Feel the Poetry of the Nocturnal Niagara Falls

Let’s Feel the Poetry of the Nocturnal Niagara Falls experienced by a Swiss Traveler and Student Montrealer while we are reading his Spiritual Teacher‘s Quotes of Wisdom and Joy

“The joy comes on you, just like waterfall, the rain of waterfall and you don’t know how to express yourself. “

Nocturnal photo of Niagara Falls captured on May 5th, 2024 just before the midnight by Lucas, Swiss student visiting from Montreal

“Poetry is like moonlight and when it falls upon any matter, it enhances the beauty and gives it a charisma and the language is so beautiful that it hides all the ugliness as the moonlight hides all the detailed ugliness.

It creates an atmosphere – so meditative.”

Let’s continue meditate with nocturnal images of Niagara Falls captured on May 5th, 2024

Nocturnal photo of Niagara Falls captured on May 5th, 2024 just before the midnight by Lucas, Swiss student visiting from Montreal

Quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi‘s teachings

“So, that is what we are, in a stage where our lives have become so much interwoven with beautiful events and beautiful visions of such lyrical rhythms, that it becomes impossible to get out of it.”

Nocturnal photo of Niagara Falls captured on May 5th, 2024 just before the midnight by Lucas, Swiss student visiting from Montreal

Did you know? May 6 is the National Tourist Appreciation Day so we are dedicating this article to that day, especially that Lucas visited Niagara Falls around midnight (May 5 going May 6)

Nocturnal photo of Niagara Falls captured on May 5th, 2024 just before the midnight by Lucas, Swiss student visiting from Montreal

Did you know?! Niagara Falls emits a powerful energy associated in the Yoga Chakra System to be connected to the ideal pure relationship between human beings as brothers and sisters within our Global Human Family

“This is what is Sahaja Yoga; that it makes our life the prose into poetry – the poetry of experiences and events that take place.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi — the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Photo by Ioana on May 6, 2024 at Royal Botanical Garden, enjoying the Poetry of Nature in the company of Lucas and other Montrealer friends.

The Story behind the photos with Niagara Falls captured during the night of May 5th, 2024

On May 5th, 2024 we enjoyed The Festival of New Beginnings in Burlington. We meditated collectively in several ways through the event, we absorbed the beauty of experiencing a multi-cultural Canada while learning about the Orthodox Easter traditions specific to Greece and Romania, but also about the pre-Christian Easter connections.

Preparations for a Collective “Easter Egg Tapping” with a “New Beginings” twist, explained by Ioana from SYMN team (100 Seeds of Joy)

Watch Adina‘s short video-clip summarizing a few of The Festival of New Beginnings‘ activities

Right after the event we were invited at Mama Carmela for a “yogi family” celebration that was in fact a feast of amazing food, joy and laughter; even a micro-recital took place! Also someone’s birthday became every yogi’s birthday!

Surprise Old Romanian Love song interpreted by an Ukrainian singer and friend (FUN)

(example) Spontaneous micro-recital offered at Mama Carmela’s home by the Montrealer yogis

That night we heard Lucas confessing that he’s never been to Niagara Falls and he would love to! It was already very late, after a very long day, yet some of us decided, quite enthusiastically, to pay a visit to Niagara Falls that very night and ensure that Lucas will see his dream become reality, especially that the (night) time was ripe for a dream. 🙂

Photos with Lucas and his Yogi Friends visitng Niagara Falls on the night between May 5 and May 6 2024

Last image from Niagara Falls captured on the night of May 5th, 2024 by Lucas (Switzerland / Montreal, Canada).

You have below four links to explore and discover new experiences and the Beauty around

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(click) Link to VIDEO (Niagara Falls with Rainbow, Boat and Horseshoe’s powerful mouth)  here.

(click!) Divine Faces in Niagara Falls?! The Journey behind the Falls – Thunder Goddess – Shri Vishnumaya in Photos

Video of Niagara Falls during day time. I was in a complete state of meditation watching it, that’s why I took this video: to meditate together :-).

Drop a comment if you wish. Lucas and everyone in our team would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Paula

    The photos at night of Niagara Falls is otherworldly. Helps one to be humbled by the silence and beauty of the falls. Enjoyed very much the quotes from Shri Mataji and the spontaneous road trip after performing and celebrating all day at the Festival of New Beginnings. Days like that you feel like they can go on forever and no one wants to say goodbye. Everyone is going with the meditation flow and laughing and enjoying everyone and everything.

    Mama Carmela’s banquet table in the tiniest house in Burlington has welcomed so many yogis and seekers with food, warmth and love. Everyone contributes in so many ways to a feast for the senses. Carmela is a national treasure but how we all came to find each other, and feel joy to the fullest, that’s the real story. I have met some of the most precious people because of these simple meditation classes, workshops and events. I myself transformed and gained some qualities ( and “ powers”) to navigate life, and to shine. I saw the spark in other people’s eyes light up. It’s a tremendous discovery to evolve from the inside and out. I’m still growing, we all are, but I’m amazed how profoundly one can learn about oneself and expand. Keep joy giving! Every article is a pearl. Namaste everyone!

  2. Kruti

    The photos and the quotes mentioned in this article emitting cool vibrations that I feel on top of my head. So beautiful.❤️

  3. Anjali

    Feeling like I missed out.
    We need to visit Niagagra falls at night and meditate there. I was there recently in April around 9 30ish PM…I felt being there at night time was so easy to be in meditative mode compared to a few hours earlier. So who is in for a night visit to Niagara Falls and meditate in the silence of this magnificent fall.
    Lucas, thank you for capturing these magical photos they go perfectly with Shri Mataji s precious words about poetry. So soothing this article. Lovely.

  4. isabelle

    I am in for a night visit to Niagara Falls Anjali. I too missed out. The pictures are beautiful. What a magical day and night it must have been!

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