Invite to Free Festival of New Beginnings 2024

You and Yours are invited to the Free Festival of New Beginnings 2024

photos of Spring 2024 in Burlington (from Ioana)

Watch the “Festival of New Beginnings” video-clip Invite shared by local TV News during an interview with Shivangna from 100 Seeds of Joy team

Our 100 Seeds of Joy Team of volunteers were interviewed this past week by local TV and Newspapers regarding the upcoming Festival of New Beginnings 2024. Above is the video-interview with Shivangna and below the newspaper article based on an interview with Ioana, both volutneers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers based in the Halton region.

Let’s Read some details from the fresh article published in the Local Media about the Annual Spring Event offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of Volunteers

We are sharing some snippets from the article published about our Festival of New Beginnings 2024, just in case you have problems viewing the article in your country.

We have many friends from everywhere that are enjoying our articles and want to get a feeling of what are we up to these days. 🙂

Burlington in Spring (photos from Ioana in April 2024)

Wisdom about the Global Family concept shared by many Realized Souls (related article)

We hope that you enjoyed these excerpts shared above from an article published recently in the Halton online media. It was based on an interview in April 2024 with one of the Burlington volunteers from 100 Seeds of Joy Community Initiative created by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. Enjoy some more info below!

Watch also this video-clip Invite created by a volunteer from our Halton SYMN Classes

See you on Sunday, May 5th between 2pm and 4 pm at the Burlington Lions Club. Yes?!

There are so many more suprises and the Agenda is very rich but we cannot say too much. Come and Invite others too!

Check the Youtube Playlist with glimpses from The Festival of New Beginnings 2023 but this year it will be different in content, yet similar in terms of joyful, meaningful and positive energy

Just one example: video-clip from the very end of last year’s Festival of New Beginnings

You should also explore the next two articles from which you can breathe in some Positivity. 🙂

(enjoy) Vibrant Collective Joy and Meditation celebrating the Energies of the Earth and Sun

(enjoy) A Peek into the Flames that Speak of Inner Lights

Watch the Video-Clip from the Earth Day that started in the Heart of Burlington with Good News of New Beginnings! Such a Good Omen! Yes?!

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  1. NITI

    Thanks for the invite for this amazing upcoming event of sahastrara day.I really appreciate your and all the Halton collectivity for their efforts to spread the vision of mother selflessly and full of dedication.

  2. Kruti

    Looking forward to the event with my family. See you soon.

  3. Paula

    Looking forward to this wonderful event this Sunday. The artists will have us thoughtless without realizing it, and next thing you know, you’re enjoying your essence. I know, because it is an experience I look forward to, that adds new dimensions of joy to my life. Making time for mental health and wellness, enjoying the arts and following along the guided meditation couldn’t be easier. Plus it’s rejuvenating. Hence the name. It’s a festival for a new beginning…to start spring off fresh and ready to live life through the eyes of a new awareness. Can’t wait! Of course, it seems to always wrap up with collective dancing which I love.

  4. Gratiela

    Wonderful invitation for the whole Burlington community.I am looking forward to go.

  5. Anjali

    My Children just saw the tv report and they are so excited to be a part of this festival. Such an enriching program not to be missed! my children and I are looking forward to it tomorrow.

  6. Isabelle

    Something really special. Not to be missed!

  7. Helen

    So wonderful.reading and listening to all you are presenting and sharing. Wonderful, wonderful!!

    Cannot wait to see and read more about the Special May 5 Festival you will share.

    Thank you so so much!!!

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