Kruti’s Realization on Navaratri

Kruti’s Realization on Navaratri

Kruti performing at “Festival of Inner Lights” at Burlington Art Centre ** Sahaja Yoga Halton Event

We are sharing Kruti’s letter written precisely during the celebration of the Navaratri festival, during which the Sahaja Yogis from around the world take a meditative journey through their subtle chakra system, sending as well positive energy, attention and well wishes for all humanity. Let’s listen to Kruti’s Realization on Navaratri – it’s inspiring!

Also, make sure you are exploring this article thoroughly! It offers also knowledge about Navaratri, videos where you can listen to powerful hymns or meditate collectively with Yogis and watch the most particular Canadian Fall .. and more. 🙂

Also read about Kush’s dream with Shri Mataji! Kush is Kruti’s youngest son and he comes to our Cool Kids classes.

Rituals versus Self-Realization and Adi Shakti’s Recognition

Welcoming seekers in Burlington – “The Book of Adi Shakti” written by Shri Mataji is on the table

“I received my self-realization (awakening of the Kundalini energy) about 10 years from my younger sister, here in Halton region of Ontario, Canada.  From the very beginning she told me that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti, so I had decided to take my realization in the auspicious days of Navratri.  She also told me to setup a meditation altar (with Shri Mataji’s photograph as source of vibrations) separate from my own alter where I had  setup some Hindu idols of the Gods and Goddesses.  All Hindus ideally have this small temple (altar) in their house where they worship, I was no different.  So as soon as I got my realization, I would do a bandhan in front of Shri Mataji’s photo, then sit in front of my small temple to meditate.  Needless to say, I lost all my vibrations in 2 months of doing this.  I felt like my vibratory awareness was gone! I didn’t understand how this was possible since I was praying to God as well in my temple?”

Sahaja Yoga Family

Kruti, her sons, as well Kruti’s sister and her chhildren are all participating in a “Kundalini rising” mini-workshop at the Burlington Sahaja Yoga Class (2018)

“That’s when my sister came to rescue again.  She told me to do 2 things: First, stop praying to the idols, they emit no vibrations and second, start going to the class, obtaining the knowledge about all the chakras, so our meditation doesn’t become a ritual.  By Shri Mataji ‘s motherly Blessings, I followed her instructions. It was very difficult to let go of my old habits, but I did it.  That was my first valuable lesson in Sahaja Yoga to let go of my conditioning because the more we hang on to it, the more we fall behind in our ascend.  I met many seekers and yogis after that and simply enjoy meditating with them.  

“Sahaj Family Photo” from one of our Sahaja Yoga Meditation public programs offered at Burlington Class.

I was fortunate to have my Sahaja family to guide me in all these years, but what about other Yogis?  Are we talking to them about not getting involved in this ritualism? Do we try to find out what they are exactly looking for in temples/churches/mosque/GuruDwara? ” 

Vishwa Nirmala Dharma

We had such a lovely Sahaja Yoga Meditation Public Program in Burlington dedicated to Mother Earth as a Motherly Goddess and we even enacted a play; Kruti was deignated to represent “Goddess Mother Earth”; here she is honouring her Guru, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“Very rarely, I have to go to temples for my extended family’s beliefs, and I go, but I am very detached.  I look at it as an art work, the jewelry, clothes, stage decoration, etc..   I miss seeing the actual Photo of Shri Mataji as I recognize her as the Adi Shakti.  Our dharma is now universal (“vishwa” in Sanskrit) and based on direct personal experience of connection with the Divine, therefore is pure (“Nirmala” in Sanskrit) ; Shri Mataji named it Vishwa Nirmala Dharma.”

Release the Baggage!

“From my personal life, I consider that we have to let go of all the conditionings that we carried for years as whatever religion we were born in. It’s a conscientious decision we all have to make.  “

Meditation altar for Collective Celebration – 4 years of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Halton (miracle photo)

“Let’s pray to Shri Mataji on these days of Navratri to fully open our Agyna chakra so all this baggage we’ve been carrying with us, disappear.  Amen. Love, Kruti “

That was Kruti’s first letter. 🙂 You’d be glad to know that since Kruti’s Realization, her entire family is practicing Sahaja Yoga. Her two children are totally immerse in the Cool Kids sessions that we started offering many years back. Kruti’s sons are in fact connected to the subtle fibre of the world – the energy called vibrations – and many a times they offer us truly inspirational gifts of spirituality. Explore donw below such examples of children’s subtle connection.

Kush’s Dream about being with his playmates in Heaven with Shri Mataji

Kush playing the sitar during the Mahasamadhi Oakville public program offered by Halton Yogis

Dear Ioana,
We had an amazing collective time together at the Barrie festival.  It was our first time and we didn’t know what to expect.  It was amazing to meet the beautiful seekers of Barrie! It was very peaceful and joyful to give them realization.  Even the seekers were so grateful to get their realizations, which is so motivating to see.  We even did a collective footsoak at the end in the lake, which  added to the perfect wrap up for the day!  The whole family came home fully satisfied and happy.  My kids and I are glad that we made it to the festival and didn’t miss out the fun.  I hope to join you again next year.   On a separate note, Kush, my older one, had a beautiful dream the next day after the beautiful collective event we’ve joined this Sunday.

Painting realized by Sahaja Yogis – Shri Mataji and children in the divine realms of Sahasrara chakra (heaven)

Kush’s dream about Heaven, his playmates and Baby Lions with fur like Fire

Kush was in the school with classmates outside for recess.  He tod them a trick that if  you put a four leaf clover beside a dandle, then you go to heaven and you get a wish.  Then they were all in heaven, the friends came down with fire lions. However about the lions, instead of fur, it was all fire.  They were all playing with them.  They were baby fire lion.  All of his friends came down, but Kush was still in heaven, between clouds, praying. 

Then he saw Shri Mataji’s pictures, all around him. 

Different pictures of Shri Mataji, some of them smiling and some giving blessings. 

Each photo had a candle in front of them. Then he woke up.

 Love, Kruti

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Painting-framed-Dream-.png
Framed painting of a “Dream with Shri Mataji in Heaven”

We hope you’ve enjoyed the stories shared by Kruti. Let us know in a comment by the end of the article! Actually Kruti’s sons love to participate to the “Cool Kids & Parents” sahaja yoga meditation sessions that our Halton group of volunteers are offering across Ontario province for many year! Both children are talented and pursue their keen interest in music. We are sharing few more photos and videos that hopefully will bring this beautiful Gandhi family into your heart too! Kruti is studying different types of the Indian Classical Dance and is always generous in sharing her love for dance with us all. Enjoy the vibrations!

Watch Kruti dancing at the “Festival of Inner Lights” (2018)

Watch Kruti dancing at the “Festival of Inner Lights” (2017)


(click!) Love, Joy, Greatness: Watch Sharing Pure Love with Shri Mataji – Mahasamadhi Tribute @ Oakville Class (FEEDBACK)

(click!) Shri Mataji’s Bindi like Bright Golden Sun – Gandhi Family’s relationship with Nature and Yoga

Photos from a beautiful event dedicated to Earth’s Day when Halton Yogis created a special In-class Seminar dedicated to “Shri Adi Bhoomi Devi” in Burlington – honouring the subtle powers of Mother Earth as a Goddess. We also introduced the principle of Shri Mahalakshmi. Kruti played the role of Mother Earth 🙂
From the same Sahaja Yoga meditation program in Burlington dedicated to “Shri Bhoomi Devi”

(video) Navaratri Deep Meditation with Ancient Mantras and Beautiful Canadian Fall

Don’t forget to drop a comment about “Kruti’s Realization on Navaratri” article. Feel free to share a personal experience!

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  1. helen

    All so amazing. The dancing, the sharing of the dream, the pictures, the smiles of integration on everyone faces is filling my heart with tremendous joy!!
    The Devi Kavach is so wonderful to listen to and so too the guided meditation with clear explanations!! WOW. Thank you all so so much!!

  2. helen

    All so amazing. The dancing, the sharing of the dream, the pictures, the smiles of integration on everyone faces is filling my heart with tremendous joy!!
    The Devi Kavach is so wonderful to listen to and so too the guided meditation with clear explanations!! Thank you all so so much!!

  3. Carmen

    kruti you look so beautiful and so does Kush. The altar in the house is very important because we know that we have an altar already internally but the physical one give us a place to enter into our inner one and then rise to the top of the head. Only by experiencing you will understand. You have your altar at home, you have your altar in your heart and then your altar in the universe. How cool is that? A picture of Shri Mataji and a candle is all is necessary. Namaste.

  4. Kavita Dayal

    Beautiful experience of Kruti and sons. Felt vibrations and love and truth. Thank you! for Sharing. Lots of love ❤️ We are blessed to have a collective that continuously nurtures us.

  5. Jolanta

    Dear Kruti, I enjoyed your story the photographs and videos. It is amazing that practicing Sahaja Yoga brings together people from various backgrounds because inside we all are the same in the sense that we all have the Kundalini energy, 7 chakras and 3 channels. Thank you for sharing part of your spiritual journey.

  6. Rebecca

    My dear Kruti: I loved reading your experiences in becoming the wonderful Sahaja yoga leader that we enjoy on a daily basis. You and your boys and your sister Anjali and your Mom, Taruna, are so inspirational to all of us. You are true yogi leaders and you bring comfort, wisdom and joy to everyone who have the opportunity to connect with you. Your commitment to assist us with morning and evening meditations through the pandemic has been so helpful. You are so very blessed that your entire family have become yogis and are able to share your talents and spiritual gifts with other seekers. We all appreciate your ongoing commitment to making such a positive impact on our lives. Thank you so much.

  7. nira

    wow! What a dream Kush!
    So lucky! keep it up.
    much love from aunty Nira

  8. Kruti

    Dear Ioana, what a pleasant surprise this article is for me. It comes as an early Christmas/Diwali gift. Through this article I was able to relive the precious memories of how my beautiful journey in Sahaja Yoga started. And reading the comments is wrapping me with so much love and appreciation for my Sahaja family. Feeling very fortunate to have you all in my life.

  9. Niti

    I really felt happy reading about Kruti’s journey towards sahajyoga in a very simple and understandable manner, The word conscientious truly Impacted me that we all should come out from the
    baggage of the false conditioning,Also enjoyed the Kush’s beautiful dream with Shri Mataji,Kruti’s dances
    are really inspiring,and the pictures of Kruti dressed in red sari as Adi Bhoomi devi is amazingly beautiful.

  10. Kavitha

    Kruti, enjoyed reading your and Kush’s experience. You dance with Grace. I can relate to your conditioning about mandir/alter at home and visiting temples. I had lots of questions about how worshipping Idols help us connect to the divine. It is not easy to defy rituals carried on for generations. I started seeking and answers came to me from several of Mataji’s talks. Some of the points I gathered are Murti pooja or idol worshipping is ok if the Idol was created by a realized person without greed for money. Plastic idols or something that are printed/created in factory can be placed at home but should not be worshipped. It is ok to visit places with idols that were self manifested from mother earth or swayambhu. Visiting temples/mandir that is more inclined towards making money can harm our chakras, Mataji said even applying tilak from such places can catch our chakra. After realization , if we can feel coolness in our hands while holding in front of an idol or at a place of worship then it is safe and can be worshipped/visited.
    One thing I realized is most of the havan, poojas performed do not have idols or use man made items, instead uses things from nature like water, coconut, fire , sandlewood , turmeric paste etc. Also I have seen saligram (Fossil stone found on the bank of river Gandaki, nepal) being worshipped in temples in natural form and is place near the idol. Here is an excerpt from Mataji’s talk that made me realize where we lost it “……Shri Dutta, the primordial masters firstly in this world educated us about the symbolic forms within us. And then also said that you people got entangled in symbolism, in idol worshipping. Their meaning was to go beyond and recognize the power within these idols. That’s why they talked about the idols. For example, there is a flower, and to describe the honey within the flower, they talked about the flower first. From which the people would taste the honey. But people got stuck to flower. So then they took incarnations and talked about the honey….”.

  11. Ajay Nargas

    Journey to Sahaj Yoga, so well written and understood. Her well narrated experience on ascent after reworking on prevalent conditioning has clarified my mind explicitly. Thanks Jai shree mataji

  12. Kavita

    Such beautiful article. Full of vibrations. Kruti’s experiments with truth are beautiful. Thank you!

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