Hearts’ Encounters in America’s Spiritual Nevada

My heart’s encounter with Spiritual America also happened in the Ether 🙂

I always felt drawn to certain landscapes only because I thought I liked them over others. Trees, lush green mountains and slightly colder weather is what I thought appealed to me. However, subtle knowledge and Sahaja Yoga transcends the realms of our likes and dislikes. As yogis we have the blessing to understand and feel through vibrations, without rationalizing with our mind.

Paramchaitanya [the subtle force] knows more than our limited preferences or what we have always been used to. Through vibrations, we are often guided to where we need to be, to what is benevolent for humanity and to hidden answers that help us know our Self and what our role is.

I experienced this last month when I wanted to plan a visit to Western America to meet friends. I was torn between 3 airports, I could have chosen between any of them but I spontaneously decided to ask vibrations and it was extremely cool for me to land in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I knew there was more of a leela [divine play example] to be uncovered, after all why would the Divine want this? What would ever be in store for me in a desert that is universally referred to as the “sin city”? Definitely not the first place I would have gravitated to but I now know better to not second guess vibrations and booked my ticket 🙂.

The pilot announced we were 30 minutes away from the Vegas airport. I was in the aisle seat when the two people seated beside me decided to leave the row and take up empty seats in the front of the plane. I shifted over to the window and got a view of the terrain below.

I thought I could only be moved by mighty snow-capped mountains but what I saw left me stunned. I got a glimpse of a beautiful blue river cutting through striking red canyons. The layers were so evident in the rocks, you could feel the silent power of creation that molded each groove of the terrain over millions of years.

I was completely thoughtless and in awe. In that moment, the topography also reminded me of cells in the human body, and how the microcosm beautifully mirrors the macrocosm.

Not exactly sure of what I was flying above, I made it a point to look up the name of this river when I landed. I found that this was the Colorado river which flows into Lake Mead, a man-made reservoir that provides water for more than 20 million people and large areas of farmland in the states of California, Nevada and Arizona. Lake Mead was apparently making national headlines that week as the reservoir hit historic lows in water levels due to severe drought and high temperatures.

I spent the night going around the city of Vegas and the famous casino strip. I tried to remain detached but I could feel a sickening feeling in my void along with a left vishuddhi and left mooladhara chakra blockages in my subtle energy system. The catches made sense.

The next day I went to the Red Rock canyons, about 20 km from downtown Las Vegas. The red rocks felt extremely pristine, silent and mighty. Looking at Lake Mead and the Colorado River from the airplane then the Red Rocks, I just felt that auspiciousness and divinity was extremely present in this area.

Red Rock canyons

Shri Mataji has spoken about how abundantly gifted America is, because it is the land of Shri Kubera. California and Nevada are known as the golden and silver states, respectively, because of the minerals found there. In a way, Vegas almost felt like a juxtaposition. On one hand I was surrounded by a human-made jungle of superfluousness and on another, nature there offered such gifts, depth and serenity that I didn’t ever imagine I could experience anywhere.

I felt a detached desire bubbling up within me. A desire to pray for nature and the people there. But above all, for the auspiciousness of Mother Nature to engulf all acts of ignorance created by us. For wealth to flow in its truest sense, for it to not become stagnant, for greed to be washed away. I also wished for the forgotten qualities of Shri Vishnumaya [the divine power that governs the Left Vishuddhi Chakra] to shine through, for people to feel their dignity and self-worth as Americans. For the American people to no longer be robbed of their pure qualities and dignity.

The next day, I shared this experience with my mother on the phone. I told her to give bandhans for auspiciousness to flow in this part of America and to also shoe-beat the negativity attacking the auspiciousness of Nevada.

I surrendered this and a few days later heard news of a massive flash flood that hit Vegas a day or two after I had left. It struck some of the very areas that I walked through. The torrential rains created historic flooding that seemed to oddly localize around the casino strips. Though they do have a monsoon, the thunderstorms in the past have not created such damage for casinos!

I read a number: 16000 people left without power.

But what was amazing was that the reservoir’s levels jumped up by 3 inches (note: another heavy rainfall happened mid-august that raised the levels by 3 feet)

When I heard about this, my heart instantly went to Shri Mahakali and Shri Vishnumaya. I knew at that moment that as yogis of America, we have a huge responsibility to the land of Shri Americeshwara [The Divine Protector of America]. We are the seeds and cells of this land who can channelize its purest desires and raise it to the Divine. Paramchaitanya is eager to act if we are willing to desire.

Two weeks later, I was in Northern Nevada and decided to tune into our online classes. I helped with the guided meditation and spontaneously played a talk of Shri Mataji where she spoke deeply about the Role of America. As always, it happened to contain many subtle answers to deep questions that were stirring in my heart. 

Shri Mataji about America’s role as the Vishuddhi Chakra of the world

At the end of each class, we open our hearts and take a moment to sincerely share our experiences during the meditation. I shared about my time I spent around the Red Rock Canyons in Southern Nevada, the auspiciousness I experienced when I was there and the spontaneous prayers that stirred in my heart for America and Americans. When talking about this, I felt cool vibrations in my hands and another person on the call felt the same. We even did collective bandhans for America and for the country to realize its divine role and purpose too. 

After the class, we left for dinner. It did rain that afternoon so on my way there I just spontaneously had this feeling in my heart that I would see a rainbow and when I looked through the window of the car, there it was!

When we pulled into the parking lot, I looked around for the colourful arches and couldn’t help but smile at the perfect positioning of the rainbow. 

After dedicating that evening the online SYMN sahaja yoga meditation class to America and paying special attention to the country collectively, it was so special to see the colours of the crown chakra contained in the rainbow shining down on the American flag. It was humbling and I took it as a sign that the Divine really does have attention on America and as cells of the Vishuddhi chakra, we have a huge role to play. 

An Unexpected Audience

A couple days later, the family I was staying with took me to areas of Carson River, Nevada that were only accessible on an off-road vehicle. The rain from the last few days left the river extremely muddy and opaque. 

When we got to the river, two of us decided to cross it and get to the other side on foot. While i was knee-deep in the middle of the river, I had a very spontaneous thought…I just wondered if there were any snakes swimming in the river too. 

When we got to the other side, I sat on the banks of the river. Apart from the family I was with, there were two other people there. One of them decided to venture into the river waters after watching us cross it. The location and the ambience felt extremely meditative so I played my flute for a couple minutes. The woman who went into the river approached us later and shared that while she was walking in the river, she heard my flute and was drawn to it. She moved herself closer to where I was playing the flute and while her attention was on the music, she saw a snake raise its head from the river right in front of her…as if it heard the sound of the flute.

I couldn’t believe her experience and was so grateful that she was generous enough to share it too! None of us could imagine this happened and neither did she know that I spontaneously had snakes in my attention while crossing the river only a few minutes before that!

Feel America through my flute and through my eyes

I invite you to listen to my flute and feel my heart’s spiritual encounter with Nevada through the videoclip above , the five photos shared below and the five recommended articles by the end of this article. 🙂

May these experiences become yours and these “sahaj blessings” be wholly shared: through their vibrations!

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  1. Rajinee

    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us. We are always exactly where the Goddess wants us to be.

  2. Kruti

    Felt coolness the moment I started reading this article. What an incredible experience! Thank you dear Shivangna, for walking us through this deep spiritual journey with you.

  3. Kruti

    Felt coolness the moment I started reading this article. What an incredible experience! Thank you dear Shivangna, for walking us through this deep spiritual journey with you.

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    Throughout reading this article with the real beauty of
    America I found my self in peaceful state,Felt like all of the inspiration for this article is blessed by Shri Mataji,Thanks Shivangna

  5. Kruti

    I narrated this story to my mom over the phone, and she felt so much vibrations showering upon herself. We all love the flute music played by Shivangna, but even a snake was tuning into it, completely stunned her. Thanks again.

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    Beautiful share enjoyed it very much your manifestation are wonderful

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