Mari Joël’s Letter to the Mayor of Burlington – A Burlington “New Beginnings” Personal Experience

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Mari Joël was able to enjoy Halton’s beautiful nature only on her very last day of her short visit to Canada in 2015 (as Canada Culture Days’ guest artist).

Mari Joël of Holland shares her personal “New Beginnings” Burlington experience in her Letter to the Mayor of Burlington

Few days ago I’ve received the following email from Mari Joël, in response to my request to read the Proclamation from the Mayor of Burlington as I knew how much she loves to receive some “news from my Halton Sahaja Yoga Family“.

We felt it would be nice if her feedback about the Celebration of “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi” this year with “The Festival of New Beginnings” in Burlington would materialize in a Letter to the Mayor. 🙂

Note: the precedent was set by her artist brother, Tim Bruce from UK. They visited Burlington together back in 2015, so I felt that hopefully Mari Joël will also have a similar “reaction” as he had, resulting into a Letter to the Mayor.

Tim Bruce (UK) and Mari Joël (Holland) taking a walk in Burlington’s Spencer Smith Park by the Lake Ontario.

Indeed, Mari Joël took her time to respond :-), then, totally surprised me with her email charged with her love for all of us!

Mari Joël playing her songs in the plaza next to the City Hall in Burlington’s downtown. She was invited by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation to contribute to our Art & Spirituality workshops planned for the durations of Canada Culture Days in Burlington.

For Everyone in Burlington: This is also a “Love You Burlington!” Letter that will Open your Heart!

Hi Ioana, 

Underneath you find my letter. I suddenly realized that I didn’t know the Mayor’s name, that’s why I didn’t include it. I’ve been very occupied the last few weeks, so I couldn’t send it earlier, but hope it’s still on time. As you’ll see it’s rather long, but that’s the only way I could properly recall my Burlington experience in detail.

Love & Joy, 

Mari Joël

(letter underneath:)

Mari Joël’s Letter to the Mayor of Burlington

The letter was received by Ioana Popa via email; it was addressed to the Mayor of Burlington.

Enjoy a few photos with Mari Joël enjoying her time in Burlington and around!

We have such beautiful memories with Mari Joël here in Burlington. She stayed with my family, then with Mama Carmela and with Paula, she brought her inner light in every home she visited! I have seen her talking beautifully about the healing power of Kundalini backstage at the Burlington Arts Performing Centre. One story teller was so impressed that she asked for her self-realization right there! She felt the cool breeze and the peace within.

For me it was a privilege to be with these 3 talented yet unassuming artists and see how their sahaj spirituality shines through their artistic work: Kristine from Toronto / Nova Scotia, Mari Joël from Holland and Tim from the UK. They, amongst other yogi artists that answered our call to bring Art & Spirituality to our lovely Burlington community, did not promise anything, yet they delivered everything! Thank You!

I’ve seen Mari Joël talking to classes of children and they listened to her, not only to her music. They tried to see if their subtle energy is flowing through them. Her personal spiritual experiences are powerful and we hope to share them here on our website. She has a lovely family with her talented husband ; their home is a “nest of love and musical creativity”!

I will place one more piece from Mari Joel’s “Love letter” for Burlington & Halton Sahaja Yoga Family.

A gift we were waiting for!

NEW Music Album by Mari Joel and Kenny Clarys

Hi Ioana,

And something else: maybe you know that I’ve recently recorded a new album together with my husband (and multi-instrumentalist) Kenny. At first it was only available physically (CD and download card) but just now we’ve put it online, so you can access it too… Here are the links on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer:


Could you please send these links to everyone I’ve met in your collective?

I would love for them to hear this! 

Love & Joy, 

Mari Joël

Dear Mari Joël we are waiting for you right here! Bring your family so they can enjoy our vibrant city of Burlington with everything it has to offer! Also I wonder if you remember that in the scheduled events of Canada Culture Days of 2015, we were inspired to create the “Celebrate Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day” event. Isn’t this something!

(check more memories) From OUR HEART to YOURS: Appreciation Letter to Halton SAHAJA YOGA VOLUNTEERS from CITY of BURLINGTON

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  1. NITI

    Thanks Ioana for sharing this Precious letter of Mari Joel to our kind hearted mayor of Burligton, I really enjoyed reading her letter through my heart.Each and every word of this letter I felt like a masterpiece also the pictures and the songs too.Thanks for sharing brother Tim Bruce performance.

  2. Ajay Nargas

    Ioana thanks… for sharing letter from Mari Joel to Mayor of Burlington. Marie letters every word written from her heart enlightens every yogi on how Mataji Mahamaya shakti brings global loving community together. She brought out truely meaning of New beginning for souls seeking truth .Jai shree Mataji

  3. Kruti

    Meeting Mari Joel surely felt special. She was so humble, joyful, and sweet. It was a great privilege meeting her in person and listening to her music live, outside in nature. Reading her letter however, brought so much more love and respect for her. Thank you Mari Joel for sharing your story/experience with us. It’s so uplifting, encouraging, and full of vibrations. We love listening to your music online, please continue to share your talent with the world. We absolutely need it.

  4. Paula

    What an incredible time it was during Culture days to have Tim Bruce and Marie Joel here. When I mentioned I could escort artists on my flight passes from their country to ours, all doors opened for us to share a cross country, global love for all cultures worldwide in our lovely Burlington. The love was felt. The music was exquisite and I can’t wait to hear more music from these artists who came with open hearts to open the hearts of so many more on the shores of the mighty Lake Ontario. They were some of the most blissful memories and sharing the goodwill and pure intentions with all of Burlington was received with open arms. The feedback was incredible. I highly recommend the music of Marie Joel and Kenny, so talented and unique is their music that Carrie’s the listener into a new reality.

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