Where is Bethlehem?! How a Religious Person Should be?! – Sahaj Quick Answers with Jesus, Christmas and Children

Jesus Christ:

“..unless you change and become like children,

you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven “



Shri Mataji about Jesus Christ:

“This is the child of the Divine.
He came like a morning flower to make you happy. “

Shri Mataji about Christmas:

“This is the child of the Divine, that came on this earth as a child, is the most joy giving thing and that’s why Christmas for all of us, for the whole universe, should be a festival of great joy.

For he brought Light for us, by which we can see that there is some one called as God, there is some one who is going to remove this ignorance. This was the first beginning.

So for us it is necessary to be joyous, happy and relaxed and not to take anything that seriously as we do, because Divine life does not make you serious, because it is all a play.
It is a Maya (ilussion).

I have seen in all the rituals people follow, in all the so-called religious people, they are too serious to be religious.

A religious person is bubbling with laughter. He does not know how to hide his joy ..”

The Children-Angels decorations (hope you’ve enjoyed them ..and that you’ve noticed their crowns = their wide open Sahasraras!!)  are hand made by Edward and his family – originally from Vancouver.

Did you enjoy the above quick answers-connections from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation? Always loved them -playful paradoxes wrapping and gifting pure gems of truth.

Enjoy one more Christmas related answer provided by Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Shri Mataji about Bethlehem

“So today at this juncture when we are celebrating a great event of Christ’s life, let us know Christ is born within us.

And the Bethlehem is within us. You do not have to go to Bethlehem. It is within us.

He, Jesus is there and we have to look after it. It is still a child.
You have to respect it. And you have to look after it.
So the light really grows and people know that you are realised souls.”

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  1. Bernadette Gratz ( Vimala )

    Thank you for publishing Shri Matajis words for Christmas!

  2. adrian

    “joyous, happy and relaxed”… within us… our innocence… our rebirth… to remember especially at Christmas.

  3. Chandra

    “And the Bethlehem is within us.
    “He, Jesus is there and we have to look after it. It is still a child.”

    An eye-opening statement for me!!

  4. rabi ghosh

    Very aptly said, ‘where is Bethlehem? ‘It feels so true that it can be established with us-if we desire. The fairy tale like stories of the miracle and the sacrifice of Lord Jesus- the eternal Child of God can only be felt within a Realized soul only.

    We indeed have volumes of literature available but to some of us …the Realized souls when the meaning of Bethlehem and Jesus is told to us by Mother. The very recognition makes us feel Jesus walks along with us. The entire history seems to have been so familiar always. It is so true and so revealing to remember Christ at this hour.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. armaity

    The true meaning of “Resurrection” is that Christ is reborn within us when we reach the consciousness that He resides on our agnya chakra , guiding our kundalini to pass through the narrow centre and enter the “Sahasrara” , the limbic region of our head , which is the true “Kingdom of God”.
    By His physical resurrection after His crucifixation, He showed the human beings that it is the spirit within us which is eternal, and the body is only an outside covering which has to die to continue the journey of spirit towards perfection by being reborn in a new body.

  6. Debbie

    “Christ is born within us and has brought light to our lives”. Let us always keep this light glowing.

    Lots of love always.

  7. armaity

    Christmas is a time for joy, a time for sharing, a time for coming together as a family.
    But often we find that this becomes a ritual which has got to be somehow dealt with, reinforced by habit and by expectation that has been dinned in everyone by tradition. As a result, the joy, the spontaneity , the true meaning of this tradition is lost .
    But with self- realization comes in forgiveness , a truly heartfelt feeling of being one, letting go of past and enjoying the togetherness, as one becomes child-like , who can find joy in everything.
    With the discovery of true spirit of Christmas, joy returns in all its glory !

  8. Antoinette Wells

    Dear Iona,
    You allways post such relevant speaches of Shri Mataji which makes us focus on what is important at that particular point in time. Many thanks and have a very auspicious and happy Chrismas celebration and a prosperous and blessed new year 2012

  9. Colleen

    “A religious person is bubbling with laughter. He does not know how to hide his joy…” I love this quote. I feel this is something to look for in someone who is truly connected to the Divine. Thank you.

  10. Elsie Kuly

    The more I read Shri Mataji’s writings, the more I learn – This made a strong impression on me -“For us it is necessary to be happy, joyous and relaxed and not take things as seriously as we do. Because Divine life does not make you serious, because it is a play. It is an illusion (a Maya)

  11. Anjali

    Such an important message during these auspicious time of Christmas. In Sahaja yoga we can truly awaken Christ within us that is the capacity to forgive. Such a sublime quality that helps you evolve. Thank you for this message from Shri Mataji. Merry Christmas everyone.

  12. Sahaj

    He is the saviour with no armoury as he is the living example of how Bethlehem is to be established within.

  13. Paula

    Merry Christmas and what profound comments as well. Forgive and we enter the 7th chakra and go beyond with our attention and achieve the blissful yoga state.

  14. Rabi

    Everytime I revise and revisit this article on this ‘special posting time’ that is on the ‘eve of Christmas’ it gives me a great joy. Not because it’s just a Christmas message alone. But, because of the inner understanding that is what I feel is chiseled out a bit more everytime to give a shape. Everytime it feels a bit mature in understanding.

    Shri Mataji’s divine revelation do unfolds a few more petals of discretion and understanding. Also fills the heart with love and compels one to delve into the life of Shri Jesus – Who came upon earth to redeem us – we human. The awakening within us is evolving with elevated consciousness. That was the signal how His message of remembering His divine incarnation keeps on upgrading our inner version of understanding and makes us more forgiving of those which are just redundant because we cannot transform is past but revise our present . Expressing ‘compassion’ that’s what we stand for. ‘Truth’ is ,what must we realize.
    ‘Bethlehem’ is that what we must establish within Hearts.

    Afterall we must let Shri Jesus shine though us to render us true realized Christians with ideals of Christ children of our Premordial Mother. May He bless us opening the doors for our ultimate redemption.

    A very well articulated post at this part of time on Christmas eve.

    Thank you my dear sister Ioana for the post.

  15. NITI

    Amazing description of Christmas,the Christ which means nothing else but joy.The Joy which doesn’t have any opposite. Thanks Ioana for this lovely post

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