Holy Woman Gives Light (Diwali Story)

Holy Woman Gives Light in this True Diwali Story

The Experiences of an Enlightened Journey leading to Becoming a Sahaja Yogini

Let’s follow closely Adina’s stories from Romania and Canada (enjoy the photo galleries too!)

My name is Adina and I was born in a city in southern Romania called Ploiesti. At the moment I live in London, Ontario, Canada, where I arrived 18 years ago. When I was 22 years old, a co-worker invited me to attend a meeting of the Sahaja Yogis in Ploiesti. I accepted the invitation and was very pleasantly surprised by what I discovered: a room enveloped in particularly soothing music and the scent of sandalwood, full of very open people of all ages, whose smiles were somehow lit from within. By the end of the first meeting, I had not only learned about the energy channels in the human body and how the primordial energy (Shri Adi Shakti) that gave birth to the entire Universe can be awakened within it, but I had already felt its cool breeze above my head—which it seemed to me an absolutely extraordinary thing.


I continued to go to Sahaja Yogi meetings and the more I learned about Sahaja Yoga, the more it all started to make sense. All my questions about the Universe, the different religions, and the meaning of humanity’s existence were answered one by one.

Weeks flew by and near the end of 1994 I heard that the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, was planning to visit Bucharest, the capital of Romania the following year.

Mother Mary – painting on the entrace’s ceiling of a Romanian church in Bucharest (photo from June 2022). Mother Mary is considered to be the incarnation of the Holy Spirit by sahaja yogis and the Holy Spirit as being active within us through Kundalini energy. This beautiful painting has on its sides spirals that reminded me of Kundalini.


As soon as I heard, I made a point of going to see her in person. I was so excited that I felt the need to share the immense joy in my soul with someone else.

Adina and Ioana in Burlington – Joyous after celebrating the Diwali Puja in Burlington (October 2022)

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At that time, my grandmother (my mother’s mother) was still alive. When I told her about Shri Mataji’s coming and that I wanted to go see her, grandmother expressed her desire to go with me to see her too.

The months flew by and, on the morning of Shri Mataji’s visit to Bucharest, my grandmother and I were together on the train. You must know about my grandmother that she was a simple woman from the country, who could not hear very well, and who, with age, had become very religious. I had not told him anything about Shri Mataji, but he loved me very much and that is why she wanted to go with me.

I don’t know how much she managed to understand from Shri Mataji’s speech that was given in English and translated into Romanian, but it is certain that my grandmother was deeply impressed by her presence and what she felt in the sea of ​​people who they had come to see Shri Mataji.

At the end of the event, my grandmother said only this: “This is, indeed, a Holy Woman!

Shri Mataji’s framed photo found in the house of dear old friends in Bucharest, Romania (June 2022)

The Dream with Shri Mataji in Canada – Urging Adina to Complete her Self-Realization

This painting is representing Shri Mataji transmitting the divine light in form of vibrations as Shri Adi Shakti – the Primordial Cosmic Power known as well as the Holy Spirit in Christianity

Now, 27 years after seeing Her in person in Bucharest, Shri Mataji appeared to me for the first time in a dream. In my dream, she was young and wore a golden garment that transmitted the light. I approached and wanted to kiss Her hand, but She tenderly took my hand in hers and slipped some coins into my palm, telling me that I only had to buy a WHITE toga, that I didn’t need anything else… When I woke up, I did not realize what the meaning of this dream could have been. I just felt completely calm and rested.

Later, while meditating, I realized that WHITE is actually the ‘colour’ of the last chakra, Sahasrara, and that the dream was actually a call to exist at that level so that I could permanently connect with the Source of the universal energy and with its Divine Light.

Shri Mataji is wearing the White Sari – that’s most of the time Her choice for the Public Programs. The photograph is positioned between other 2 photos that reveal the colors of the beautiful Canadian Autumn, much appreciated by Shri Mataji. Photos are Ioana’s – Adina’s Romanian friend and sahaja yogini from Burlington in the Halton region of Ontario, Canada.

In religious ceremonies we always hear that “we come from the earth and to the earth we return“. But we Sahaja Yogis, because we are realized souls, know that people are actually splashes of primordial light encased in stardust. This light also sometimes appears in photographs when we manage to be together in Sahasrara.

Happy Diwali Everyone and Enjoy Shri Mataji’s DIWALI Letter!

Adina (sahaja yogini from the SYMN collective (Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network present in Halton and Niagara)

Dear Reader, make sure to continue reading this article as it has more Stories connected to Adina’s and more Lights to offer!

The larger story that includes Adina’s Dream

Ioana (Adina’s friend):

Adina shared her dream on whats’up. It was posted only a few minutes after I had sent a whats’up message to other Sahaja Yogis, asking them if they had felt anything special the previous night! For me, it was a special night because Kundalini energy felt rising so tall and was pouring vibrations through the body. It made me go to the meditation room, knowing that I must connect to the Collective Consciousness, to share the “spiritual fruits”. The Divine knows how to gather through the Collective Consciousness these powerful vibrations and how to use them “when needed” and especially “where needed” in the world. 🙂 So, naturally, the next morning I tried to find out if it was a “collective” energy event or not. Someone answered and it was like a “signed note from the Above”, confirming that “Yes, that’s right, the night was auspicious”. So cool seeing the “fruits” materialized, and benefited “some people”. Reference to our Adina who received her first dream with Shri Mataji “that night” and especially the dream was absolutely inspirations, what we call “realized” in Sahaja Yoga, with clear reference to Self-growth and assuming one’s spiritual Destiny.

The history of a Romanian Diwali materialized in Canada

Post Scriptum from Ioana:

Adina contacted me by phone shortly before the pandemic, around February 2020. We talked and it was a very nice surprise to learn that she had also started Sahaja Yoga in Romania some time ago. According to her, she had to stop the meditation at some point, being carried away by the waves of life and she had not yet reached “deep”. In 2020, she suddenly felt the need to reconnect. While she was searching for Sahaja Yoga in Canada, Adina found my contact. From March 21st, 2020 – Shri Mataji’s birthday – Adina started joining our SYMN online classes. Later that year, in summer 2020, we were able to meet in person, here in Burlington, where I live with my family (and the Family of Sahaja Yogis of Halton and Niagara Regions, because that’s how we literally feel: “family “). In almost 2 years we managed to be together more in Spirit than “face to face”. And yet, Adina’s Light spreads strong like a beacon that scatters the London fog, and even creates Fireflies! Let’s see how she does it and what do I mean by that. Let’s check if it’s just “talk” or maybe the “Lumen measurements” are “quite accurate”. 🙂

A True Diwali Story – Festival of Lights – with Adina as the main character (or not?!)

Shri Mataji in the North Train Station in Bucharest on July 9th, 1996. We call this a miracle photo because it catches the subtle energy transmitted by our subtle body that’s made of spiritual energy.

I would like to tell you “Adina’s story” from my perspective. We saw each other “live” only 3 times in 2 years, each time on “our land” in Burlington with our respective closest family members.

Why is this a true Diwali Story?!

Because a little light like Adina’s, created a “string of lights” and ‘Diwali’ or ‘Deepawalli” means ‘row of candles’ translated from Hindi. The festival of Diwali is a cultural moment that lasts for five days and is full of spiritual symbols that we Sahaja Yogis interpret, feel and honor through collective meditations and with much joy of being together. In addition, Diwali represents as an “idea” exactly what we “do” in Sahaja Yoga classes: giving light to everyone, by raising the kundalini energy in others (Self-Realization Experience), which leads to the inner illumination of everyone. Then every “newly realized” soul has the intrinsic ability to give the “light” further. Indeed, Shri Mataji has created a “Perpetuum Mobile” of a spiritual nature, as long as there is a sincere desire to give light, and a sincere desire to receive light. Personally, this fundamental principle of not imposing oneself, but of respecting the free will of the “other”, paradoxically “conquered me”. The supreme force of evolutionary power, which can alter and transform at the cellular and whole level, has the humility not to oppress or manipulate. Lumina is waiting for the door to be opened and to be nicely invited inside. Darkness creeps or rushes. But let’s return from the Cosmos “outside” and look at “near us” – in itself, a World of contradictions, predilections and possibilities forming its Destiny on the go. So it was really nice to watch how Adina first nursed her own candle to give a nice light and stabilize. It was great to receive feedback on the Sahaja Yoga articles shared with “everyone” and see how she was increasingly moved by the depth of wisdom offered by Sahaja Yoga, in addition to growing in trust in pure, vibrational knowing

Adina’s messages and The Poem shared after our online Collective Meditations

“Very beautiful photos and quotes (from the articles)! Reading them, I felt some wonderful vibes – it gave me goosebumps and a sense of peace…♥”

“After the last online collective meditation, I wrote this:”

“Diwali – The Divine Lights” Poem

Under closed eyelids

I find your divine light.

It is etched in my soul

Since the beginning of time.

The fire in your eyes

Opens the gates to the sky.

And then, my spirit sheds

All the illusions of this world

All the fake conditionings of this body

To take flight

And be One

With the Sun.”

(Poem written by Adina in 2020, after one of our SYMN online sahaja yoga meditation sessions)

Corporate employees benefit from Sahaja Yoga Meditation program offered during the pandemic

Adina initiated a Sahaja Yoga meditation program at her place of work. Said and done! In June 2021, we offered the program online and it was really special. It didn’t matter who came, but funny enough, we didn’t know the CEO of the company was among the attendees. We received ad hoc appreciations after the session, we encouraged everyone to open up, ask questions, so we were no longer waiting to receive anything more. Instead, a few days later we received a very beautiful “Letter of Appreciation”. Indeed, one can feel the “light” of self-realization, glimmering so beautifully between the lines. Based on the impressions collected below, we have, so to speak, “material proof” that “strings of lights” have lit up at our corporate Sahaja Yoga Meditation offered by the yogini volunteer from Burlington:

Note in original:

CEO from a Londonese Company writes an Appreciation and Recommendation Letter after attending the Sahaja Yoga Meditation session offered by SYMN volunteer from Burlington

In fact, during the pandemic our team of volunteers continued to offer Sahaja Yoga Meditation sessions that were highly appreciated by everyone, individuals or corporations that reached out to us! This is just an notable example as it links to Adina’s “Diwali Story” 🙂

I hope you enjoy, and see now why this article is dedicated to the celebration of Diwali! We want more and more people to receive their Self-Realization, to find their inner joy, peace, balance and spiritual family. Thank you Adina and we are glad that you will celebrate your first Diwali Puja Collective Meditation with us in Burlington, tomorrow, October 23, 2022. On the same day, this Diwali Puja will also be celebrated in Romania, in Timisoara. Truly a symbolic commemorative moment, as Shri Mataji visited same Romanian town about 20 years ago for an international Diwali Puja, and I was there. How little lights silently wake up other little lights and we go around the world together. Suns among the suns and stars! Leaves on the Tree of Life that unites us All.

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Learn about Romania and Feel its Beauty in many ways, including the Spiritual ones

Recorded (LIVE) online Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network program focused on Sahasrara (the Crown Chakra) with Compilations and Examples. Enjoy!

Romanian Music – Amazing and filmed Live!

We hope this article brought you many sparkly joys and smiles. Make sure when you get a chance you let us know how you felt about it. You can drop a comment by the end of this article or even tell us in person if you’re joining our in person or online programs! Let’s wish a Happy Diwali for Every heart Every Day!

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