Doris Yogini Reporting from Rome – Center for Evolutionary Learning & Beginnings of the “Meta Modern Era” during 2009 Meditation & Yoga international Seminar

Doris – Sahaja Yogini from France, reporting from Rome 🙂


This year Italy played a fantastic role for experiencing Meditation & Yoga en-mass. Truly a fantastic year for exploring the amazing and diversified potential that Sahaja Yoga Meditation has to offer ! Remember the short story about the International Seminar – Retreat at Cabella earlier in 2009 and our Canadian Teenager’s Experiences from Children Meditation Summer Camp at Daglio.
Also there, at Cabella this inspired initiative arrived to invite Anandita Basu to come and tour Canada – and it happened!

So it only comes “round” to share with you the Fresh News about the International Christmas & New Year Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar that is still unfolding at Rome, with hundreds of people that participate from all over the world – enjoying a tremendous display of art, culture and knowledge combined with pure Perfect Family Time. For 2 weeks in a row! And in the presence of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. The story below was sent today by Doris, a dear friend from France – a volunteer sahaja yoga teacher herself. She is there with her family and Doris became in a very sahaj way our wonderful ‘sahaj news reporter’ from Italy.


Dear all,
Many yogis have taken the occasion during the last days to participate in one of the bus tours organised by the Italian yogis for us. Either we could visit the museums of the Vatican with the marvelous Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s most famous paintings as the Last Judgement, or we could make a round trip to the seven hills of the city of Rome in order to vibrate the city. Many of us thus discovered the unique artistic beauty of Rome, following the sahaj routes to see places that Shri Mataji had visited, where she had held public programs or read mantras in order to cleanse and vibrate the city.
In the late afternoon, many of us attended the presentation of the Center for Evolutionary Learning. Victor was the very inspired and eloquent moderator of a group presentation of several sahaja yogis who all work in the field of research, education, economics or medicine. We were so thrilled to listen to the first part of the introduction when Victor talked about a document that Shri Mataji had asked the yogis to prepare in the 90’s after a Tour to the East European countries at a time which saw the end of communism and the strive of many people to discover freedom. Shri Mataji had felt very concerned at that time how people in these countries were going to use this freedom after the end of the communist area and that they should not fall into the trap of capitalism. The document carried the title, “Meta-modern Era”, which was later used as title for Shri Mataji’s book. Victor showed us a summary of the main points of Shri Mataji’s vision of a model of existence beyond communism and capitalism focused on sustainable development of our society for the well-being and spiritual growth of all citizens.

When the document had been drafted, it only had circulated between some leaders of these East European countries at that time.
Hopefully we will get a copy of this presentation because it was impossible to note everything down so I’ll try to give some of the main points. In fact Shri Mataji made a list of the characteristics of such a society whose aim was to dissolve all the problems and polarities so that each individual and each state should find a global existence and the feeling to belong to one world. The rights and the duties of the citizens are to develop their inner virtues and then to enjoy them. A nation and the world in general is the pure vision of each nation integrated in one world and the old terms of capitalism and communism are transformed into the possession of the Divine powers and the distribution of the same all over. Each citizen then should respect chastity in his personal and public life.
The world would be governed by enlightened leaders, economics would again use the bartering system, all citizens of the world would form a unique race of people, practicing a unique universal religion based on Divine vibrations. Children would be brought up in the high principles of morality which is innately built in us. Culture will have its only aim in spiritually nourishing people. When Victor was reading this small summary, there was a wind of vibrations and we all felt the urge that this vision of Shri Mataji should become reality to save this world which is so much shattered.
Then followed the presentation about how to inspire and change people whom Shri Mataji calls the ‘Big Johnnies’ and who are on the head of important companies and organizations taking the most important decisions in our modern world. A separate short summary of all these points will follow during the day.
In the evening we were gathering for mediation watching a video of a Christmas Puja in England in the 80’s. It was so heart-touching and amazing to see how Shri Mataji in these times directed the yogis during the pujas, telling them each step to do, commenting the 108 names of Shri Jesus while they were read by the yogis. In these times for exemple, the elements were still offered to Shri Mataji’s hands and it was beautiful to see all the ceremony of the puja.
Then Victor started the artistic evening program which Shri Mataji was watching in Her room, by introducing two young artists, one little girl of about 6 years who did an amazing dance performance for her young age and a 12 years old boy from America who is an extraordinary violinist. He presented to us a very difficult item to play at this age which is called “Meditation” of the opera ‘Thais’ by the French composer Massenet. We were all so impressed by the beauty and the perfection of the boy’s play and he told us that he was very happy that his violin teacher had had his realization and meditated now. Victor spoke about the importance to support and encourage the artistic talents and motivation of our young people in order to inspire collective music and art.
Then Ali, an Iranian yogi who lives in Italy, moved us to tears when he shared with us his concern about his homeland, Iran, who suffers so much these days. He had invited a group of Iranian musicians who were not all yogis but as he put it very nicely, they were on the way to become it. He told us that his deep desire was to pray Shri Mataji to put Her Divine attention on this beautiful country and that the music was an offering to Shri Mataji. We were all so moved to see and listen to Ali who expressed our collective desire to see Iran, the holy place where one the Adi Gurus, Shri Zoroaster, had been born and lived, and its people be free.
The Iranian artists with their traditional instruments and one Iranian lady who was singing with such a beautiful and moving voice, presented us several items of their Sufi tradition. Especially the last one had such vibrations and we could then easily understand the reason when Victor told us that its words had been written by a great realized soul, Rumi. All our hearts and our souls were united by the love for our Iranian brothers and sisters and one of them, Mina, who lives in Austria, came up to the scene to ask us to do a collective bandhan for Iran. So let us all join together in our vibrational support for this great country, which has such a rich and beautiful heritage to bring to the sahaj world collectif.
Then we felt so joyful to discover the artistic highlight of the evening, a new performance of our beloved sahaj artist, Pandit Sapori and his son on the santoor. This night they were playing Rag Kirwani for us leading us again into heaven. Even those who usually find it difficult to follow the depth of Indian classical music, were transported into the deep meditative and joyful mood created by Pandit’s rendering. At the end, we all were giving him standing ovations, overflowing with love and admiration for this brother of ours, so humbly standing before us. He told us then that he only could play with his full artistic skills when the Sahaja Yogis were his audience, only then he could express all the depth of this artistic soul and he again thanked Shri Mataji for all the blessings She had bestowed on him and that he would come immediately to play for Her and for the Sahaja Yogis wherever he should be.
United by this deep universal brothership, we all did a long Namaskar to our Holy Mother who has watched the evening program in Her room and whose presence we could feel so strongly. We stayed in silent meditation because no words would have been strong enough to express this love that flows between all of us.
Such a tremendous day again and we were so happy to learn that all the Sahaja Yogis that had helped and worked so hard to prepare Christmas Puja and New Year in Rome, had been invited in the evening to come to Shri Mataji’s room to offer flowers and to get a present. We all thank them from our hearts to have made this historic event possible.


How Religion ended in Dogma? Answers from “Meta-Modern Era

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  1. adrian

    Doris you mention…

    “developing inner virtues and then to enjoy them”… this was one of the characteristics you mention as being worthwhile for a sustainable society. I would be interested to know more about this. I understand for myself that these virtues are already known… it is simply a case of remembering… of course to get there we must go within… to let go and surrender. Sometimes a discourse about meaning is worthwhile too, because it gives us the opportunity to reflect and to trully embody what we wish to experience. I see this format of RESPONDING our thoughts and feelings as an effective way to learn, share and grow into a deeper “REALIZATION”.

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