Why Mental Silence is Good for Chakras

Let’s find out Why Mental Silence is Good for Chakras!


Mental Silence is Essential for Chakras

Let’s explore this article that provides some pearls of wisdom from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, as well from teachers from the ancient time through Haiku poetry, and even Gandhi will add his contribution!

Without even trying, spontaneously (what we call Sahaj), you will find yourself in a meditative state. Enjoy!

“But you must know, that, beyond thought when you go, these chakras (subtle energy centres supporting our being)
become extremely efficient, because the thought puts a pressure on
them, and because of the pressure the movement of these chakras is
very slow and ineffective. But once you can get out of your thoughts
and go into thoughtless awareness, then these chakras start working
it out and you start moving much deeper into your own being. “

(Shri Mataji – 17. 12. 1990 – Brahmapuri, India)

thinking Haiku

the way


to think straight
is to stop thinking

Gandhi’s Quote: The Voice of the Great Silence

Gandhi about Silence

Shri Mataji: Silence is Thoughtless Awareness in Meditation 

Shri Mataji about Silence

Conclusion to be remembered:

Meditation is a State of Silence

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Note: the sunset photo was taken by Isabelle from our Halton team during an amazing sahaja yoga meditation seminar that featured several profound collective meditations outdoors. One can hear The Voice of that ‘Collective Silence’.
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  1. Colleen

    Beautiful!! We can’t *think* our thoughts away, we must meditate our thoughts away. When Kundalini rises and enlightens the mind the thoughts just dissipate. “When you are in that silence you are in the silence of the cosmos”. Perfect! 🙂

  2. Shivangi

    Mental Silence is a necessity of our times! Glad we have got Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    We should meditate to feel this silence and it is very important to clear our mind and brain

  4. anjali

    Silence in meditation can be so profound. I have experienced this a few times where I am in a very noisy environment and am looking for an answer…so I bring my attention over my head and take it higher and feel absolutely silent inside for a few seconds… not even a minute and lo behold an answer I am looking for comes through. It’s just amazing.

  5. Arie

    through your own free will…
    to be silent…
    You will experience…
    “peace and serenity”…
    And mastery of Self.

    So when…
    There is conflict arising…
    from your past conditionings…
    whether in your mind or from your

    Choose silence…
    And experience the freedom…
    of Self.

  6. Philip Taylor

    God Bless Shri Mataji to give me the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. A silent mind is a beautiful experience. A perfect storm!

  7. Jayanthi

    We have no control over the flow of thoughts but yes we do have control over thinking, when we put our attention through mind the thought will become thinking then it takes a whole lot of unnecessary energy to process so the best way is to just be a witness and let them pass, after a while you will notice that they stop passing in front of you because they don’t get the attention they need.

  8. Kyla

    I really liked these simple ideas on thoughtlessness. It’s a much easier way to explain why I know Sahaja yoga is good for me and can be good for anyone.

    I most definitely know that pressure of thoughts in which Shri Mataji speaks of. I can feel it inhibit me and slow me down. Meditation helps relieve this pressure and reduce my habit and reliance on thoughts to justify decisions, actions, desires, emotions. The thoughts can be so tiring and endless! It’s so nice to have found relief…. even though the thoughts continue to try to drive my vehicle, I work on going deeper and trust that I will become more connected to ocean of silence, despite the challenges I am faced with.
    Some of my meditations don’t feel very thoughtless, but I still feel the benefit afterward as the thoughts are so much quieter and less busy. I am no longer absorbed in them.

  9. adrian

    On thoughtless awareness…

    Imagine a world in which…
    We see no thing.
    Imagine a world in which…
    We hear no thing.
    Then try to describe what something may look like and sound like without having prior knowledge of what something looks like or sounds like!

    Is this what we mean by “thoughtless awareness?

    Is this a journey into the unfamiliar or the familiar?
    Is this a world with expectation or no expectation?
    Is this a place free of attachments or with attachments?
    Imagine what is possible when we surrender to…

    Non Doing of Silence…

    Will you then see and hear the “cricket”?


    1. adrian

      The awareness of self reflection,

      If indeed our lives are the sum total of the choices we have made then we cannot change who we are.

      However, with each and every new choice that we are given we can change who we are going to BE.

      In the Silence

  10. Jolanta

    Silence is Golden.

  11. Kyla

    This article validated for me the importance of my silent moments, even when I just pause for a few seconds but I feel connected to a deeper peace and the energy flowing within me. It doesn’t need to be a full meditation session, it can also be finding moments of thoughtlessness throughout the day. I appreciate the simplicity = )

  12. Nagendra


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