Tim Bruce’s Letter to the Mayor of Burlington

We received Tim Bruce’s Thank You Letter addressed to the Mayor of Burlington

Tim Bruce in 2015 in his first “guest singer” act during the Canada Culture Days beautiful event held at the Burlington Arts Performing Centre.

Remember Tim Bruce? We have so many exceptional memories with our talented sahaja yogi artist brother who answered our call in the Fall of 2015 and visited us in Burlington for about 3 weeks. We will share some of our memories, how we travelled across the Halton region and beyond, we even reached to Richmond Hills with our “inner peace workshops with live music and sahaja yoga meditation” offered to students and teachers from a variety of schools and highschools.

About the Thank You Letter from Tim Bruce

Once Ioana Popa from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network group of volunteers (known as “Halton & Niagara Sahaja Yoga Meditation“) received from the Mayor’s Office the Proclamation aboutMarch 21st, 2023 to be celebrated as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day with The Festival of New Beginnings“, many of our friends from around the globe read about it via the article announcement published on our Free-Meditation.ca website.

That’s how Tim Bruce from the UK, had found out the news that moved him so much that he took the time to write a Thank You Letter to the Mayor of Burlington and sent it to me with the ask to “pass it on”. The Mayor has it and we are also sharing it with you all as it is also a testimony to our Burlington community’s beauty. Let’s enjoy it below!

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We hope that by now you have a large smile on your face and in your heart, maybe you’d like to visit us here too!

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  1. Anjali

    As Tim Bruce has said in his letter, it is truly gratifying that our Mayor, Marianne Meed Ward has acknowledged the great work of Shri Mataji has done all over the world and Her teachings we, Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network has brought to Burlington for 18 years now. Looking forward to this beautiful celebration of honoring Shri Mataji with the mayor on Saturday March 18th at burlington art gallery. Thank you Tim for this wonderful message and Ioana for sharing this joy. ❤️

  2. Paula

    It is wonderful to hear and see the appreciation from a great artist from England, Tim Bruce, who considers himself as we do at Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network, a global personality. The culture Days were and are, truly inclusive and joy giving. We participated to a great degree! The Festival of New Beginnings this Sat. March 18 is truly a valiant and unifying event that can bring inner peace that permeates the community on a local and global scale. It is an answer and method towards mental health and wellness and peace. The tapestries of culture celebrated while achieving the goal of yoga=union is what the world needs now and forever.

    Thank you to the Mayor Marianne Meed Ward for acknowledging the precious teachings of Shri Mataji and dedicating March 21 to be the day to celebrate her and her efforts to enlighten humanity. These acknowledgments spread awareness and promote collectivity. It wil be a wonderful celebration and we welcome you as well as the entire community, with open arms.

    May we spread joy and make Burlington and even more places in the world, great and equitable and peaceful places to live, evolve, love, learn, connect and grow together.

  3. Kruti

    Vibrations are so strong from Tim Bruce’s letter! It’s such a joy to hear from a brother miles away, showing love and respect for our local community here. My family and I are looking forward to this wonderful event of New Beginnings and meeting Mayor Ward and the team. Thank you.

  4. armaity bhabha

    So happy to read brother Tim Bruce’s letter to City of Burlington’s Mayor.
    It is great to see the work of Shri Adi Shakti’s children being acknowledged in this way.
    Kudos to Halton & Niagara Sahaja Yoga Collective for spreading the Joy and Message of Sahaja Yoga in the right way & spirit.

  5. Ajay Nargas

    Very encouraging and thoughtful letter from brother Tim to Burlington Mayor. Visibly its Divine blessings for efforts of Halton collective in spreading everlasting love , joy , happiness in community collectively. Jai shree Mataji

  6. Gergana Boneva

    All mayors should receive such letters. Happy 100 anniversary of Adi Shakti’s Advent on Earth! May Humanity rise to thoughtless awareness and recognize Shri Adi Shakti Mataji as The True Avatar of the World.

  7. NITI

    Thanks Ioana for sharing this letter of brother Tim Bruce to our very kind hearted,mayor of Burlington, who acknowledged mothers vision for the benevolence of all the humankind .Thanks Tim
    Bruce for this letter.

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