Burlington’s Aldershot High-school: Math Class Students Appreciate “Live Music and Sahaja Yoga Meditation” Workshop with Tim Bruce

Thank you letter Ms Khindri for Tim Bruce s Workshops

Ms Khindri Math teacher and Students -Sept 2015-web1

 Tim Bruce  in collaboration with Sahaja Yoga meditation group from Halton, had offered a new format of workshops for students in Burlington; it seems the idea had been successful if even Math students had been impressed and had offered a lovely Thank you card with this lovely group photo (Ms Kindri, Math teacher and Tim Bruce among the students from Aldershot).

Photo Group at Aldershot Highschool Oct 2015 with Tim Bruce; "Music and Sahaja Yoga meditation workshops"

Photo Group at Aldershot High school Oct 2015 with Tim Bruce’s “Music, Poetry and Sahaja Yoga meditation” workshops


Tim Bruce made us proud with his great performances during Canada Cultural Days (accompanied at piano by Kristine Pearson). Few videos are shared below.

(MUSIC VIDEO #1 :Tim Bruce & Theresa Gulati) Papageno from Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(MUSIC VIDEO#2 ) TIM BRUCE: “To Dream the Impossible Dream” @ Grand Finale in Burlington

A Big Thank You Aldershot High-School’s amazing teachers and students for welcoming Tim Bruce and sahaja yoga meditation volunteer team in their Lions’ den 🙂.

Aldershot School -1


5 Responses to “Burlington’s Aldershot High-school: Math Class Students Appreciate “Live Music and Sahaja Yoga Meditation” Workshop with Tim Bruce”

  1. Tim says:

    So great to see all these wonderful positive comments and feedback! And the courageous lion also being the heraldic animal of England that drives away all the negative forces :0)

  2. Shivangi says:

    Meditation with live music is like icing on a cake and with Tim Bruce, is like a cherry on top 🙂

    Good to see students taking interest in Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

  3. Thava Govender says:

    Well done ! Tim and the Burlington collective . Music has no language and is a great medium to spread Mother’s Love . Heartfelt and inspirational.

  4. Nitin says:

    It is great to see Tim coming all the way from England to contribute the noble cause of Sahaj Meditation. Young students will definitely benefit from this meditation. Great work by all Sahaj yogis.

  5. Jon says:

    Great job everyone! Tim, it is wonderful to see how connections can be made, even in math class. I suppose this requires music! Haha, very nicely done!

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