Collective Experience of Fragrance during Meditation

Enjoy the Details about a Miracoulous Collective Experience of Fragrance during Meditation


 – By  Brenda Telchak /01/04/2014

Enjoy the sharing about the Gift of Scent and Flora that was experienced Collectively as Fragrance during our Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class 

“It was a blistery cold and windy night as I walked the path to class at the end of February. I soon forgot the treachery of the journey as the warmth of the people comforted me like a fluffy blanket as I entered the Burlington meditation class. The genuine fondness of those who regularly attend was very apparent for each other as hugs and smiles were exchanged and that same ol’ wonderful welcoming feeling of acceptance shone its lovely light throughout the room.

We were all ready and willing with a true desire to have a guided meditation and Holly’s soothing and rich voice delivered an amazing collective meditation that drew us all into a unified state of consciousness that lifted us all to an inner peace of grace and gratitude. Yet for some magical reason as I was in this state, I began to breathe in a sweetness of extraordinary beauty, a strong and powerful scent of what smelled like, fields of flowers. Then another, and another, as wafts of unique and exquisite flora filled my soul as though I was rising through the foothills of some glorious mountain range and each level was sweeter than the one before it.

Afterwards, we gathered into a large circle around the entire room to introduce ourselves to each other and to share a little about our experience and/or how we came to find Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Then it was my turn, and I shared about my occurrence with the fragrant floral sensations I had delightfully experienced. Coincidentally (or should I say most unexpectedly), the lovely and humble woman sitting beside me then shared how astonished she was that she too could smell flowers during the meditation. She then went on to explain that she has a medical condition which sadly, prevents her from having a sense of smell all together so she was very surprised and elated to be able to enjoy her sense of smell once again and how it gave her joy. Others continued to share their own pleasing tales and then we came to Yon of the Oakville youth group who also shared his own account of the series of beautiful scents he as well could smell during the meditation. For some unknown miraculous reason, all three of us were witness to fields of fragrant flora  that we will all truly cherish. And so it goes, that this mysterious gift of glorious scents became worthy of sharing in this short story. By the way, this image is the passion flower which also bloomed that same day in my home when I awoke…oh LIFE is so SWEET.”

Pasion Flower - brenda

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 Note: that class was dedicated to the remembrance of the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi as she left behind her human existence on February 23, 2011. For many of us, the collective gift-experience with beautiful fragrances was the sign of Shri Mataji’s actual presence among us.

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  1. Draupadi

    In the early ninetys I also had an amazing experience with fragrance:
    We prepared everything for SHRI MATAJI´S stay in Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna. We enjoyed Her Visit a Lot. As SHRI MATAJI left she bowed so humbly before us and said “Thank You for all your effort….!” Afterwards we did Namaskar before her bed and we all felt the smell of a newborn baby!

    With Love and Respect from Austria.

    1. Ioana

      Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing and for being our friend!

  2. Howard Swinson


  3. Shivangi

    Beautiful experience, thanks for sharing.

  4. Shuu

    Wow..feels like reading a novel…what a beautiful article aunty Brenda :)))) It was quiet astonishing to see this sweeet miracle happened right in front of my eyes! :3 amazing !

  5. anjali

    What a beautiful experience. I have heard similar experiences from many Sahaja yogis. Though I believe I have not had an experience of smelling fragrant flowers in meditation….I must say that my sense of smell and hearing gradually improved quiet a bit after Sahaja yoga. The positive changes are very subtle and can be easily disregarded and then one day it just hits you how much you have transformed and improved from before.
    It’s a spa that frees you from the different aches and pains of life…and it costs you nothing. ..just 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.

  6. Colleen

    Amazing Brenda, I remember this, we miss you!! You have a beautiful way of speaking and writing. Lots of love your way. ????

  7. Darshani Rawat

    I am a meditator of Shaja Yoga for last years. I learn so many things about the beautiful India and feel your presence there. I am very surprised to some vibration coming in the earth and I fell totally confused about these. I have some experienced about the solution of these problems and some I do in time but the other problems occurring from very lowing class community, how can I tackle the incoming problems of these types? Give me self-realization. I am grateful to you.

  8. Kruti Gandhi

    What a profound experience, Brenda. Just reading the story took me to meditation. I have heard about similar experiences from other yogis and it feels so nice to read them. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Anjali Gandhi

    Hmmm brenda your testimony was so beautifully written like a poem…it felt just as fragrant as what you and the two others experienced. Missing you and holly dearly. All my love.

  10. Jolanta

    It reads like an amazing experience considering that so many flowers these days look beautiful but lack the fragrance.

  11. Rajinee

    Such a beautiful story, I got goosebump reading it:)

  12. Kavita

    Hi Brenda
    Beautifully written experience. I also had similar experience first day I attended a Sahajayoga class. It stayed with me for a long time enhanced every time I looked at Shri Matajis photo. It is a fragrant connection to our inner self. Thanks to our Guru that bestows us these boons to strengthen our self realization. ❤️

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