Connections and Differences between Kundalini and Spirit

Let’s Find out the Connections and Differences between Kundalini energy and The Spirit

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Let’s read and absorb the truth from this Quote from Shri Mataji’s teachings:

“The biggest problem we face is to keep the connection between this Spirit and the Kundalini. Our connection is very loose and that’s why this Kundalini cannot look after the Spirit.

I wonder if you have noticed one thing in Sahaja Yoga, that you can
manoeuvre the Kundalini, but not the Spirit.

 You can raise your hand, the Kundalini will move. You can manoeuvre it. You can give it a Bandhan. It will go around.

But the Spirit cannot be manoeuvred.

There’s only one mantra to awaken the Spirit, in the sense that to  please him you have to say you are the Spirit (= say “I am the Spirit”). You have to bring in the Kundalini to look after it. You have to take Kundalini there, to the Heart, so that this Spirit has to be carefully developed and matured.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Photos from Ioana P.

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  1. adrian

    The mantra… “I am spirit” is the key to acknowledging to self that there is a continuous RESPONSIBILITY that we must accept in order to be connected. Here is what I believe that is… In saying that I am spirit I acknowlege to myself that I should honor myself through surrendering by… letting go EGO… letting go JUDGEMENTALISM… letting go the need to IMPOSE… thereby revealing what already IS… SPIRIT AS LOVE. To me that is what maintains the connection. And since SPIRIT already IS… it cannot be manouvered… IT already IS. So it is up to us to take Responsibility… not someone else.

    1. adrian

      “on keeping the connection”…
      We… have the responsibility to keep the connection… What does that mean?

      For example… I may be able to teach you how to kick a soccer ball… but I cannot play the game for you… you must learn how to shoot your own soccer ball.

      Another example… I could teach you how to solve a math problem… but only you can write the math test.

      There are many such examples.

      How important are the following…?

      What does it mean to be egotistical… and how does that keep you disconnected from your true self(spirit)?

      Likewise… what does it mean to be judgemental… and how does that keep one from being connected?

      I feel these questions/answers/ideas will help us to understand how to become more aware so that the connection… which is loose at the outset, will become more firmly established to allow us to maintain that connection between Kundalini and Spirit… I feel that is what Shri Mataji is telling us.

      1. adrian

        Continuing with the connection…

        Once established we begin to discover this feeling of Freeness… Flowingness…

        Or we begin to manifest the understanding/knowing of Free Will…

        Free will is the emotional feeling that comes from within that knows that I am with.. JOY.

        And then… we begin to “realize”… the joy that we can have in sharing with All!

        Where to begin?

        Doesn’t matter… start somewhere…

        You will Realize…


  2. Carmen

    I am the Spirit.

    I am the Spirit.

    I am the Spirit.

    As soon as I said the Mantra I was into meditation. No words can describe only feelings.

    Thank you Shri Mataji!


  3. Debbie

    Let’s work on maintaining our connection with The Spirit and Mother Kundalini. They are equally important to our ascent.

    Lots of love always.

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