Serene Letters and Video Testimonials from Elsie

Enjoy the Serene Letters and Video Testimonials from Elsie about “The Serene Gift of Peace and Meditation for Seniors in our Community”

Elsie - Burlington Senior and sahaja yogini from Burlington

This Article is helping us to know the Seniors in our Community – that practice sahaja yoga meditation. Today it’s all about Elsie: Enjoy discovering her!

Elsie’s Realization

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Snippets from Elsie’s Letters

Thank you dear for your e-mail.  I would be honored to have you post this,  I am slowly going through the rest of the e-mail and have just been reminded not to take things too seriously by Shri Mataji – that we live with joy, that life is a play.   Enjoyed very much what I’ve read about Shri Mataji and Gandhi. I always learn something valuable that stays with me!


You’ve got a very busy schedule mapped out.    Sounds exciting and wonderful   You’ve organized everything so well.  I would like to attend some of these events, but at age 77, am slowing down a lot.   I will miss you all.   I fondly remember the days when I worked, volunteered helped my friends and family.    I must gracefully accept that those days are gone.   I’m sending bandhans to the entire sahaja yoga family and will continue to do so.   My bandhans  (prayer technique based on subtle energy connection) last August were  sent to my friend traveling from north British Columbia  for the 8 days she was driving.    She returned to Hamilton safely with her husband who doesn’t drive. 🙂 I am continuing to meditate and am grateful to be where I am, presently. Some of my older friends haven’t been so fortunate.
I thank you all for all the time you spend and that I met you. I am still working on my spiritual growth and applying the principles of Sahaja Yoga.
Meeting you all and Abi was a highpoint in my life. I wish I were much younger and could be more involved and helpful to our group. I do read everything you send and I do like to reply with the info I get from the various e-mails and sahaj articles. Learning about my Kundalini energy and the fact that I am my own guru was amazing. It has helped me with decision making and knowing people well. I’ve enjoyed your introducing me to meditation, Kahlil Gibran, Bach’s music, poetry of William Blake and all the others which have taught me a lot. I appreciate the time you spend sending these e-mails. I feel pressure to respond not only with love but with wisdom. Presently I’m reading my last e-mail on meditation with Shri Mataji and it has resonated deeply within me. Dear ones, I wish I could attend more meetings, learn more and offer support. With love to you all, Elsie

(Surprise Birthday video) Elsie‘s Ad-hoc Testimonial


Did You Know?! Elsie was involved with Justine Guliani when we had the Burlington labyrinth (first) made up of stones. 

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  We hope you all enjoyed the opportunity to know more about our Seniors that remain active not only physically but as well at much deeper levels.
       Elsie is such a lovely great example!


Anandita was dancing with some very pleased Canadian Seniors from our Burlington Community.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article too!

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  1. Chandra

    Shri Mataji sends Divinity to us in different packages and Elsie is one such divine package.

    First time I met her I felt that looking at her is itself meditation”

  2. paula


    You are emitting beauty from inside. It is a privilege to be on this journey with you, with people of all ages. One of the greatest bonuses I learned through Sahaja Yoga classes, is that if an experience gives you enlightenment, joy and peace, that is the path. This is my path, I am collecting more joy than ever. By the way, you don’t have to drive, any one of us can pick you up, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

    The solutions, the ability to connect to the life force, the force that makes every seed sprout, is in this simple but mighty class. And the ability to absorb joy, and clear the clutter, happens at these classes every single week. And inbetween classes, we can collect joy every single moment. Elsie you are an inspiration to me, to every age group, but look how you shine! You are also an inspiration to seniors in our community.

  3. Stephan

    Sweet and inspiring. Young at heart.

  4. paula

    Elsie I want to add that your articles in which you have a video testimonial and shared many miracles has almost “6000” hits to date. There is no question that you contribute to spreading the joy of Sahaja yoga meditation practice through the ether in this modern world of instant information. You are a very powerful advocate of Sahaja yoga and contribute your appreciative,insightful commentary for all to enjoy…you may not realize it, but you are teaching and touching the hearts of thousands through your inspirational miracles and down to earth nature.your story will touch many more lives as it already has touched many thousands of seekers. I salute the light in you.

  5. Kruti

    It is such a joy and proud to have aunty Elsie in our collective. The letters were truly inspirational and touching. Thank you so much for sharing.

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