About Shri Ganesha – connection to Sahaja Yogis via 1978 Letter from Yoga Teacher


Hibiscus the flower of Shri Ganesha, picked up from the garden during the Special Event and sahaj public festival organized by Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Experience India Festival Oakville in Halton region


Translation of Shri Mataji’s Marathi letter (Oct 1978)  sent to Sahaja Yogis with the ocassion of Navaratri celebration – explanations are below

“To All Sahaja Yogis,

Many blessings

Today is the first day of Navaratri. Today your attention should be on Shri Ganesha. His devotion is infinite. He has never worshipped anybody else except Mother. Hence He is so great.

“All other Gods appear very strong. Everyone has some specialty.

What is Mother’s speciality? Her ego (aham) is nowhere felt by others. Hence Shri Ganesha who has surrendered to such Mother, is so wise and venerable. Mother has nothing with Her. Her very name begins with ‘Ni’ e.g. ‘ Nishakanchan ‘– having no wealth, ‘Nirlepa’–unaffected; ‘Nirvichara’ = thoughtless; ‘Nishprayojana’=having no motives, ‘Nigarvita’ = ego-less, ‘Niriccha’=desire-less etc.

Therefore, surrendering to such Mother, who has nothing with Her, needs some kind of subtle thought, in that, Mother has nothing with Her and therefore, nothing can be asked from Her. It shows how Shri Ganesha by himself, is fully satisfied. Where does this contentment of Shri Ganesha come from ? It is own power. When the gate of the Self opens, nothing else is required. It is the Mother who opens this gate and therefore, She is so dear to Shri Ganesha.

Complete Self-Realization is that stage attaining which nothing else is required. Thereafter, only enjoying the bliss and the satisfaction of fulfillment.”

“You are made in the pattern of Shri Ganesha.”

“Therefore, your power is unmatched, but for that, you should have devotion and innocence like Shri Ganesha’s. Then Mother would admire you and the whole world would witness that beautiful sight.”

“I have worked in the operation and Ida Nadi (the left subtle energy channel) of all has become much lighter. ‘Ida’ means past and all good and bad impressions. All that is bad should be removed like cleaning of an excellent cloth that gets back its color and new look, thereafter. But right side (the right energy channel) improves by discipline.

I myself will observe fast and clean your right side, so that your power to do the work increases and you start Sahaja Yoga work with new vigor. However, left side can be kept, clean by discriminating between good and bad deeds and strictly doing only that which is good.

That means you have to do only that which is auspicious and helpful. Right side can be activated by discipline, Balance is very important in Sahaja Yoga. Age old maxim, “Ati Sarvatra Varjayet ” (extremes should be avoided everywhere) really holds good.

I am very eager to meet you all.

Your Mother


Shri Mataji is the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and she is respected around the world as a spiritual motherly teacher. These letters (** see the links below) show how much she encourages all those that practise meditation to trust their own spiritual potential, become their own master/guru and take the responsibility for their spiritual evolution under the guidance of their intimate connection with their own Mother (this is Kundalini power that resides in each of us as the reflection of the Divine force that governs life and transformation in the universe). This connection will open the doors of awareness about the existence of the Subtle Energy system (known as the tree of life) and the principles (named Deities, Gods, Lords, Angels in various faiths or mythologies) that govern its subtle energy centers (chakras) and subtle energy channels (the left and the right were mentioned in the above letter). Ultimately, Mother Kundalini is helping us to attain the Self Realization that culminates with God’s realization and in Yoga system we learn (and experience in Sahaja Yoga meditation) that this happens in the realm of the Crown Chakra that can be opened only by establishing the complete awakening of Kundalini mother within, through constant meditation and cleansing of our subtle system. See other early letters from Shri Mataji below, where more pearls of subtle knowledge are offered to us with love, simplicity and infinite care. 🙂

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  1. Carmen

    Dearest Ioana:

    Thank you for puting all this knowledge together. It is so deep and enlighting. Words cannot describe my feelings.

    Us the ones than cannot be at your classes are very thankfull for the sharing you do.

    I am sure lot of us are with you in spirit.

    Thank you,


    1. Carmen Ross

      I just read what I said then. I am reading today and it is like the first time all over again. Bliss and Joy. Totally new and amazing. Thank you.

  2. Shashidhar

    Priceless! Always wanted to read the translated version of Marathi talks.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Michel Ayokoin

    Many thanks one more time for sharing these interesting & wonderful messages & knowledge from our Divine Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, specially at this period of Shri Ganesha Puja!

    May Shri Mataji bless you, guide you and give you more & more strength to continue this sahaj work!

    Please, have an excellent September!

    With so much Love!

    Michel (from Cote d’Ivoire, Africa)

  4. Mool chand

    very beautiful letter of mother……..
    Thank you very you very much for putting it here.

  5. neelkamal

    over whelmed nowords to express its a great gift of mother to all sahajyogi.

    thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Rajendra Tosawar

    BY HER grace let it be established like Shri Ganesha Power within us.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  7. letitia

    Multumesc pentru aceasta prezentare f.frumoasa de prima zi de Navaratri.

  8. Claudia

    Thank you Ioana for sharing this wonderfully letter. Your website is an excellent source of information, it really helped me finding answers for many questions!

    Lots of love,

  9. Sahaj

    By receiving yoga, we were bestowed a second birth and in sanskrit it’s called to become ‘dwija’. This process is identical to the birth of Shri Ganesha hence we must cherish the greatness of the gift we have received.

  10. Kruti

    Mother’s letter is so deep, read it a couple of times, but I wonder if I understood it the way Mother wants us to understand it. Beautiful article though, full of love and bliss.

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