Twin Sisters’ Meditation Testimonials

Twin Sisters

Bloomed Cherry tree - photo from Patine - French sahaja yogi

First Testimonial 

Cabela Rose-Omar

I’m 21 years old. I was first introduced to ‘Sahaja Yoga Meditation’ a couple months ago, in November 2013. Prior to joining this class, I practiced meditation on my own, although a lot of the time I was very scattered, distracted and unable to concentrate. As soon as I started coming to these classes I found that I became significantly more balanced, more attentive and a lot more aware of my surroundings and myself. I now consistently meditate everyday, I found that clearing my chakras, raising my Kundalini energy has made such a positive impact on my life and how I handle situations.

Snapshot during a 'silent meditation' at  our weekly Youth Classes in Oakville
(click to enlarge!) Snapshot during a ‘silent meditation’ at our weekly Youth Classes in Oakville

I can now handle things better and easier, which caused me stress and/or frustration in the past. I found that taking a step back from certain situations and being aware of your surroundings helps in problem solving, and rather than reacting to situations, you have a clear mind.

This is where meditation has truly changed my life because when I’m in a state of thoughtless awareness, that’s when I’m the most creative, courageous and productive. It truly helped me see circumstances in perspective, whereas before I would react too soon, or say things that I would regret later on. I have learned through my experiences that one of the most important ways to experience pure and lasting joy is to live in the PRESENT moment. Also, I’ve become significantly more aware of how children see the world. They have such a zest, enthusiasm, excitement and curiosity about life. Having a child like enthusiasm makes life so much more exciting and adventurous! I found that just because we’re adults, doesn’t mean that we can’t see life, people and circumstances through eyes of innocence. When we live life in that way, life truly transforms for the better! When we focus on improving our inner selves, rather than materialistic things, that’s when the outer things that we desire start to show up. It’s all about being in tune with who we really are, and loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally. Also, I found that meditating in the mornings can transform your entire day! I also meditate whenever I feel like I need to, wherever I am! No excuses, I found it’s just so important to take time out of our day to better ourselves.

Cherry and Cherise - Shri Matajipng

This, to me is what ‘Sahaja Yoga Meditation’ is all about!  I am truly so grateful that I opened my mind and my heart to this amazing class. Everyone who attends this class is so welcoming, understanding and helpful! I would recommend this class in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to be more at peace, courageous, compassionate, loving and overall more joyful. That is all for now! I hope you enjoyed my testimonial. All the best!  

Second Testimonial

Cabella Rose Yellow-Omar

Hey there! I am just going to write straight from the heart, hope you enjoy it and other people too! 

I am 21 years old. I joined the Sahaja Yoga group in Burlington at the Brant Hills Community Center in November. It happened very spontaneously. My twin sister and I were looking for something more and something that we can feel a part of and go in depth in. We searched many meditation groups online, and most of them cost money, but not this Sahaja yoga group. That is what attracted us to the group.
Before I joined I found myself being frustrated on a regular basis because I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet. I would sometimes beat myself up because of the things I know I had potential to do, but wasn’t doing. I was frustrated at where I was in life and know I wanted to achieve more and to tap into more of the potential I know was out there. About two and a half years ago my friend showed me the movie “The Secret”, which is all about universal energy and how powerful it is. That is what started my evolution as a person and to help others as well realize their full potential and that right now they aren’t all they are capable of becoming.

Sahaja yoga truly made me become more aware of other people’s energies and it becomes stronger as you become more spiritual. It’s helped me so much to become more detached of the negative influences and energies out there. It teaches you to protect yourself and to protect your spirit from other people, as well as protect my energy if I am feeling down, not to transfer it to anybody else. It’s given me the strength to live in the present moment, and to live in a child-like enthusiasm. I find myself more and more living this way because of the classrooms and the unbelievable people who attend them! 🙂 I find when things flow naturally with the Universe and we are feeling good, that is truly what life is all about ! I find I tune into subtle signs from the Universe. I do have a little story to share with you all, I had an experience almost 2 months ago that truly changed how I saw things. I started my day off by going to the library to drop off my sister’s book she was borrowing. On my way there I just felt compelled and I wanted a sign from the Universe. I wanted a sign from the Universe on what my next step in life should be. Then something happened that has never happened before. I was crossing the street on a light turning red, and a car was just seconds away from hitting me head on. I was terrified and so thankful and grateful. I believe the Universe was looking out for me, and now that I have joined sahaja yoga meditation I believe in the strong power of the Universe protecting us and guiding us. I realized a couple days after that I had a locket of Shri Mataji’s photo in my purse.

Mental Silence
I really don’t think that’s a coincidence, I truly believe I was protected. I found it so ironic. I was so thankful and grateful to be alive and to make a difference in the world and to show people they can become more and to help others become more. I believe this world can turn around if we are all collective and uniting in a huge way. I choose to look at life through eyes of love and not of fear. I follow my bliss and I truly enjoy the company of fellow yogis and seekers. I am hungry for knowledge so I can help others do the same and change their life the same way it changed mine. 

I am thankful I found this group because it has definitely made me even more spiritual and it’s an ongoing growth that I am so appreciative for. If it wasn’t for the classrooms, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I find it’s so amazing and so powerful connected to your inner spirit and the all-pervading laws of the Universe. Until next time friends!  Love you all!

photo arrangement made by Patine - yogini sister from France (all photos are made by sahaja yogis and are offered to Cherry and Cherise! may their life be always fruitful and their chakras and hearts always in full blossom!

Thank you for your heartfelt testimonials. May your life be always fruitful and your chakras and hearts remain always in full blossom! Thank you for your help at our youth classes and with the inner peace workshops we offer to schools in Halton area. Enjoy below 3 more Inspiring Articles.

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  1. Rabi Ghosh

    Beautiful and we all love you dear ones. You are our future indeed. Loved reading and I would like to Thank Shri Mataji for this magic that is eternal, compassionate and so subtle yet grossly tangible in our lives…it certainly evolves and changes the lives of all of us at some point of turn or say some red light turns of our busy traffic signal of working, thinking and actions packed activities and then we have our beautiful realization that is the Ultimate truth……we are looking in for at the end of the day.

  2. alina

    Dear Cherry & Cherise,
    it’s such a joy to see the evolution of young and beautiful persons as you are, seeking for spiritual growth rather than wasting their precious time with illusionary and temporary activities.
    Developing yourselves and, moreover, sharing and helping others to grow – it’s not about words to express my gratitude but about the love shared and felt from miles and miles away.
    Thank you for existing!

  3. Sam

    You two are really incredible, I’ve really seen how you’ve changed since you joined to how you are now. You both really are a light in whatever room you’re in and a joy to be around.

    I can’t wait to see how you continue to grow and change for the better as you get deeper into the Sahaj way of life and discover more about yourselves. Just remember that we love you and we’re always there for you if you need us!


    1. Cherry Gehbauer

      Thank you so much Sam!! You are so sweet!! I’m here also for you as well!! <3 Lots of love!

  4. Shuu

    Awww I’m so amazed to see how Cherry and Cherise have transformed and BLOSSMED in Sahaja Yoga!!! The consistency you have to meditate every day is truly a model for all of us :))) and I’m soo happy to see all the changes in your life and …I looovveee you sisters !!!

    1. Cherry Gehbauer

      Thanks so much Shulin! <3 You're awesome! Love ya!

  5. cherise gehbauer

    Such touching words, thanks for the encouragement 🙂 We are all growing and getting better! What an exciting journey and mission in life! Get better so we can help others get better <3 I believe that could change the world! We all have a purpose and a special calling that only you can do in this lifetime! Love you guys! 🙂 Xo Thanks for being you! Only you can be you!

    "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind the walls, to draw closer, to find eachother and to feel. That is the purpose of Life."

  6. Ana Bianca

    Thank you Cherry and Cherise for your testimonials! It’s really incredible to see you two transformed so much, and I am so proud that you meditate daily 🙂


  7. Karen

    Thank you so much Cherry & Cherise for sharing your thoughts and feel the love….you are both an inspiration to all.
    Cherise, I truly believe in the spirit of Shri Mataji and her watching over you to keep you safe. I too keep a picture of ‘Mother’ in my wallet and my bracelet with her picture hangs in my car too. 🙂

  8. Brenda

    Dearest Cherry & Cherise,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with Sahaja Yoga Meditation and how you have both transformed in such wonderful ways.
    Its joyful to gear how you are also re-discovering your innocence to once again be in awe of this wonderful life and all its majesty. It’s also great to have met the two of you and to be inspired by your connection journey.

  9. anjali

    Dear twinnies, your sincerity and innocence is clearly felt in your testimonials. Both of you have become part of our loving Sahaja family so easily. We are so fortunate to have such beautifully evolving Youth who really want to make a difference in this world. By the grace of divine, I recently became a mother of two twin girls, abigail and sophie. I hope our twinnies are just as caring for their and the world’S spiritual evolution as you both are. It was such a special moment for me when I first met you both at the Burlington class. Lots of love

  10. paula

    I remember your first days in class, you were both so excited, like you knew something great was about to change everything in your worlds as you know it, and for the better. I was so glad you stuck to the classes and doubled up on classes both Burlington wednesdays, and mondays at the youth-only Life De-Stress classes in Oakville. I read a quote today on a calendar that I didn’t even notice until recently.

    “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein, who we all know through Sahaja Yoga classes and the vibrations coming from the quote, is a realized soul.

    Before Sahaja Yoga meditation, you know that there is something special that connects you to everyone and everything, but you can’t quite get at what the truth is. Movies and books come and go, but even they can only hint at what might be. Then, we all found the connection, the union, the real yoga through Sahaja Yoga, and get the gift of vibrations, which reveal the truth in everyone and everything. Then we start emitting this beautiful energy, and then this joy inside expands! And we become joy-collectors! We learn how to clear our chakras, understand why blockages happen and clear them ourselves, so in our mental silence, we actually can achieve the yoga, the connection, very early on. And grow to an unlimited potential. I can relate to so many things that you have both written about, so thank you so much for sharing. We all feel it too, and we want others to feel that joy too. I am really quite fond of you girls, and very very inspired. I have witnessed over and over again, that living your life as if it is a miracle, is happening right now for me and hundreds of thousands of seekers. I connect to that miracle, that living force,every moment of every day. It is the happiest moments of my day.

  11. Isabelle

    love the subtle connections. your were destined to be the fruit of sahaja yoga and doing it together and so sweetly 🙂

  12. Jolanta

    I enjoyed reading both testimonials and can relate to some of the experiences described. I hope that you are still practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation. All the best!

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