Aunty Carmela’s Interview about Walking in the Woods with a Flashlight – Testimonial at Christmas Party 2014 @ Baxter’s, Burlington

(video) Spontaneous Answers from Aunty Carmela (Burlington class)

Carmela was born in Croatia, lived also in Australia and UK before making her permanent home here in Burlington, Canada. She has a wealth of generosity, talents, love and wisdom. Shulin from Youth Life De-Stress program had realized the interview capturing this ad-hoc testimonial on sahaja yoga meditation during our Sahaj Christmas Party. Enjoy Carmela in the context of the family she had found at Burlington/Halton free sahaja yoga meditation classes.

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Carmelas Sahaj Family Photo May 2013 -1

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Christmas 2014 at Burlington Class

Christmas Seminar 2014 @ Baxter’s with Photos & Music (Burlington sahaja  yoga meditation Class)

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  1. Sam

    Such a beautiful interview, so much sweetness and love, it’s always a joy having mama Carmella around with us. 🙂

  2. David (France)

    So beautiful, so sweet !!!
    brought tears of joy in my eyes 😉

    How I love my Sahaj family when it expresses in such a way…
    Love to all in Canada and best wishes for 2015

  3. Kruti

    Mama Carmela looks stunning. She is always so sweet and loving and also a talented artist. Great interview, I loved it.

  4. Jayanthi

    Dear family, I always say that Carmela has a direct line to Shri. Mataji this video shows it all how humble and loving any human being could be, we love you carmela.
    Jai Shri Mataji

  5. anaic

    Thank you Aunty Camela, you have found such simple words to explain such a subtle relationship with Life! The people who meet you every day are lucky.

  6. david

    My so dear & beautiful Mama Carmela – you are so humble in your enthusiasm! I am so pleased you were pointing the way for me! I am so blessed you heard me & I was able to find you!

    Forever you are mine! My Love to you all ways!

  7. Karen

    Thank you Mama Carmela for your sweet words and the vibrations were wonderful….brought a tear of happiness and lightened my heart xo

    Shulin you did an amazing job on both interviews!!!!

    I love my Sahaja Family!!! xoxo

  8. shey

    hello mama carmela and the meditation crew i wish you all beautiful happy new year and also praying that our mother shri mataji should continue to bless you and the meditation team to reach the world ,thanks God bless you all . shey

  9. shey

    mama carmala im asking a favor if you can make posible for me to download some of your youtube as to enable me and my meditation center to watch .
    thanks shey

  10. Ângela Cavalcante

    Simples palavras expressando tantos benefícios da Sahaja Yoga!E são coletivos, pois posso percebê-los em minha própria experiência!

  11. Doina Mira - Romania

    You are wonderful Carmela! Everything is so natural and expressed so deeply! Excellent interview Shulin! You all gave us so much joy! Jaaaay!!!

  12. paula

    I love you and am proud of you, and happy to share you with everyone.

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