What is the Point of Conscious Mind? What Types of Minds are? The Thought Process Revealed with C.G Jung & Kundalini & Dreams & Deities as Answers to Questions in Medical Science

Carl Gustav Jung – The Founder of Analytical Psychology

“But the first thing we should know, as Jung has put it – that the next step has to be that you become Collectively Conscious.” – Shri Mataji (excerpt from Radio Interview in Sydney, 1981- March 31)

This month there were few reminders sent to us that are are ‘Jungians at heart’, about Carl Gustav Jung commemorations around the world. As this brilliant mind is considered as a realized soul by sahaja yogis from all over the world, I am sharing below  a great video not to be missed  and 2 links-articles with very interesting connections and videos/interviews with Jung, as well a newly discovered mentioning of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation – on the Point of Conscious Mind, with reference to Carl Gustav Jung as well. A  very poignant lecture, that represents pure knowledge for the soul as well can be taken inside as healthy food for any inquisitive mind. Enjoy and let’s pay our respect to Carl Gustav Jung who brought us all further as well deeper within.

What is the Point of Conscious Mind? Vilamba

 “We can say like this: that the future and the past they pass each other like this in the (Agnya chakra) center and they pass out. So the thoughts from the past come to the future and the future to the past, but they cannot stay at conscious (level). For example I say, “Now. At this moment. Stop it!” You cannot. Why? Because of thoughts. The thought rises, goes up and falls down and disappears like that. Again another thought rises and again falls on this side. Now you can see the rising of the thoughts, but you cannot see the falling of the thoughts. In between the two thoughts there is a little gap known as Vilamba in the Sanskrit language. That is the point of conscious mind. The thoughts can come from the supra-conscious side (Ego/Right Agnya chakra ) or can come from the collective subconscious (Super-Ego/Left Agnya chakra), can even come from the pre-conscious or can even come from the subconscious. That’s how the thoughts waves are.”

The Jump into Thoughtless Awareness and Silence

But if you have to jump into the conscious mind itself, now at this moment, you cannot do it because at that point there is no thought. I am not telling you all these things  of my own because this has been already discovered by many psychologists. That one has to jump into Thoughtless Awareness, not into the so-called trance but into awareness which you are completely aware but inside there is Silence. Now this silence has been described by all the scriptures. And while jumping into that even the psychologists so many of them said that you jump into an unconscious mind which – unconscious which is not going to (unclear), achetana, which is collectively conscious, which is universal.”

Jung – the Great Psychologist – about Dreams and Symbols

“For example, we can say Jung, one of the greatest psychologists and I respect him very much. He has done a lot of work on the unconscious and he has taken many years to experiment on thousands and thousands of people to find out how the unconscious works through dreams and symbols. Now he has found out many symbols appear in the dreams. For example a triangle like this appears in a dream of one man, pointing downward. Invariably in all the cases wherever such a dream has appeared, such a man has murdered someone. Or if the triangle is just upside down, means the top is the pointer then invariably all these people who saw this in the dream and reported to him, they were murdered.
There are many such things he has found out. He also found out another thing about the Universal Unconscious, that it always gives you a balance, by different experiments.”

 Deities-Archetypes & Medical Science: Acetyl Choline  and Adrenalin – Why they act?

“Now the medical science people have found out many things which they cannot answer. I told you already that they have found out that acetylcholine and adrenalin which act through the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system, they act very funnily in the body and they don’t know how they are controlled by whom and why they act. They say the mode of action of these two chemicals is not known. That means one thing is sure – that they cannot explain. So, we have to think why – why a chemical should react separate, different? Because there is a deity sitting within. There is a Deity (or Archetype in Jungian language), a living deity that handles the chemicals in the way that it likes.”

The Unconscious Universal Being: Spontaneity versus Analytical  Mind

“The other day also I asked you a question – a medical person if you go and ask him, “If everything, every foreign body is thrown out the body how is a fetus is accepted, not only that but nurtured in the body?” So we should know that there is a Unconscious Universal Being which is being accepted by many people in the West. And that’s why they say, “Let the unconscious look after, let us have the spontaneity, let it work out spontaneously.” But they cannot, they are so complicated now.
 They have such an analytical mind that they will go on analyzing and they cannot allow the spontaneity to work out.”

Rationality is Limited Stuff – versus – Becoming Unlimited  — How?!

“They are trying all their methods to work out the spontaneity, but somebody has to give an impetuous, has to give that ‘triggering’ as you can say. Because through rationality, if you want to jump into unconscious, you cannot. Rationality is a very limited stuff. If you want to go to something unlimited and universal, which is collectively conscious, then you have to learn to be unlimited yourself. Now how will you do it? Somebody has to trigger it. You see a light, a dheep (Indian candle), which is not yet lighted, it is a limited stuff. But when you light it, it becomes unlimited. But for lightning this light you have to take another light near it. When you bring another light near it, it doesn’t do, it’s just like a catalytic agent. It just touches this and it starts burning. It gets unlimited light. The light becomes unlimited with a limited dheep. In the same way somebody has to trigger this.”
 (all the above are excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talk offered in Bombay, December 22nd, 1976)

(video)Lecture of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at C.G. Jung’s Society Hall, Public Program, New York, USA (1983-09.16)

 (Starting with 15:46 when Shri Mataji is speaking after she was introduced my the head of the society — it’s an old video with a perfect audio quality)

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  1. Hiris

    Wonderful article.Thank you. Please check out : The chemical related to parasympathetic nervous system is ‘acetylcholine’ not ‘acetylene’.

    1. Arie

      You have reminded of something very important

      Sometimes I see…
      Yet I do not

      Sometimes I hear…
      yet I do not

      Sometimes I feel I am right…
      Yet I am not

      It is wonderful

  2. Jon

    Another fantastic article with explanations. I have seen the video before, but I got much more out of it this time. Thank you for posting this! I don’t know very much about Carl Jung. I am curious to read more about his life and his work.

  3. paula

    I discovered Carl Gustav Jung in a York University philosophy class. His discoveries were what opened my mind to the unlimited realm and collective consciousness for the first time. I was so impressed that experiments and analysis could scientifically prove that there was an evolving force for all mankind. He revealed that one person’s achievement could push forward another unrelated person’s achievement half way across the world…because they were connected to the same mains. This was to be only part of my journey…it has become a living reality for me through Sahaja Yoga life where I experience the truth of my being and my connection to others and the power that is revealing itself to me through the language of vibrations. My computer is working a little slow today, but I look forward to watching Shri Mataji lecturing C.G. Jung’s society hall to the public. Her thousands of lectures fill in all the blanks, answer all the questions, and the vibrations simply reveal the truth in her words.

    1. Arie/Adrian

      Your Own “truth”…
      Is now being revealed…
      By Yourself…
      To Yourself.


  4. Philip Taylor

    The work of Carl Jung along with the kundalini have been instrumental in my own recovery. Fascinating theories of the mind…

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