Wisdom in an Ocean of Love and Peace on March 21st

Wisdom in an Ocean of Love and Peace on March 21st – Shri Mataji’s Birthday – The First Day of Spring – Inner Peace Message from Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Let’s explore this short article to absorb its treasures of wisdom and spiritual beauty. Make sure you are not missing the video “Shri Mataji’s message of Love and peace” either!

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Shri Mataji -First Day of Spring
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (March 21, 1923 – February 23, 2011)

Quotes collected from Shri Mataji’s speeches offered during her birthday celebrations:

(1985-03-17: Birthday Celebration, Melbourne, Australia)
“First remember you are Sahaja Yogis, you are my children,
and I love you very much – very, very much.  
So please have confidence in yourself, complete Confidence in YourSelf, all right?  
That’s the greatest thing you can give me today as a present.

May God bless you.”

“And my Vibrations are flowing from my eyes as tears to see that,

in this Kali yuga (the dark age) also,
there are people who are grateful to a Mother who just gives an abstract thing known as Vibration.
Actually I do not give you. I cannot give or take you’ll be surprised. It is just emitted through me.
It is beyond me to control myself from loving All of you. I do not know how people learn to hate.
I haven’t got sufficient time even to love people. I find 24 hours much less!

I do not know how people sit down and manipulate and think in a ice-cold manner how to be hateful.”

“On this day I would request you to: Think of Love All the Time.” (Shri Mataji)

 (VIDEO) Shri Mataji’s Message of Love and Peace

Experiment: Keep the hands open towards the screen to Feel the Vibrations Flowing:

– enlightened words transmit pure energy perceived as a cool breeze

Love is all knowledge. Knowledge is all love. There is nothing beyond.

If you have knowledge, it has to pass the Test of Love.

All the Sahaja yogis who have come here, all the other people who have joined us here, who are celebrating this earthly birthday of mine.

I am very thankful, very grateful and I am filled with great joy and happiness.”

(Shri Mataji on her Birthday Celebration, March 21, 1977)

Shri Mataji-by Patine-yogi from France
Image realized by Martine – sister sahaja yogini from France

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  2. letitia

    Foarte frumos si plin de vibratii

  3. adrian

    What a beautiful spring morning…
    What is doing the choosing.

  4. Sahaj

    Happy Inner Peace Day to all the peace warriors.

  5. Anjali

    A very happy birthday to Shri Mataji the one who gave humanity hope and mechanism to attain inner peace. The video above amd all the pictures are so full of cool vibrations…it transformed me from being stressed to calm and joyful. Thank you for this precious sharing Shri Mataji and to all those that made this article happen. Very grateful to all the work of sahaja yogis around the world to carry the legacy of pure meditation and spread it out in this much needed time.

  6. Shivangi

    No words are enough to describe the work of Shri Mataji. Happy Birthday from all of us and thank you very very much for the gift of Sahaja Yoga to the humanity

    Pure Love, Bliss and Peace.

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