What is Thougthless Awareness? How important is for Meditation?

“So when you are thoughtless awareness, means when your brain is just in the state of witness you understand everything that is Divine. Unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware, you cannot grow, that is first thing. And secondly unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware you do not know the absolute truth. Through your brain only you will know – you don’t have to put your hands, you don’t have to ask questions, but its like a computer that works, just gives you an answer. In that state you are completely one with the Divine. And it just gives you an answer and you do that and you are amazed how it has worked out. Everything, every moment is computerised with Shri Krishna (divine aspect dwelling in our Vishuddhi -throat chakra). But at the same time he tests you, he plays his Leela (divine play) on you, that one must know. Because he’s a diplomat. :-)”

“Your depth is in thoughtless awareness. Is a very important point which you should reach. Looking at anything, if you are thoughtlessly aware, then you really become reflective about it… Your connection with the Divine is only possible when you meditate and become thoughtlessly aware. That’s the point where Divine works, it helps you.  Is very important to become thoughtlessly aware, because then there are no thoughts coming from the left or right, from the present or the future. Just in the present you are there. “

You have to steady yourself at Thoughtless Awareness. How long, that’s not  the point. The point is once you touched it, you’ll go on touching it. Many  people meditate, but their thought process is going on, they are not thoughtlessly silent. Now this is the one point which is very important. If  you have to grow, you should be absolutely in connection with the Divine through thoughtless awareness.  You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to  call anyone, nothing, it just works because it is within you. All these  thoughts are bombarding from both the sides in your mind. These thoughts  that are coming to you have no meaning with you, they don’t want to substantiate. Yourself you are an ocean and you have to get into that state of thoughtless awareness. It is always described in all the great books, but not so clearly as I am telling you. I don’t say that some of you do not get thoughtless awareness,  so they are good for nothing, no. But, please try, you can all get into that state of thoughtless awareness. Even for a second if you get it, it’s a very good idea. Then you go on increasing that second. I think is a reflecting mind. When you look at something, you will become thoughtlessly aware. And then this mind reflects to the depth of what you see. That’s how you all will become really very creative sahaja yogis. What I find, that this state of thoughtless awareness is not established by many, which is not good. Today ..I would say that: you enlighten yourself with thoughtless awareness! It is not difficult, is within you, because thoughts are coming from this side and that side. And they are not the waves of your brain, no, just your own reactions. But, in case you meditate in the real sense of the word, then you will get into that thoughtless awareness. Which is a very important point and all these nonsensical thoughts, which are of no use to you, will disappear.  They won’t be there and then your growth is possible and you’ll grow very well. Many people are here, who will say: “Mother, we don’t get that state”. Try, try that! I don’t believe you cannot get it. All of you can get that thought – that “I can get it”-, and you will get it.  In that you don’t have to discard anything, you don’t have to see anything, just go into meditation and you’ll be amazed how it will work.  Of course you are very much there, most of you, but still, I would say, increase that thoughtless awareness, that area!”

Shri Mataji: “

“With Respect if you do Meditation it’s perfect.”

“But first of all, your heart and your mind must have respect. In any way, when you meditate, you should do it with Love, that’s all. Love will cleanse everything…Love means without any malice, without any anger. Something that is desired. It’s such an abstract thing that you cannot put it in words, but it’s a feeling within you.”
“The thoughts that starts moving in our mind all the time which creates tension is not the thought of the Spirit. So what you should say is ‘Not this thought, not this thought, not this thought’-and see how you relax. Now you are relaxed. ‘Not this thought, not this thought’…just go on refusing accepting any thought. So you go into Thoughtless. In that state you feel the Spirit.”

– all above are excerpts from various talks on meditation coming from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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  1. armaity

    This “thoughtless awareness” state is the crux of the matter. Unfortunately, education insists upon “thinking & analyzing” and so we have to unlearn to do this and allow ourselves to just witness the “truth as it is”. That’s the reason why children and simple folks achieve this state more easily. However, it is not difficult to for anyone to achieve this, inspite of education, if we are ready to give up this habit and thus develope our pure intelligence which tells us where our redemption lies. We have to forget that we are the doers and that we are only the instruments through which the Divine works.

  2. adrian

    Nicely said…. “by doers” you mean removing the ego which was artificially put there in the first place…. we are already healed… we just need to “Self-realize”… so that we can remove the “blocks”… “the illusions”.

  3. mani

    i came acroos this qiestion.
    when i am studying .for example when i have an essay to wrtie about ,there are no thoughts coming to my mind!!or when i want to speak!
    Although thoughtless awarness is an amazing feeling but doesnt work some times for me!i love to hear your opininons.

    1. Ioana

      Dear Mani, I will try and answer to you… “thoughtless awareness” is not the same with “thoughtless” or when we feel that we are “lost” with words or thoughts.. Actually it is a profound state of awareness.. we do not lose control of anything, of any of our senses …actually these senses become sharper than even… and the creativity and inspiration (as “answers” :-)) come & flow. One can talk for hours with no thought but in complete oneness with the audience, feeling the questions that are in the air and addressing them without thinking of them .. because when one reaches the “thoughtless awareness”, one has access to the Source (of knowledge included :-)). Plus it is a state when one is in meditation state so not just in an emptiness kind of state.. The difference with sahaja yoga meditation is that while the thoughts are “gone”, Kundalini uses the “vacant space” thus created in the Agnya chakra to come with more force and open the next/7th chakra (Sahasrara chakra). Then through this Open Sahasrara chakra, the bliss/pure energy of life/blessings (this is known under a variety of names :-)) can enter inside the Agnya chakra and enlighten the brain. Newton, Einstein and so many other scientist had the courage to say that their main discoveries came from “unknown” and they weren’t a “logical”/procedural discovery. Yes, the attention was “there” and a lot of effort was made to reach “somewhere”, but the “solution” just “came”. One university student that is practising sahaja yoga for a couple of years in Toronto, was telling me that what convinced her about the power of Sahaja Yoga Meditation was when her father (who was much deeper into it) had advised her to take 15 min and meditate before working on projects. In a very similar situation with yours, she had to write an essay and she had absolutely no inspiration and she really had to do it and in a very brilliant manner .. so she was stuck. Then her dad told her:”just meditate a bit, make sure you reach the state of meditation and then try again..”. Which she did. After meditation the creativity was flowing, she finished everything and had a great mark on that essay… ever since she had experimented the “practical benefits” of sahaja yoga meditation she’s into it .. she was discussing with my daughter on this while we travelled to Welland last year at the invitation of the Katimavik group there to offer them a Workshop class & workshop .. and Vera (that’s our student’s name) had shared with them that story as most of them were only few years younger than her… Hope it helped. So make sure that you “really meditate” and not just empty your mind forcibly .. working also on the centre Heart chakra might improve your self-confidence and you’ll not get lost (with words or thoughts) so easily.. Actually if you re-read carefully the article, the best answers are in there. I simply tried to give you some examples from ‘real life’ that show that ‘it works’. Wishing you all the best!

      1. adrian

        Dear Ioana,

        As I read the words at the end of your response to Mani… “Actually if you re-read carefully the article, the best answers are there”. Yes, the truth is always there.

        This statement to me is also the key to much of Shri Mataji’s writing and speaking… or anyone’s for that matter. And in order to find the metaphorical “cricket” that Shri Mataji refers to in one of her stories, you are opening the gateway to more or greater awareness of choices available from the Tree of Life.

        Awareness is the key… not awareness of what you think you know, rather what you do not know… and that is linked very closely to the
        role that silence plays in opening the metaphorical doorway to what is possible… “To Know”.

        When I look at such a tree, and in my garden there is a Burning Bush tree. The leaves all look the same, as they seem to do on most trees. Yet, when I move into a thoughtless state of awareness I see that each individual leaf is slightly different from the next. Slightly different yet similar in shape, this is only possible when I silence the mind to the pre-programming of thinking that the leaves are exactly the same!

        And as you say Ioana, this is a different type of awareness, the awareness of Being thoughtlessly aware. This is the awareness of the invisible self(Source)… the True Self, it is always there to guide you with an infinite source of choices from which to choose.

        You may choose to surrender to that Silence or not.

  4. mani

    wonderful..thnx so much .defenatly got my answer..

  5. Tumpa

    Thnx alot for this this is wt i was searching for now i m cleared thnx once again

  6. chandra

    Your posting makes it so easy to become Thoughtlessly Aware.

  7. Debbie

    By having the pure desire, we can become one with the Divine. Keep trying is the message, do not give up. If you experience it for just a few seconds, keep practicing, be persistent and it will come to us naturally because we have the pure desire.

    Lots of love always.

  8. Antoinette Wells

    Important reminder with the very clear talk by Shri Mataji, and beautifully presented as always Iona!
    With heartfelt wishes for your research and compilations

  9. Mohinder Sidana

    Thanks Ioana for sharing
    Wonderful clears so many questions.
    Thoughtless awareness is wonderful, it brings us within ourselves. We become more enlightened
    We don’t loose control but we gain a lot
    Just meditate and go into thoughtless awareness
    All my love

  10. Jolanta

    It is amazing, that reading the transcript of Shri Mataji’s talk about thoughtless awareness while keeping the palms of my hands open made my Kundalini rise. Thank you

  11. Jolanta

    Re-reading these transcripts is beneficial for growing in Sahaja Yoga. The main point i picked up now is that “thoughts are reactions” and they stand in the way of Kundalini’s passage and prevent us from reaching the blissful state of true Yoga.

    When I first attended Sahaja Yoga classes I was told not to react (in various problematic/controversial/stressful situations involving other people).

    However, there are situations when one has to take a stand, which, as I understand it, is a reaction.

    It took me a long time, and several shocking experiences, to figure out how to find the balance between reacting and non-reacting.

    And yet, as Shri Mataji said in one of Her talks, if I remember correctly, “If you understand God…it is not God anymore…”

  12. Rebecca Amyotte

    I will continue practicing thoughtless awareness as I feel that I truly have the desire to reach that state. The challenge for me is to become truly silent within. I do find it challenging to turn off all thoughts but, where there is a will — there is a way! I have confidence that I will get there thanks to the wealth of Sahaja yoga materials to learn from, Shri Mataji’s talks, daily meditation practices and the loving kindness from all of the amazing yogis that I have had the honour of getting to know through the Oakville/Burlington Sahaja Yoga group. You all inspire me.

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