(Photos & Appreciation Letter) Tim Bruce brings Poetry, Music and Meditation @ Aldershot High-school in Burlington

“An artist can serve the society through others by creating a deep impact on their minds. Such is the motivating force of an artist.”

– Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation
Tim Bruce at Unionsville School Class Meditation wiht Music -1
 (photo: Tim Bruce and his harp @ Unionville highschool for Meditation, Poetry, and Music workshop)
Welcome to Aldershot -Shulin
The Aldershot school welcomed and opened its doors for Tim Bruce – actor, singer, writer and director from UK, visiting Burlington during Canada Cultural Days in Burlington at the invite of Sahaja Yoga meditation charity group, who celebrated this year 10 years of volunteering service in Burlington. Tim Bruce had offered workshops – of a unique format where guided meditation, poetry, live theater opera music as well inter-active resonators experiments were mixed together –  for students from several classes, at the invite of their teachers.
Resonators & sounds handout copy (1)

“Dancing, art, every kind of creativity will definitely bring forth the spiritual aspect of America’s life…. You know how much I love music.  It is not (only) because I am fond of music, but through music, vibrations (positive energy)  can be spread much faster….”  

– Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (founder of sahaja yoga meditation)

Aldershot School Veritas Nos Ducat

Definitely the schools we’ve been in Burlington area offer exactly this amazing diverse creativity and appreciate artists, even more those artists that have coaching skills for younger generations; sharing useful tips, such as meditation and resonating techniques for dealing with pre-performance anxiety and self-doubting.

Ioana and Tim Bruce at Unionsville - Richmond Hills highs
Ioana (volunteer instructor from sahaja yoga meditation team- Burlington) introducing the subtle system of energy centre as well introducing the special guest, Tim Bruce to drama and art class students and teachers from Unionville high-school – Richmond Hill (Sept 18, 2015)

Appreciation/Thank you letter from Aldershot School to Tim Bruce & Sahaja Yoga Meditation volunteer team

Aldershot Thank you Letter from Dramactic Arts English Philisophy Teacher - Oct 9-2105 -web

Aldershot School - Burlington 1

A Big Thank you to Tim Bruce – such a great artist that also performed during the Gala Cultural Days @ The Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Main Theatre (watch the video! – and to Aldershot highschool’s amazing teachers and students! We’re looking forward to our next collaboration!

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  1. Constantine

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. anja

      Hi, this is awesome! Tim and the Sahaja Yoga volonteers are doing such an important job for not only the benefit of these students but for the whole mankind as the children are our future! THANK YOU!

  2. Ann Kristine Pearson

    The beauty of music, poetry and meditation — how wonderful that this special experience could be presented to youth in Burlington!

  3. Raj

    It’s always a pleasure to read about the awesome work Sahaj Halton group have been doing. I would like to receive a video recording of one such programme from start to finish for me to replicate at our schools here in Hamilton,NZ. Thank you.

  4. Antoinette Wells

    Beautiful work, Tim and Canadian Sahaja yogis!

  5. Sandra

    Excellent! Enlightenment that shines everywhere. With love, Navdeep and Sandra

  6. Colleen

    Amazing Shulin and Tim for bringing such a wonderful program to Burlington schools, and the city of Burlington as a whole. I hope they realize how lucky they are. 🙂

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