Meditation for Work Stress: Channel 10 News Praises Sahaja Yoga Meditation – VIDEO, JUNE 2011

Last week Channel 10 (Australia) presented a News bulletin telling how a meditation technique called Sahaja Yoga is helping in relieving and/or preventing stress.  The story featured a bus driver who had been suffering from stress had discovered Sahaja Yoga, and he explained how meditation 10 minutes, twice a day had helped him a lot, for free!
Dr Ramesh Manocha who is a frequent guest on Australian TV shows was also interviewed on his research on meditation and the benefits of mental silence at the University of Sydney. Enjoy the TV VIDEO and check out the link- Article on Over-activity .. quite interesting.

VIDEO – TV NEWS: The Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation practice – studied, recognized and praised in Australia

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  1. Raj

    Glad that the media is picking up on this after all these years!

    Humanity’s second chance?

  2. Es maravilloso que en todos los países esten reconociendo a meditación Sahaja Yoga, como la mejor solución para la salud mental y la paz interior del ser humano, JSM!!!!!!!!!!gracias a las enseñanzas de Shri Matají !

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