Youth @ Gary Allan Step Program BENEFIT from Sahaja Yoga Meditation WORKSHOP (Thank you Letter!)

Highschool Poster for Sahaja Yoga meditation workshop with Tim Bruce

Thank You Letter from Teacher (Gary Allan High School – Oakville)

Thank you letter from teacher Gary Allan Step program Oakville -2015

We were invited by Rebecca – teacher at Gary Allan  Oakville high-school – to come and offer a meditation workshop for the students in STEP program. Ioana from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton volunteer group, had teamed up with Tim Bruce, actor and singer from UK, on his very last visit day in Burlington.  We already know that youth are responding very well to our workshops catered towards one’s inner peace, self-realization and de-stress. Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Art program for youth - Summer 2015 in Burlington

Words of Wisdom on Peace

Inner Peace Day Every Day
“The first and foremost thing, the essence of that, is peace. The peace has to be within, to begin with. You have to be peaceful within yourself. If you are not peaceful, if you are playing tricks with your ego, if you are just satisfying yourself, saying that you are peaceful, you are sadly mistaken. Peace is to be enjoyed within yourself. It is to be felt within yourself. So do not give wrong satisfactions to yourself. Do not give false notions to yourself. Don’t cheat yourself.

Peace has to be felt within yourself and if you are not feeling that, you shouldn’t come and ask me, “Mother, why am I not feeling it?” because I am not going to tell you that something is wrong with you. You have to work it out that you  should feel peaceful within yourself.
It is not that you have too much of silence outside, you feel peaceful. The peace has to be within yourself.
You have it. Your spirit is absolutely peaceful, ‘avyagra’, – without restlessness. There’s no restlessness in your spirit, absolutely peaceful and steady. It is for you to feel it. It is not for anybody else to certify you… Only the peace within can register whatever is auspicious, whatever is nourishing for your growth. So try to make peace with yourself. Do not fight with yourself… “ 
Shri Mataji – founder of sahaja yoga meditation( excerpt from a 1985 discourse )

The Mayor of Burlington & Sahaja Yoga Meditation for YouthWorkshops (2015)

Especially in 2015 we had reached out to thousands of students from schools, high-school, universities .. even to kindergarten students :-). Also 2015 was very special as we were fortunate to have Tim Bruce’s help in opening hearts and minds with high quality, live performances of music and poetry based on selected art pieces created by enlightened souls. Therefore our workshops are ideal for students, presenting a holistic approach, where culture is a key note.

(#1 CLICK) What Students + Teachers Say about SYM Workshops with Live Music

Tim Bruce - performance at Burlington Art Theatre -Cultural Days 2015
Tim Bruce – performance at Burlington Art Theatre (lobby) -Cultural Days 2015

(video + photos) Mayor Goldring of Burlington welcomes 40 International Youth Sahaja Yogis from Realize Canada Tour – They Sing “Kindle My Heart” by William Blake

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  1. Antoinette Wells

    Always very dynamic! It is the small streams which eventually turn into big rivers as there are many streams joining in: this is a bit what I feel about what is happening in Halton, Canada!

    With all best wishes also for a very joyous Christmas and blessed new year!
    Antoinette (Amruta) UK

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