this event we had Sam, one of our youth class’ leaders guiding us to the yoga state again. No wonder everyone in the room had been so enthusiastic about feeling so clearly the cool breeze of vibrations flowing inside-out. Do not miss the DANCE VIDEOS + Chad’s SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATION VIDEOs .

(part 1) Recollection from Stephen (Oakville)

On Saturday, May 24th, 2014 at the Brant Hills Community Centre in Burlington, the restorative power of meditation was presented in a free event to all; entitled, “The Power lies within You – Bridging Science & Spirituality”. With guest lecturer, Chad Danyluck, from the University of Toronto, he demonstrated the science behind the benefits of meditation with regards to one’s self-control, and the ability to manage your actions, feelings and emotions in order to de-stress our lives and to live in the moment. An advice: watch all photos & videos below (they express the beautiful energy of this event).

(CHAD’s Presentation-VIDEO by Shulin) BOUQUET of Science & Spirituality

 (part 2) Recollection from Stephen (Oakville)

The event started with an introduction to Kundalini meditation guided by Shri Mataji in a video presentation. Members of the Halton region Sahaja Yoga collective performed chakra healing & energy workshops on guests who wanted to experience the clearing of their chakras and Kundalini energy rising within their own bodies. Everyone in attendance really enjoyed the collectiveness we all shared.

PHOTO-ALBUM (by Shulin, Amanda and Norma)

(part 3 – Dance performance) Recollection from Stephen 

hema 1The afternoon concluded with a very uplifting fusion dance performance by Hema Kukreja that included a particular segment combining Indian classical dance with Irish folk music that was pure joy and very inspiring to the oneness we all share.

Our special guest spoke about her background in Sahaja yoga and what inspired her to become a full-time dance performer.  Hema personifies the pure Spirit and clearly demonstrated the benefits of meditation with her powerful performance and heartfelt passion for fusion dance.

(VIDEO Dance#1) (Hema on WIENANANDA Music)

(VIDEO-DANCE) Hema’s teaching

(VIDEO DANCE) Hema’s Fusion Performance

It was a wonderful event; everybody enjoyed feeling the vibrations. Also we had such a lively and lovely Q & A with Chad and another yogi doctor that was in the audience, that kindly answered to the many questions received from the audience. Same with Hema, who so sweetly shared with the audience her life choices and her art! We are looking forward to the next “Bridging and Spirituality” program – scheduled for Oakville in June 2014! Stay tuned and/or join us to our weekly classes anywhere in Ontario. Here there is a “Sahaj Family Photo” with yogis/participants from many classes in GTA.

Sahaj Family Photo - May 24 2014 - public program  Bridging Science and Spirituality
(click to enlarge the photo!) Sahaj Family Photo – May 24 2014 – public program Bridging Science and Spirituality 

List Related to Scientific Research on Meditation & Benefits

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(click!) Sahaja Yoga Meditation in DESI NEWS Canada:`The Power of One`(Nov 2011 issue)

Let’s Sit and Meditate now ..

meditation-bench-in-burlington2“Meditation is such a soothing thing, such a beautiful way of connection with the divine, that all your problems get solved  in that meditative mood ..”

Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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  1. Sam

    What an amazing event! I adored learning about the more scientific side of the benefits of meditation and hearing about the different studies that have been done.

    The dancing was incredible, like waves of vibrations with her movements, you could see her passion in her dance and it was beautiful to watch.

    An amazing night all around and I can’t wait to be a part of the next event!


  2. Amanda

    What a wonderful event !
    The collective experience was amazing.
    and the scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation were very enlightening.
    It is clear that Hema’s fusion dance was a prime example of her Swadhisthan chakra in full effect.
    I am very excited to attend the next event !

    🙂 Amanda

  3. paula

    I have never seen so many halos around people’s heads…I could feel waves of vibrations coursing through my body with the loading of every picture to my computer…everything and everyone was emitting beautiful vibrations!

    Chad’s scientific presentation on meditation captured here, was just a clip of the insight into why Sahaja Yoga makes it easy for you to feel connected and how our mind (Mr. ego and super ego)tries to distract us from feeling the absolute truth. Our “I-ness” is not the highest form of intelligence…when you start to feel vibrations it is absolute truth you are feeling, undeniable! That is the science part… but it feels like you have just tapped in to an incredible source of joy! And helps you to absorb the joy of the present that is around you to the thousandth degree! And that’s why, I wouldn’t trade these “happy feelings” for anything else in the world! There is a song that says “clap along, if you feel, that happiness is the truth!” That is how it feels…that is how it feels to be on the right path…it is simple…it feels good to get connected…and you can’t help to be amazed at how happy you can get feeling plugged in, and seeking more happy moments!

    Everything I do now includes meditating, getting in tune with nature and enjoying sharing this pure knowledge directly or indirectly…by emitting happiness…that is the truth!

    And in addition, if that is not enough, Hema was like a warrior princess of truth…every movement was like a wave…just amazing…she emits love, truth, happiness, confidence…she knows who she is…her dance is so powerful it can stop one’s thoughts long enough to feel an oceanic wave flow through the body which is pure joy. She emits the power of Sahaja Yoga, what a magnetic personality…she is simply an instrument emitting cool, happy, universal love through every movement. I enjoyed all the videos, they are simply recorded, but beyond that, so powerful…I felt like I was there! And I loved all the volunteer dancers participating and learning about this meaningful dances as well. Universal love…it’s in the air! Can you feel it?

  4. Helen

    Brilliant! Joyful!! Soothing and Awakening.

    So much pleasure was felt watching this enlightening session. Thanks very much.
    Nirmal Love, Helen

  5. Erwan

    Excellent event ! I was at the previous one about a year ago for R/EVOLUTION if no mistake, and it was just great!

  6. Hema

    Reading all the comments, I feel the onenesss that exists among us. The oneness that helps us to communicate the pure love. Tears are falling…

  7. Jon

    I wasn’t able to make it to this one but I can see it was just as wonderful as the last one! Our next event will be celebrating 10 years in Halton. We are all looking forward to spreading joy and enjoying this family for another 10 years and far beyond! Namaste

  8. letitia

    Sunteti plini de informatii din toate domeniile si tarile.Curg vibratiile citind si vizionand videourile.Cu multa admiratie Letizia

  9. Shivangi Nehit

    Wonderful Recollection TOUR, Thank you for sharing and always sharing 🙂

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