Barrie’s Inner Beauty: Meditate & Play (Photos/feedback)

Enjoying people and youngsters meditating

On June 1st, a team with sahaja yoga instructors from Halton region had participated to Barrie’s great celebration and popular festival with a booth where anyone interested had a chance to be introduced to thoughtless meditation, kundalini energy and to the subtle system of chakras.

Barrie - lakeshore 1

It supposed to rain and it did rain but gently, and the seekers of Barrie showed up to our tent, expressing interest and desire to experience what we had ‘in store’ for them, always amazed that we were volunteers coming from so afar.

children meditation with Ana BiancaThe most rewarding for us was the discovery of Barrie’s “children seekers”: kids and youngsters wanted to meditate, they were not sent/convinced by their parents. These young people themselves were curious and willing to ‘do it’, despite the great variety of options made available at the festival for fun and physical exercise.  Another beautiful aspect was that they realized the importance of ‘remaining in meditation’ so they did not rush after the ‘experience’; instead they preferred to dive into it deeper, asking us questions and talking to us about ‘the energy’ , ‘the peace’ and ‘sensations’ they were capable to feel during and after meditation. What a blessing for our team to meet such beautiful souls!

Barrie child still in meditation

We found out that Barrie has amazing landscapes and that Lake Simcoe was named Ouentironk (“Beautiful Water”) by the Huron natives. The water of the lake was incredibly cold despite the warmth of the day however its transparency was so inviting that our team ended up doing a prolonged footsoak on the lakeshore’s rocks; we let go of any subtle blockages at the energy level and we had invited the Water’s divine principle to wash away our eventual impurities. Enjoy the photo album below, it ‘talks’  quite nicely about that special great day in Barrie.

Photo Album from Barrie, June 1st – 2013

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  1. Sanjay Taneja

    Amazing Experience with Divine Blessings…

  2. bhavià

    thank you so much for sharing such beauty and truth !

  3. letitia

    multumesc pentru toate vestile,frumusetile,vibratiile,imaginile,care aduc bucurie,iubire

  4. teodora anghelina

    Este frumos exemplul vostru demn de urmat . Cum vine ideea, cum lucrati subtil intai, cum asteptati detasati ocazia, cum nu o scapati, oricat de “prinsi”ati fi, cum va armonizati si adaptati . Este minunat cata Nirmal Astra aveti fiecare !
    Stii, in romania , legal, se serbeaza Ziua Copilului, dar “noi”inca nu am avut iubirea-curaj de a iesi in fata qwasi-oficial macar cu o meditatie pentru copii, publica.
    Dar au existat niste frumoase cursuri sahaj pentru copii in Bucuresti, saptamanale, care aveau si destui participanti noutzi, si sahaj.
    Multumim mult pentru fotografiile si mesajele incarcate de bucurie si vibratii senine , si va admiram si imbratisam pe toti !
    Cu drag, teo si anca, din Portland-Me momentan

  5. Shashidhar

    I always thought that a sleeping baby is one of the most touching, heart-warming of sights. The sight of a meditating child (the little yogi in the red dress) is even more beautiful!

  6. Colleen

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, I wish I could have been there to share in that wonderful experience.

  7. paula

    The little boy is so innocent and wise at the same time…it shows us the power of innocence and how it can empower us to make decisions to try a simple, pure meditation without hesitation, without conditionings, without preconceived notions. A child can understand and “feel” intuitively what is good for them. We can regain this power of wisdom through Sahaja Yoga meditation free classes…we get empowered by connecting with the eternal spirit within us. Then we are plugged into the unlimited realm that nourishes our body, soul, spirit and makes us aware of blockages to that path of connection.
    So many vibrations from the very first photos that I did not even have to read a single line before kundalini rose up in my body, the feeling of a waterfall inside my body, that ignites the spirit spontaneously…and is recognizing and telling us what will do good for the whole world…and the joyful, humble volunteers that spread this light to everyone. Congratulations on this wonderful impact on Barrie and free classes that have already started this summer in Barrie with Holly…and a little help from her yogi friends!

  8. Shan Karu

    JSM Beautiful work!

    Dear Ioana,

    On Sunday July 07th (9:30a -4p) In Windsor Ontario we are having an intermediate seminar. Could you please post the event in your site or announce it in your classes.
    You can find us in “Windsor meditation meet up” for all the details.

    Appreciate your help,
    [email protected]

  9. Chandra Sekhar

    Sahaja Yoga is THE DIVINE BLESSING on humanity, it is there as innocence in the heart of a child.

    The child sitting in meditation is so beautiful and carries the Divine message.

    Thank you.

  10. Kruti

    Lovely photos and a great event! Felt really good to see people getting realizations. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Rajendra Tosawar

    one can feel the vibrations from the photos.Simply great.
    thanks for sharing.

  12. Gopalakrishnan

    I am very much intersted to spread sahajayoga. One day I also will do like this. Very good work which I also dreaming for.
    I am from India.

  13. Madhurima

    Amazing !Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  14. Jon

    I wasn’t able to come to Barrie that weekend, so I missed the event. It looks like everything worked out in typical Sahaj style! Who can ignore the children these days. Very special, evolved souls. No question, they feel it, and they get it right away! Thanks for sharing this event with us!

  15. Jayanthi

    The pictures are beautiful especially the children, they look so natural and connected to nature without any effort. Barrie is such a divine place to spread shri. Mataji’s message, thanks for sharing.

  16. Priti

    So beautiful and cute little monk sitting and meditating. Well done Congratulations for the successful program. I desire to be there one day, it is truly a blessing. Thanks for sharing Ioana.

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