Make Every Moment An Experience – Enjoy Yogis’ Summer (Photo-Album)


“Once you start enjoying other Sahaja Yogis and their company, then you have achieved it. I mean imagine enjoying every human being who is a Sahaja Yogi and their company, then it is more than sufficient.

What more do you want? You don’t enjoy other people. You don’t enjoy other things so much. But if you are in a beautiful place and beautiful circumstances and you are with other Sahaja Yogis also, then there is nothing like it.

It becomes doubly enjoyable, I should say, and every moment becomes an experience, every person becomes an experience.

Like a wave of joy, every person you meet, every collectivity you meet, every ashram you go to, it creates a beautiful wave in your heart of joy.

My joy is silent, but when I meet somebody, then it shows itself up. It comes up like a wave or sometimes as you see these drops from the ocean breaking on the shores, beautiful drops … and then the waves go back to your heart.

So beautiful is the relationship and you just watch it as a witness and see the joy.

Then everything melts away, all your knowledge so-called, all your pains, all your troubles, all your past, all your future, but you remain in the present in meditation, watching all this beautiful happening.”

Excerpt, May 27, 1989 (Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

** We hope you’ve enjoyed the quote and you’ve felt its truth – if not, join our sahaja yoga meditation classes in Halton/Niagara region or any other class in your area .. and you’ll experience it too .. as the general public enjoyed this one:

(click for more) “Ten as One” in Yoga Meditation Event @Mayor Goldring of Burlington


** 2018 was another busy summer, yet we’ve missed many opportunities to capture everyone or every memorable moment in photos; still, you might be Surprised by this: 🙂 Photo-Album.

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  1. Kruti Gandhi

    Feeling the “wave of joy” after reading this article. We have so much to learn and so much to pass on. The picture of the butterfly looks like it’s painted, so vibrant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this amazing quote with pictures.

  2. Helen

    Feeling the joy and the togetherness, so vibrant. Putting a smile on my face too.

    Seeing the rainbows, Mother Nature and the animals are beautiful and show us how we are all part of one whole of creation; we have to open to this truth, to the reality.

    So much to learn!
    Thank you for sharing this deLight

  3. Antoinette Wells

    You all are always so dynamic! Bless you!

  4. Anjali

    Yes there is nothing like it when you are with Sahaja yogis. The wave of joy I felt when we met at aunty Jayanti s place last friday stayed with me for days..and even feel the satisfaction from it now. This article is so timely in describing how I felt. Thank you for capturing these beautiful moments of togetherness. Longing for more despite the satisfaction..strangely.

  5. Paula

    feels like Sahaja Yoga spirit! We know how to spread joy.

  6. Angie

    So beautiful…thank you dear sister.

  7. Rebecca Amyotte

    Beautiful pictures and quotes for an amazing Sahaja Yoga summer. I’nm Sorry I wasn’t able to participate in all the wonderful events but there is always divine timing that works in our favour to move us forward in our spiritual growth.

    I am excited that my grandson, Emmett, who will be turning five years old on September 18th, was able to go with me to the children’s Sahaja yoga last Wednesday in Burlington. Since it is the first Wednesday of every month, that children are able to enjoy this new and beautiful knowledge, I will do my best to ensure that he attends future children’s events. . He had a wonderful experience raising his kundalini and asked if we could come back next week? Thanks so much to our beautiful sahaja yoga leaders who provide these opportunities for children and adults alike to find their inner peace and joy. Bless you all.

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