Students Reconnect with Nature through Meditation

Learn How Students Reconnect with Nature through Meditation!

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  1. Sam

    Such a great experience! I loved being part of it last year, I enjoyed it again this year, and I hope we have a chance to go back again next year, as well!

  2. Anjali

    What a refreshing description of being in the forest and meditating. Seems as though mother nature was just awaiting for these kids to integrate with it and heal them through the beauty and nourishment of its energy. This is such a precious experience for the kids that will help them know that they can enter into meditation and on next with nature so spontaneously and instantaneously. a great tool that is within them to be used daily to sustain themselves and come up with ways to sustain this nature in return for generations to come.

  3. paula

    Very inspiring and profound. Including the commentators. Than you many vibrations from the photo and even e everything really.

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