Alcohol Effects – Causes & Why Workalcoholics suffer? Chakras Impacted and Solutions with Yoga & Meditation

Nabhi Chakra & Swadhisthana Chakra –  Connections and how the Overwork affects them

“This is in your Nabhi chakra. After enlightenment of this chakra I said that Creativity develops from Swadhisthana chakra. Workalcoholics mostly suffer from the problems of this chakra, as you know that the power of Vishnu (the divine aspect responsible for the evolutionary process ) is absorbed by Swadhisthana chakra. The one who is an workalcoholic doesn’t have time for his evolution and does not know his meaning. He cannot think of it. They suffer always. Now there is the power of Vishnu and Shiva. Swadhisthan chakra is originated from Vishnu Chakra (known as Nabhi or Manipur chakra) only. When Kundalini crosses six chakras, it is called as complete Nirmal Vidya ( Pure Knowledge in Sanskrit). The desire of God enlightens all the Chakras and pure elements are established in you, means all the deities (or divine principles reflected in our chakras) get awakened. They are awakened and you start getting their attributes.”

“This is the reason of blocking of your Vishnu element.. Means to plan and make imagination: This is not correct, that is not correct.. How did you know it? How will you identify it? For this your Vishnu element should be awakened.”

The Brain & The Heart – Affected by Overactivity

“The other reason of deterioration of the Agnya Chakra lies in the manner in which you work. If you overwork then you become work-conscious. The work that you are doing may be good, but even then, if it is beyond the normal level, be it over-reading, overstitching or over-thinking, it will spoil the Agnya Chakra. The reason is that while you overwork, you forget God. During the course of such work, God consciousness does not stabilise in you. And one of the reasons why they are nervous is that, because they plan too much, think too much, analyse too much and their ego settles down into their brains, and ultimately the heart. Because their ego covers their heart, they get a fright. Actually it so happens that if you become ego-oriented you start seeing yourself through. Because when you are at a level, you can even see your ego very clearly, and then you get frightened of other people because you think that they too must be having the same type of ego, and you are really frightened of them.”

Solution for Workalcoholics – Connection (Yoga) through Kundalini Awakening

“Now .. when I am starting this work, I find the brains are over-developed, OVER! And so much so that over-developed brains become stupid, naturally. Overuse of anything makes you stupid. So I said first : “let me connect them to Divinity. If I could connect them to Divinity, little bit even, little bit, then they will understand, because that will enlighten their brain a little bit. And they will know that there’s something more than what we know. And that’s how it is going to work out.”

The Liver & The Brain – Connections & Role at Chakra Level & Diseases & Alcoholism caused by Overactivity

“Second centre (Swadhisthana chakra) has got six petals, and it supplies or it manifests in the gross, the Aortic Plexus, which also has got six sub-plexuses. Now this centre is very important for us in the modern times, it is extremely important and I think neglect of this centre can create lots of problems. Now this centre if you see is connected with the brain and this centre is responsible for our action, is the centre of our creativity. Where we think of the future, when we do any physical work, we use this centre for that purpose and one has to understand that these days we are developing lots of diseases because we have not understood what is the function of this centre. The foremost function of this centre is to convert the fat cells for the use of the grey matter in the head. When we think too much all the time about the future we plan, we go on planning into all details what happens is that this poor centre has to work very hard to produce new cells one after another for the use of your brain. Apart from that it has to do many other functions. It has to look after you liver, it has to look after you spleen, it has to look after you pancreas, your kidneys and also uterus among women. If you start thinking too much all the time thinking, if you cannot stop your thinking, all the time your brain goes on thinking a sort of a thinking process starts without your control, then this poor centre has to work all that, your liver goes out. When your liver goes out you must know that liver is one of the most important things within us because it nourishes our attention, Chitta. It nourishes our Chitta, now this attention whenever it is spoiled it is spoiled because there are certain poisons within us. Any, it can be physical poisons it can be mental poisons, it can be emotional poisons, any kind of poisons there are especially the physical and the emotional ones they go to this liver, which sorts it out. This is the function of this liver is to sort it out. But when you are not giving it sufficient energy you are losing through thinking then poor this centre is left behind, it has no nourishment nobody looks after it it becomes sluggish. When it becomes sluggish all the heat accumulates in the liver, and such a person doesn’t get any temperature till he gets cirrhosis and he dies. Now when thinking goes on too much, people get tired of thinking, thinking too much, thinking too much. So they think, “Let’s have something that will take us away from thinking, which will give us a kick outside”. So they take some sort of a drug , or a drink, or alcohol and all that. All the saints in the world have said that alcohol is very dangerous for life. The reason is that it goes against our awareness, this is a fact, you know that after taking a drink our awareness becomes blurred or excited, it’s not normal, that’s the reason they said no.

In Sahaja Yoga I do not say ‘don’t do this’ and ‘don’t do that’. I only want you to come to Sahaja yoga, get your Realisation and then you’ll not ask for it (alcohol). That’s a much better way to do it. :-)”

(the above are excerpts from Discourses in 1982, 1994 and 1979 of  Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga all related to the problems given by extremes: over work, over thinking or over activity – workalcoholism)

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  1. ene garva

    Thank you for this article.Sometime we need to remember to sit , to stop for a minute our activitis and contemplete our divine nature.

  2. Malti Menon

    Thank You Dear Ionna for the this beautiful article. We just have to stop thinking and planning so much and leave it to divine to work out everything for us.

  3. Debbie

    Life is full of challenges aside from having to balance work with family life. We spend so much time thinking and doing without recognizing that we are inflicting more pain on our nervous system. We really take for granted the work that our organs do for us. It comes back to having the pure desire and surrendering – like Mataji says ‘everything will work itself out’. So I will keep believing in this.

    Thanks so much for this message.

    Lots of love always.

  4. Debbie

    Thanks for sending us this reminder. Life seems like a rat race sometimes but we need to slow down a bit and take time to do what is so very important for our own growth and evolution – connect with the divine.

    Lots of love always.

  5. Jos Boven

    “For example you have seen the water which is vibrated. Means what ? Means the Ganeshatattwa is been enlightened in that water.So, when that water goes into yout stomach, or into your eyes, or wherever you want to put it, it acts. Acts in a way that it excites the Ganeshatattwa in anything that you put it.”
    Ganesha Puja 1989

    “Paramchaitanya is vibrations.” – “We are part and parcel of htat Paramchaitanya.”

  6. Elsie Kuly

    Shri Mataji’s talk on the role of the swadisthama chakra contains a great deal of information to help us.

    Especially in these times when all of us seem to be in a hurry, All of us are stressed out from worrying about the precarious state of affairs of the world. Worry and stress hurt us physically and mentally and we can learn how to avoid this and instead have joy in our lives.

    Thanks, Ioana for this article.

  7. Jolanta

    Great advice from Shri Mataji.

  8. Niti

    Love this article agreed that
    over thinking over reaction and overdoing anything will take
    away all the joy from the life.Thanks for sharing this lovely article.

  9. Pradeep Kumar

    These words of Sri Mataji are timeless,scientific and logical. A lot of my questions stand answered. I will look for the Video so I can also listen this magical talk.

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